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2016 UPDATED UPDA TED ON 01.05.2016


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Letter From the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher There are only two things Canadian marketers can be sure about in 2016: that technology will continue to disrupt the way they do everything from buying ads to gleaning insights for data-driven decision-making, and that the way they tell brand stories needs to become a lot more sophisticated to build trust. Neither of these are challenges that can be overcome by a single individual or organization. It requires a community of peers who can connect, learn ideas and share them widely. That’s where we come in: Marketing  is the platform where Canadian advertisers, agencies and creative professionals will solve their most difficult problems and celebrate their successes. The editorial journey we take with our audience can begin anywhere but will live everywhere: This includes live events  that spark new relationships or strengthen old ones; online articles that inform, educate and inspire; conversations on video and social media that bring ideas to life; and a print magazine that provides the permanent record of our industry’s best practices. Given our history, reputation and loyal audience, Marketing  is also the premium showcase for organizations who want direct access to Canada’s key decision-makers. This media kit will provide you everything you need to get started with us. Let’s start innovating together. 2

Shane Schick  Editor-in-Chief

Alison Wood  Director, Group Publisher, Marketing Group & Retail



2016 “ When you hold Marketing  in your hands, you hold a handpicked selection of stories that have been specifically crafted with words and images that convey information in an immersive experience unlike any digital medium. It’s where many members of our community first discovered us, and remains a key part of our omni-channel approach to journalism.”

READERSHIP Read by industry professionals and top decisionmakers at the C-suite including presidents and  vice-presidents of advertising and marketing, brand managers, agency executives, media buyers and planners, and their suppliers.




Total gross contacts:

293,896† 15,215*

e-newsletter distribution (twice daily) Over

130,000 Twitter followers


page views (monthly) Over

40,000 Facebook followers

 *AAM June 2015 †Subject to audit, AAM June 2016






Ongoing dialogue for insights, inspiration and education for Canadian marketing professionals on the issues  that matter most.

CONTACT JANE BUCKLAND | SALES MANAGER | 416-764-1575 |  [email protected] 4



Sponsor one or more of these esteemed events and come face-to-face with people whom you want to do business.

 AWARDS: Best of 2015 Cocktail Celebration February 4, 2016 Marketing selects the Best Agency, Marketer, Tech Player and Media Player of the year. Marketing Awards Gala June 2, 2016 Giving gold to the best campaigns on every media platform in Canada. 30 Under 30 October, 2016 Recognizing the next generation of the Canadian marketing industry. Media Innovations  Awards November, 2016 Celebrating the year’s most innovative ways of connecting brands to consumers.

2015 2016

CONFERENCES:  AD Tech Canada March 29, 2016 Media Innovation Forum 2016 Marketing Evolution Summit (MES) September, 2016 Digital Religion October, 2016

“How will ad blocking  technology affect marketers’ ability to connect with their audience in 2016? What will the role of the CMO look like in the next  year? Who are the next generation of creatives and other professionals  you need to watch? Marketing  explores  these kinds of questions by curating speakers and guests who set the agenda for their peers at events that become  the most important dates on the industry’s calendar.” 5






 Efficiently target your ideal audience when and where they are.  Align with an editorial environment that provides timely news, quality analysis,  thought-provoking opinion and reports on an evolving and dynamic industry.  Maximize your investment by reaching the right people; Canada’s most influential marketers, advertisers, PR and media professionals.

Our stats:

437,692 240,283 135,321 page views sessions/visits unique visitors 17% increase year-over-year!

19% increase year-over-year!

14% increase! *AAM June2015 audit

Online Specifications Online material to be supplied to BPPG Creative: [email protected] Material must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to campaign start date. Late material will result in missed days in the campaign and the advertiser will be responsible for all charges Animated GIF’s are not fully supported by all e-mail clients. We recommend  that the key message by placed into  the first and last frame of animation. Ads should not click through to documents such as PDF’s. MS Word files or to e-mail addresses.


IMPORTANT NOTES: 1) All display advertising units adhere to IAB Canada standard specifications. For additional information, please  visit: www.iabcanada.com. 2) eNewsletters can only accommodate GIF or JPG ad units. Flash (SWF) files are not supported, must adhere to BPPG Flash instructions. 3) Animated GIF’s will only loop 3 times, ending on the last frame. 4) 3rd Party Ad Tags are accepted for ROS (run-of-site) only. 5) Clients must supply click-through URL separately – do not embed into SWF. 6) All SWF files must contain Universal clickTAG, for the latest code and instructions, please visit www. iabcanada.com 7) Website ads – only 1 click-through URL can be used per image file. 8) eNewsletter ads – only 1 click through URL can be used per eNewsletter deployment. 9) eNewletter ads – Animated GIF’s must include call to action and logo. 10) 3rd party tags not accepcted for eNewsletters. Click-trackers are accepted.

PROFILE PAGES If you’ve seen a Profile Page on any social media network, you’ll understand the value that Profile Pages can provide. We provide you with a virtual sandbox within our website – you provide the messaging and we provide the traffic and ‘halo effect’ our content and editorial brings. Profile Pages are extremely flexible and can be as simple as a landing page, or complex as a multi-layered microsite. Your creative team or agency can design  these pages to work to our spec, or we can provide a  turnkey solution for you.

PROFILE PAGES WITH LEAD GENERATOR Give a little, get a lot. Turn your Profile Page into a lead generation machine with measurable ROI by offering opt-in/sign-up freemiums and special offers. Zero in on key leads by providing an incentive to sign up for exclusive content or resources. A Profile Page with a premium content offer, research highlights, roadshow sneak peeks or video creates an opportunity for real engagement with our audience, and tangible data to follow up with.

Mid-Season TV Report

Media Innovation Awards  AD-Tech Canada

Digital Religion Conference

30 under 30

30 Under 30

Top Reputable Brands

The CMDC Media Digest


Fall TV Preview

Marketing Best of 2015 Cocktail

Salary Survey

Marketing Awards Gala


Marketing  Awatds 17

FOR SALES INQUIRES CONTACT Jane Buckland Sales Manager 416-764-1575  [email protected]

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