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Marlon_Labasan_How to Use Dropbox

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On your browser type ‘www.dropbox.com’

This will appear on your screen

Click “Download Dropbox ”

Double click the downloaded file

Click “Run”

Click “Install”

Click “Next “Next””

Fill up the details here

Then click “Next”

Select 2GB which is free

Click “Next “Next””

Chose “T “ Typical” as recommended

Click “Install”

Dropbox will be installed, and its icon will appear…

…on your desktop and…

…on your taskbar

To get started Sign in to your Dropbox account

This will appear on your screen

To share files to another user, click “Sharing”

Click “New shared folder”

Type “Public”

Then click “Next”

Enter email address or addresses of  whom you want to share with

You can send a message if you want to (optional)

Click “Share folder”

Your ‘Public’ folder has been shared successfully

Click upload button

Click “Choose files”

Select the file you want to share, then click “Open”

File is being uploaded

When finish, click “Done”

The file you uploaded is now accessible online…

…for those whom you shared your folderr Dropbox ‘Public’ folde

Enjoy using Dropbox

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