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Lippincott Procedures

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Lippincott Procedures
Always Current. Always Evidence-Based. A point-of-care procedure guide to help your nurses save time and provide safer and more effective care. To deliver the safest, most effective patient care possible, Lippincott Procedures provides realtime access to step-by-step guides for over 1, !! evidence-based procedures and s"ills in a variety of specialty settings. #ou get the information you need when and where you need it from a source you can trust. $ritten by nurses for nurses, information includes%
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&e'uired e'uipment (uic" lists to follow )atient instructions Complications to consider *"ills chec"list Competency tests +undreds of video clips, diagrams and full-color images

What Lippincott Procedures Can Do For You
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,mprove patient outcomes, reduce errors, and promote consistent standardi-ed care across your organi-ation )romote effective and consistent communication related to patient safety and 'uality care Empower your nurses with the "nowledge and confidence to ma"e clinical decisions and facilitate delivery of care in unfamiliar settings or situations .aintain compliance with current national guidelines and alignment with Joint
Commission standards and Magnet Recognition Program components

,ncrease the amount of time devoted to delivering direct patient care Eliminate time wasted on unreliable ,nternet searches or trac"ing down protocols

Key Features
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Clinical procedure and s"ills online tutorial available / hours a day, 0 days a wee" Content is continually updated by clinical nurses to reflect the most current evidence and practice standards

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)owerful search capability by "eyword or category for more than 1,!!! entries and 1,1!! procedures and s"ills Coverage of medical2surgical, critical care, maternal-neonatal, pediatric, psychiatric, emergency, and perioperative specialties Evidence-based references ran"ed by .elny"3s &ating *ystem for the +ierarchy of Evidence 4in"s to more in-depth information such as abstracts, full te5t articles, and research from such sources as )ub.ed and your organi-ation6s library Customi-able by adding notes or personali-ed chec"lists for your own organi-ation6s protocols, procedures, drug updates and other important information

- *ee more at% http%22lippincottsolutions.com2solutions2procedures7sthash.8do9:;<'.dpuf

Long erm Care

4ippincott =ursing *olutions is providing a new category of evidence-based, best practice nursing procedures specifically designed for the 4ong Term Care mar"et in its premier product 4ippincott )rocedures. 4ippincott has partnered with the industry leading American Association 9or 4ong Term Care =ursing >AA4TC=? to co-develop these procedures. The category targets provider health systems with 4TC departments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community care programs and other long-term sub-acute care communities. $ith this partnership, we will bring additional focus and attention to the specialty of long-term care nursing, foster evidence-based practice information specific to long-term care, and enable provider organi-ations to standardi-e long term care throughout the organi-ation.

The wide range of age-relevant content includes topics such as fall management, pressure ulcer prevention, gastrostomy tube drug instillation, pain assessment, and care of patients with dementia, delirium, or delusions. 4ippincott )rocedures gives nurses and clinical educators online access to best practice procedures both at the point-of-care and as a competency @ training tool. By providing company-wide access and training, your organi-ation can standardi-e patient and resident care, improve nurse competence, save time, promote regulatory compliance, and raise the standard of care. And with yearly review and updates, the product provides superior information that is imbedded into the 'uic" lists, images, videos, tests, and chec" lists found in the product. Clic" here to review a general overview of 4ippincott )rocedures. 9or more information, please call us or fill in the contact form on the left-hand side of this page. #ou can read the press release here. - *ee more at% http%22lippincottsolutions.com2solutions2lippincott-procedures-long-termcare7sthash.:rri)5B&.dpuf

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