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Music Magazine Treatment 1. What is Your

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Music Magazine Treatment What is your magazine's name? My magazine’s name will be “” 2. What genre/subgenre of music is your magazine going to cover? The genre and subgenre of my magazine cover will be Indie Rock. 3. What is your sell line going to be? 4. Ho How w much much wil willl it cos cost? t? £2. £2.30 30 5. What will its frequency be? The frequency of my magazine will be weekly, matching NME. 6. Who is your target audience? My target audience is students 16-25 and it is also suitable for any gender. The race is irrelevant in this case as any race who wish to read it can, it is not subjected to one which I think is important for music magazines. 7. What will your front cover image be? My magazine front cover will include a main picture of either my friend Danny Taylor the main singer of his band called “Kiss Track Comeback” or the whole band performing performing.. 8. What will your cover lines be? 9. What other elements will be on your cover? It will also include some box outs of other artists and things going on. Also pictures of the newest styles that celebrities are wearing. 10. What features etc. will appear on your contents page? 11. What will your double page spread be about? An interview with the band “Kiss Track Comeback” on the main page. 1.

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