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Contact: Stephanie Gentile SMU Dining Services Intern, [email protected] November 15, 2013 Mallory Ashcraft Food Editor, SMU Daily Campus [email protected] 3140 Dyer St. #314 Dallas, TX 75275 Dear Mallory Ashcraft, Your reporting for the SMU Daily Campus makes you highly credible to report on what SMU Dining Services has done this past semester. It is my pleasure to provide this brief Press Kit to introduce SMU Dining’s new efforts this semes ter. The “Healthy for Life” Campaign is an ongoing commitment to create healthier environments, build healthier communities and deliver healthier outcomes to all of the constituencies on campus. Many college students wish to eat healthier and this campaign allows them to do so right on campus.

SMU Dining Services launched its new Instagram on October 7 th. A contest called the Instagram Dine and Seek Challenge was used to engage students with the new page. SMU Dining Services hopes to use the Instagram page to interact with students on another level. They want to encourage student engagement on their social media channels. The first annual Mac and Cheese Throw down took place on Tuesday, November 5 th. This was a competition between three of the on campus dining locations: RFOC, SMU Catering, and Macs Place. Each contestant cooked up their own mac and cheese and students and VIP judges voted for their favorite. The event had a great turnout,

and students enjoyed the different recipes. This will be an annual event only expected to grow. Enclosed you will find backgrounders, press releases, a video news release, and pictures all for your use. Your reputation with The Daily Campus would help show the SMU Community that SMU Dining Services is taking action and offering new and exciting things. If you have any questions I can attend to prior to then, you can reach me at (609) 816 5400 or [email protected] Thank you for your time and your interest.

Sincerely, Stephanie Gentile

Contact: Stephanie Gentile, SMU Dining Services Intern, [email protected]

Healthy For Life Backgrounder SMU Dining Services recently launched its Healthy for Life campaign, an ongoing commitment to create healthier environments, build healthier communities and deliver healthier outcomes to all of the constituencies on campus. The Healthy for Life menu features lower calorie, lower fat, whole grain and vegetarian or vegan choices, as well as, programs and events designed to help students establish and maintain healthy habits. The program encompasses four main ideas: enabling, educating, encouraging, and engaging. Enable – includes menu commitments, nutrition way finding and making nutrition information readily available to our customers. Educate – includes consumer programs that provide information and education on a variety of health and wellness related topic areas. Encourage – includes consumer promotions that highlight the availability of healthy dining alternatives. Engage – includes audio-visual, social media and event-based consumer engagement programs. With this new initiative comes the CampusDish Nutrition app for Smartphones, which allows students to look up nutrition facts for all the on-campus dining locations straight on their iphone or android. The digital wellness center, located in Umphrey Lee, allows students to find all information on wellness and nutrition with a new menu labeling system that has icons, which indicate nutrition levels and special events and promotions such as, on-site health fairs and wellness workshops. SMU’s award-winning Gluten-Free-Friendly and Vegan station, Healthy on the Hilltop delivers this lifestyle. It was featured on Best Colleges Online for its fare. They offer Curry Shrimp, Chicken Thai Lettuce Wraps, Korean Pork Skewers with Slaw and Chicken Saffron to name a few.

About SMU Dining Services SMU Dining Services serves the SMU community while loving every bite of it. They provide students with a variety of food options on campus. They keep in mind students’ lifestyles to offer them the best selections to fuel their day. For additional information on SMU Dining Services or the products that they offer visit their Web site at http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSSW/SouthernMethodist . ####

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