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Local Economic Snapshot: Advertising, marketing agencies on the rebound

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Agencies on the rebound
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The advertising and marketing industry was hard hit by the recession and the shift to digital. Nationally, more than 230,000 jobs were lost in the recession, reaching a low of 1.4 million in February 2010. Now, the industry is rebounding in jobs and revenue. U.S. employment reached nearly 1.47 million people in May. North Texas has more than 400 agencies with more than 4,800 employees. U.S. ad spending rose 6 percent to $27 billion in the first quarter of 2011.

The top 10 ad spending markets
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked as the nation’s �fth-largest market for the most ad spending in 2010. The region also was No. 5 for $379.4 million in ad spending for the �rst quarter of this year. 2010 total ad spending (In billions) 1. Los Angeles 2. New York 3. Chicago 4. San Francisco 5. Dallas-Fort Worth 6. Philadelphia 7. Houston 8. Atlanta 9. Washington, D.C. 10. Boston $4.11 $3.97 $2.31 $1.64 $1.51 $1.38 $1.36 $1.34 $1.23 $1.01

The nation’s top TV markets
The number of TV households nationwide is estimated to reach 115.9 million this year, up 1 million from 2010. Dallas-Fort Worth is the �fth-largest market. 2011 TV homes (In millions) 1. New York 2. Los Angeles 3. Chicago 4. Philadelphia 5. Dallas-Fort Worth 6. San Francisco 7. Boston 8. Atlanta 9. Washington, D.C. 10. Houston 7.52 5.67 3.50 3.02 2.59 2.52 2.46 2.41 2.39 2.18

Top advertising agencies in North Texas
Locally owned agencies dominate the top advertising and marketing �rms in North Texas.

Where agency spending goes
Spending by U.S. advertising and marketing agencies rose 7.7 percent to $30.4 billion in 2010. Digital is the fastest growing segment of the market.

Agency 2009 revenue (In millions) The Richards Group Publicis TracyLocke $104 The Marketing Arm $100 Hawkeye $71.4 Moroch Partners $43.1 Dieste Inc. $39 Balcom Agency $37.6 TM Advertising $34 The Ward Group $30

$169.5 $165

Advertising $9.55 billion Promotion $2.38 billion Digital specialty $5.05 billion

Media $2.5 billion Health care 52.9% $2.83 billion

CRM/direct marketing $4.75 billion Public relations $3.36 billion

What jobs pay in Texas
Nationally, advertising and marketing salaries rose 24 percent last year from the recessionary period of 2009, $1,469 but hourly wage increases varied widely based on the industry sector. In 49.8% such jobs tend to pay more in Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area than state averages. Occupational hourly wages (in dollars) for 2010: $1,275 $80 ■ Texas mean wage ■ D-FW mean wage 70 ■ Texas entry wage ■ D-FW entry wage
60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Marketing manager

Public relations manager

Advertising/ promotions manager

Art director

Market research/ marketing specialist

Public relations specialist

Graphic designer

SOURCES: Advertising Age; Nielsen; Dallas Business Journal; Advertising Age; Texas Workforce Commission

The bottom line
“The chatter has been very positive about agencies seeing bigger budgets from clients. Companies that have made it through the recession realize their message to consumers must be relevant and they must make consumers aware of them.” Angelo Antoline, president of the American Advertising Federation’s Dallas chapter “The big thing that every agency is dealing with is the move toward digital. It’s happening so rapidly and is so prevalent that it will affect the way we look at everything and the way we do everything. It’s much more dramatic than say the advent of television viewing.” Stan Richards, chief executive, The Richards Group in Dallas “The upcoming presidential election should help continue the momentum of the advertising and marketing industry. The majority of campaign budgets go toward ad spending. We already have seen candidates making six-�gure advertising buys for this month’s Iowa Straw Poll.” Sheryl Jean, reporter, The Dallas Morning News

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