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Mthree Site Survey Document

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Service Description Document

Enterprise RFID Services
RFID Portal survey & Deployment The RFID reader and antenna deployment service provides for the detailed design, physical installation and full-functional commissioning of one (1) set of floor layouts of RFID reader and antenna placement. Examples of situations that may require RFID Custom reader and antenna deployment include custom-sized doorway portals and unusual antenna mountings, such as floor, ceiling or flush mounts. Prior to estimating the duration of the site survey Dataflo will require a set of to-scale blueprints of the floors/areas of desired coverage. From this we will work with your project manager via teleconference to determine the granularity of coverage resulting in an estimate of days needed for the site-survey. Dataflo Responsibilities at time of Site Survey: Dataflo will provide one (1) Field Engineer for this service. After arriving on site, the Field Engineer will: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Perform an analysis of the RF environment at each location floor by floor. Take note to unusual mounting to accommodate doorway size and shape and type of traffic. Suggest design and/or installation of protective bollards or guards as needed to protect the reader(s) and antennas that make up the portal instrumentation. Take note to mounting the RFID reader(s) and antennas with all necessary brackets for deployment. Test connect the antenna(s) to the reader, and hook the reader up to both network and power connections. Verify that the system is reading RFID tags that pass through the portal and that the read zone is appropriate for the portal size and shape. Make adjustments to antenna position and power settings as needed for optimal read performance. Take note to devices that will be tracked for RFID tagging requirements.

Customer Responsibilities at time of site survey: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Provide staff member to escort the Field Engineer throughout the locations where assets are going to be tracked. Provide the type of assets that are going to be tracked for proper tag selection and location. Provide internal building management personnel for review of mounting antennas, electrical connection if necessary, and connection to the network. Schedule a meeting with the information technology department to discuss IP addresses, the availability of Power Over Ethernet and firewall port settings for webservices. Provide a second set of blueprints of each floor that RFID will be deployed. Provide access to the plenum areas for visual inspection. Schedule meetings with third party suppliers that will be involved in the implementation process such as facilities engineers that will mount the hardware. Introduce Dataflo's Field Engineer to project owner (s).

Customer Responsibilities at time of Implementation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Project Timeline. Advise your security, maintenance, and other personnel of the anticipated installation date. RFID Antennas and Readers. mthree specified antennas, readers and mounting brackets must be purchased and onsite prior to portal deployment. RFID Tags. Customer will purchase tags and have them onsite prior to deployment. Location. Customer will sign off on the floor plan with the location within its facility for the portal installation. Contacts. Customer will provide reasonable access to necessary staff resources and subject matter experts, as requested by the Dataflo Field Engineer, to answer technical questions related to the RFID portal project. Reasonable Access to Information. Customer will provide Dataflo with reasonable access to any information necessary to facilitate the RFID portal project. Access to Network Infrastructure. Customer will provide reasonable access to network equipment necessary for the purpose of configuring, installing, testing and troubleshooting the RFID portal solution. Power and Network Connections. Customer will supply power as needed at the portal location to drive the portal towers. Customer will also provide network interface and cabling for each reader at the portal location. Removal of Obstacles. At the recommendation of the Field Engineer, customer will remove any physical obstructions interfering with the portal installation and relocate any

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equipment as necessary in the portal vicinity that interferes with RFID system performance. Protection of RFID Portal. Customer will provide physical protection (such as bollards and guards) to safeguard the RFID portal equipment once installed. The Dataflo Field Engineer will not install these protective features as part of this service. Network Workstation. Customer will provide Dataflo access to any network workstation (s) from which mthree asset tracking software will run, if access via the Dataflo Field Engineer’s PC is denied. Access to Telephone and Internet. Customer will provide access to telephone and Internet connectivity to Dataflo during the RFID portal engagement. This access will be used solely for contacting Dataflo technical resources during the project should it be necessary to expedite troubleshooting of unexpected problems. Physical Access On Site. Customer will provide any escort, security personnel or labor resources necessary to enable the Field Engineer to access required work areas on site. These personnel must be available on call during the entire project. Customer is also responsible for any cost associated with use of these resources. Workspace. Access to a workspace for the Field Engineer that has two power outlets and an Ethernet connection for configuration and testing before the equipment is mounted in the facility. Ethernet Cable. Customer will be required to provide the Ethernet cable for connection to the Ethernet RJ45 connector. Repeater. Customer will be required to provide a repeater for any cable run to equipment that exceeds limits specified in the IEEE 802.3 standard. Training. At the conclusion of the deployment, customer will have users attend training provided by Dataflo.

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