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Langkah-langkah Keselamatan Dan Kesihatan-bi (1)

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1. Caution! Risk of electrical shock, poisonous animal, slippery floor and fall a.

Do a thorough walk through inside your house to check for any possibility of poisonous animal such snake.



Before entering the house, be certain that the electricity has been turned off.


Check the house structure to avoid falling objects because of unstable structure


Watch your step especially when entering a house with slippery tiles

Caution!Risk of acquiring infection: flood water and silt or dirt may contains germ that are hazardous to human health. Mold may grows on all wet items including wall and floor. Hence; a.

Be sure to wear boot  and   and rubber gloves to protect your hands and feet from having direct contact with water and silt.


Be sure to wear mask and goggles to to protect your eye and lung


Open all doors and windows during cleaning-up activities for maximum ventilation.

3.  AVOID: a.

Direct contact with wet and materials that have been soaked in flood water especially when your hand have cut or skin lesions. Please wear glove before star clean-up activities.

b. 4.

Children from playing or be in house during clean-up activities

Remove allwet carpetsfrom your house. Carpet that have been soaked with flood water contain high amounts of bacteria that are hazardous to health.


Clean all floors and wall from soil and dirt. Do it again with water mixed with house bleach or Clorox. Detergents can alsobe used to replace Clorox. It is recommended that the bleach be mixed mixed at a ratio of 5 to 1 (five parts water to one part bleach).


Clean all cooking appliances that have been soaked with flood water with detergent or Clorox.


Drinking water safety: a.

Be certain to flush all pipe first before collecting water for drinking or cooking. Piping system that have been soaked in flood water may contain bacteria and germs.

b. 8.

Be sure to boil all water for drinking

Food safety a.

Discard all foods items that have been soaked or in contact with flood water


Discard all food inside your fridge if the power was off for more than 12 hours even though it was not soaked in water

c.  Avoid eating raw food or vegetables d.

Peel any fruit before eating


Wash your hand before eating and after going to toilet


Cooking gas system safety Please check the cooking gas system before using it. If it has been soaked in water, water can collect in gas lines and causing improper flow. Gas can escape if there is even a small faulty valve.

10. Electrical system safety Check allelectrical systems thoroughly including all switches. Silt and water can collect in these and cause short circuits and may be dangerous to your life. 11. Keep yourself clean Be sure to clean up yourself thoroughly using soak after cleaning your house. 12. Get early treatment:if you or any of your family member become unhealthy after returning home, do not hesitate to visit the nearest clinic for further check-up and treatment.

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