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Law Firm Visit

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Law Firm



March 3, 2016
Dear Atty. _________________,
I am Mr. Cris T. Casiple,a
University of Iloilo.

4 th Year Bachelor of Laws student from the PHINMA

As part of our requirement in the course Legal Counselling, and for us to further
appreciate its application in the real world of law practice, we are required to visit a
law firm and conduct an observation on certain aspects of legal practice such as but
not limited to the physical setup of law offices, the procedures followed by law firms
in dealing with clients before, during and after a legal engagement, and the
approach used by the lawyer(s) in resolving the client’s case – whether clientcentered or authoritarian. The result of the observation shall be reduced to a final
written output which should serve as one basis for grading us.
As a preliminary step to accomplishing this task, I am visiting law offices in random
to determine the possibility of any one law firm accommodating me, as its
circumstance would permit to conduct the observation and short interview of the
firm’s personnel and the lawyer. To be able to visit one law firm is a must for us to
be able to meet the course requirement and increase our chance of passing.
I would highly appreciate a positive response to this request, but would understand
well should it be otherwise.
Should this request be granted, and the observation and interview done, I should
limit any information obtained to generating the required output, and shall not
divulge any to third persons. Furthermore, in generating the output, the name of the
law firm, the lawyer and its personnel shall not be revealed.
I hope all the best to your firm’s legal practice.
Thank you very much and more power.
Yours truly,
Cris T. Casiple
Bachelor of Laws Student
PHINMA University of Iloilo

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