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Mobile Marketing Power Point

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A Brief Overview of Mobile Marketing: Abridged.

Why mobile?
It is:   Personal   Targeted   Relevant   Immediate   Actionable   Empowering   Ubiquitous   Measurable A fresh, innovative way to reach your customers and give them access to your brand at any time, wherever they are.

But really…why? Numbers.
  Mobile subscribers will pass 5 billion in 2010 (that’s over 70% of the world population.)   The Nielsen Co. says that the number of consumers accessing the mobile Internet in the United States has jumped from 54 million in May 2009 to 72 million in May 2010, a year-over-year increase of 34 percent.   Usage is expected to double within the next 5 years as mobile overtakes the PC as the most popular webaccessing tool.   In May 2010, smartphones generated 46% of the traffic in the AdMob network, up 22% from 2 years ago.

Some interesting findings…
  According to a 2009 Pew study, over ½ of adult Americans (55%) have accessed the Internet wirelessly.   Of the aforementioned 55% American adults, 59% are Black/Non-Hispanic, and 62% are Hispanic (English & Spanish speaking). The study notes that African-Americans were the most active users of the mobile internet, and the fastest-growing demographic, with 29% using the Internet on their mobile device on a daily basis.

What devices users have now.

What devices users have recently purchased.

The next device users WANT to purchase.

Some device-specific facts about users:
RIM Blackberry OS

Android, iPhone, Palm demographics


And of course,The iPad
  “What is unique about the iPad is they are truly the most tactile device, with a larger screen where you are actually moving the content with your hands, not a mouse or keyboard,” Catherine Spurway, Pointroll VP Advertising and Marketing said. “This is a more immersive experience than the lean back of TV or the lean forward of the PC. You are part of the content.” iPad’s early adopters find just about everything on the device — including the ads — a curiosity.   Interaction times averaging 30 seconds.   Click-through rates between 0.9% and 1.5%, 6X the benchmark for web CR ads. Optimized for entertainment, unlike other devices.



iPad demographics

iPad continued
  Many marketers slow to launch iPad campaigns because of the relative novelty of the device… (3.27 million iPads sold vs. 100 milion gadgets on Apple operation system, of which 95% are iPhones & iTouches.)   Opportunities: earn cred as an in-touch/techsavvy marketer and less clutter from other advertisers.

How to Utilize Mobile as a Marketing Message Channel  Applications (Apps)
•  Consumers spent $6.2 million on apps this year. •  iOS & Android users download approx. 9 apps/month •  14% of mobile subscribers have downloaded an app
in the last 30 days

  What types?
•  Games- extend your brand experience while providing
entertainment •  Utility apps-promote brand while providing a valuable service

  Also, in-app ads

What apps are consumers using?

How does app usage differ among devices?

The Mobile Web
  Consider this: Nearly 20% of U.S. mobile subscribers used a downloaded app in January, but that audience is spread across all devices. No one app reaches the entire population without numerous reformatting processes. BUT, many marketers still throw their entire mobile budgets behind iPhone apps rather than websites that have the potential to get in front of more consumers.

SMS Marketing
  1) Popularity/reach   2) Staying power   3) Accepted for mobile marketing   4) Permanence   5) Two-way communication   6) Interactivity   Also: more immediate/ intimate than email; stale email subscribers may be eager SMS’ers; heavy regulation=more relevance   Essential component to sponsorships   E-COUPONS!   American Idol…609 million votes cast over the course of season six > # who voted in last election.

Location-Based Services
  Foursquare. Gowalla. Loopt. Brightkite. Yelp. Now Facebook.   Market growth: $96 million in 2009 to $512 million in 2012.   2.4 million people use Foursquare globally.   How you can use: -Increase brand presence on mobile
-Build awareness & positive word-of-mouth among social media users -Build more walk-in traffic, reward frequent customers, increase sales and more…

Foursquare metrics capabilities

More ways to utilize
  Social Media: 50 million Facebook mobile users.
•  Consumers more than ever using moible-enabled publishing
platfoms/social networks to instantly share their thoughts about products, services and brands.

  Search:
•  Users turn to it on mobile more than ever to find info on the go.

  QR Codes: “Quick Response Codes” allow audience
interact with once static billboards, posters, etc. and leads user directly to website, video, coupon, app, etc.
•  Can activate an ad and engage consumers on the go. •  Calvin Klein used QR codes to let users have access to an
exclusive CK Jeans video. •  Rise of other quick response technology—Google Goggles.

