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KEYNOTE - The Transformational Power of Pregnancy Help Services

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More than saving babies...

The Tran The ransfor sformat mation ional al Po Power wer of Pregnancy Pregnancy Help Services Ser vices A Key Key to Renewing Communities for Life

Heartbeat International


Pregnancy Help Services y



Life-affirming efforts efforts specifically geared geared to helping those struggling with unplanned or unintended pr pregnancies. egnancies. 

Intervention Interve ntion ² inv involv olved ed in the cr crisis isis

Prev Pr eventio ention n ² risk aavo voidan idance ce

Reconcilia Reco nciliation tion ² heal healing ing the wou wound nd of regr regret et

Motivated by biblical values, faith in Christ and/or humanitarianism. Represent Repre sent a culture of life. life .


Pregnancy Help comes in many shapes and sizes


Pregnancy Pr egnancy Help comes through various methods


Pregnancy Help community is diverse


Pregnancy Help movement and community is worldwide and growing to meet the challenge


Pregnancy Help saves lives y



Yes, babies are saved when the abortion-vulnerable woman decides to carry her baby to term. Babies represent the most powerful pow erful visual image of a positive outcome. Ultrasound pictures can capture this even before birth and project the joy of new life.


A baby helps transform a woman y

Having a baby establishes (or re-


establishes) the very nature of women and their role in procreation. A baby calls upon the woman to connect


with her mothering instincts. Despite the potential economic and social difficulties a baby can serve to stabilize a woman·ss lifestyle woman· lifestyle..


A baby creates family y



A baby and mother creates the simplest definition of a family. The birth of a baby creates more likelihood like lihood that the father fat her and mother could get married and form a nuclear family family.. In additionfamily a babypotentially represents an extended creating grand-parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.


A family represents... y



A lineage lineage - The birth of of a child iiss an extension of a lineage of both mom and dad·s family. A component of what creates a community. The future. Only families families can replicate families.


Pregnancy help services also y

Trains community members to... 

Be life-minded in other aspects of their lives.

Understand theofbroader and deeper aspects of the sanctity human life. 

To cchampion hampion pro-life values value s aamong mong x


and friends


Colleagues and neighbors


intervention skills for those facing an unplanned pregnancy pregnancy..


Pregnancy help services also y

Impact eternity eternity by... by... 

Serving in the name of Jesus

Modeling Jesus Jesus to others Speaking life and life everlasting Calling those who would hear to connect with the Body of  Christ in a closer way x



Affirming biblical values


Life--minded -minded community members Life y


Communicate life through everyday living Champion life to others in the community via their spheres of influence 


Children, Chil dren, scho schools, ols, poli politic tics, s, etc. etc .

Create other life 

Populations with strong st rong pro-life values have higher birth rates than pro-ab pro-abortion ortion ones. ´The Roe Effectµ of future generations


Women & Men in Need Media


Social Services Community

Pregnancy Help Ministries

Medical Community

Business Community

Churches Legislators


The heritage of p pregnancy regnancy help services ser vices today today includes...

y y y y


Lives and lifetimes Parents who who chose life for their kids. Families who support suppor t life-affirming wo work  rk  Local businesses owners and companies who recognize recognize the value of PHCs as a needed element for the health of the community. Current and future leaders in politics,  judiciary, academia, medicine, science, etc. who survived the Roe Effect and now serve in a place of influence.


Heartbeat International is... y



Advancing the pregnancy help movement worldwide Growing Gr owing the network of service ser vice providers Deepening the vision for care care and ser service vice


Serving those in the pregnancy help community HeartbeatServices.org

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