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Mustang Garage Sale Listing in Stock

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QUICK INVENTORY OF MUSTANG GARAGE SALE (IN STOCK ONLY) Item No. Description (Price in Pesos ) Availability 1 Tamiya TL 01 5,000.00 In Stock 2 To Toyota Celica 2001 model 1,200,000.00 In In Stock 3 Un U niversal Aluminum Rear Spoiler 6,500.00 In In Stock 4 Mustang Grande 1969 830,000.00 In Stock 5 Sinsky Scooter 125cc 16,000.00 In Stock 6 PS PS3 game Soldier of Fortune 1,800.00 In In Stock 7 Yamaha Virago 250cc 100,000.00 In Stock 8 Suzuki K6 stock exhaust 7,000.00 In Stock 9 Mo Modified G36 Airsoft BB Gunn 8,000.00 In In Stock 10 Mo Modified Savage RC Truck 40,000.00 In Stock 11 S ch chumacher DEKRA cap (collector 5,000.00 In Stock 12 Ta Tarantula Amplifier (for car) 25,000.00 In In Stock 13 Honda CBR 929/954 stock exhaust 5,000.00 In In Stock 14 HPI Savage super bigg tires 600.00 In Stock 15 ho h o0ligan full suspension bike fram 12,000.00 In In Stock 16 Su Suzuki K6 GSXR 750CC race bike 450,000.00 In In Stock 17 Ho Honda CBR 500RR Minolta race bi 550,000.00 In I n Stock 18 Roland Vdrums 90,000.00 In Stock 19 Ho H o0ligan full suspension built bike 19,000.00 In In Stock

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