And of course, the iPad

  Apps & games:
•  Expanded capability for involvement (users tactilely
handle content), larger screens for vivid graphics and stunning video quality. •  Even more potential for utility apps with larger screen and more things to do.

  Mobile commerce:
•  Has been used as a “live” magazine, but can take it a
step further into letting users make the purchase.

For example: Business to Business Opportunities
  Your businessperson target audience is less at their desk and more on the go.
•  Notoriously long B2B marketing messages now need
to be in bite-sized chunks.

  How to utilize:
•  News/updates, emergency notifications, deadline
reminders •  Special promotions, lead generation •  Trade shows & events
–  Text alerts about special presentations, enter to win contests, judge customer feedback, allow user to find more info about company after booth experience.

Best Practices Across the Board
Start with your objectives   It’s imperative that you utilize mobile ONLY if it makes sense in the context of your promotional strategy.
•  Figure out what you want to achieve. •  Figure out who your audience is and how they utilize
mobile technology (both device and behavior). •  NOW assess how you will reach this audience with your message.

Best Practices continued
  Mobile marketing is most effective when content is targeted and relevant to the user.
•  SPAM=UNTARGETED/UNSOLICITED MARKETING •  Remember, a cellular phone is one of the most
personal devices. Don’t clutter it up, and give users something they want or can use.

  Learn the boundaries of mobile, but embrace the unique capabilities.
•  Don’t try to use it as a vessel for the same messages/
formats you always use—tailor it. •  At the same time, utilize the things phones CAN do— take advantage of text-to-call, location-awareness, etc.

Best Practices continued
  Give users a choice.
•  All marketing requires an opt-in database—explicit
consent and reconfirmed consent from each recipient that they are ok with getting messages from this source. •  Ensure users can easily find and understand terms and conditions of a marketing program. •  Do NOT reuse opt-in lists from previous email marketing campaigns •  Make it known and make it easy for users to opt-out.

Best Practices
  Ease of use (aka why Apple rules the scene)
•  Make things easy to find, easy to use, easy to quit •  Test, test, test BEFORE you launch to consumers

  Decide whether mass compatibility or customization (or both) is more sensible for your strategy and reaching your target market.   Make it secure
•  Only ask for necessary information, be diligent in
protecting user data, be aware of regulations.

Return on Investmentit’s all about your objectives
  Mobile can be one of the most measurable, trackable marketing channels.
•  Opt-in targeting gives info on demographics •  Use SMS short codes and coupons to track usage/responses from •  •  •  • 
particular mediums QR codes allow for measurement of consumer interaction with advertisement Location-based also offer metrics Capitalize on mobile search in a way that allows easier conversion to sales Set up a mobile landing page to track mobile users

  Idea: Define what success means in terms of actual behaviors.
•  Assign each desired action a monetary value, and
determine ROI from measurements.

Players that are doing mobile well
  Agencies:
•  Hyperfactory (of Meredith Integrated Marketing)
http://vimeo.com/4274910 •  Razorfish •  Ogilvy Interactive (Ogilvy & Mather) http://www.ogilvy.com/#/The-Work/Galleries/2010Cannes-Cyber-Media.aspx/IBM%20Seer% 20Wimbledon/

  Brands
•  Red Bull •  Pizza Hut
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ojw8I1CFuw&feature=player_embedded •  Murphy USA

Evolution of Mobile
  How will consumers use their mobiles in the future? Prediction: money transfer; location-based services; mobile search; mobile browsing; mobile health monitoring; mobile payment; near-field-communication services; mobile advertising; instant messaging; and mobile music.

  The device war—who will be on top?   QR codes vs. Google Goggles/augmented reality technology   iPad Future

                    AdWeek AdAge Mashable Nielsen Mobile Marketing Association Mobile Commerce Daily Mobile Marketer Gizmodo MobiThinking Open FORUM Small Business

References & Resources for future use
  Mobile Marketing Associationwww.mmaglobal.com   Mobile Marketing Association Code of Conduct and U.S. Consumer Best Practices Guidelineshttp://www.mmaglobal.com/policies   Direct Marketing Association- www.thedma.org   Telephone Consumer Protection Actwww.thedma.org/guidlines/tcpa.shtml   FTC Can Spam Act- www.ftc.gov

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