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NCS 2015

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Seventh International Conference on Network and Communications Security (NCS 2015) http://netcom2012.org/2015/ncs/index.html Decemer 2!"2#$ 2015$ Sydney$ %ustralia

Call &or 'aers There is a shift away from the traditional client-server model to systems based on the peer-to peer  networ! which allows "sers share reso"rces effectively. #lso! d"e to increase in n"mber of $nternet applic applicati ations ons % "sers! "sers! the sec"ri sec"rity ty iss"e iss"ess and pivot pivotal al challe challenge ngess incl"d incl"dee integr integrity ity verif verifica icatio tion! n! a"thentication! and access control etc.! are also increasing. #s a conse&"ence! the s"b'ect of sec"rity  protection in (etwor % )omm"nication area has attracted intensive research activities in academia and ind"s ind"stry try.. *ith *ith the the recent recent advanc advances es in )omm"n )omm"nica icatio tion n % networ networ  techno technolog logy y! the applic applicati ations ons in commercial sec"rity scenario become increasing essential. The p"rpose of this conference is to p"blish latest % high-&"ality research wors on )omp"ter (etwors % )omm"nications sec"rity for wired and wireless networs in theoretical and practical aspects. This conference aims to promote state-of-the-art research in the area of comp"ter (etwors sec"rity. sec"rity. #"thors are solicited to contrib"te to the conference by s"bmitting articles that ill"strate research res"lts!  pro'ects! s"rveying s"rve ying wors and ind"strial experiences that describe significant advances in the following areas! b"t are not limited to • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

#ccess control! #nonymity! #nonymity! #"dit and a"dit red"ction % #"thentication #"thentication and a"thori+ation #pplied cryptography! )ryptanalysis! ,igital ignat"res iometric sec"rity o"ndary control devices )ertification and accreditation )ross-layer design for sec"rity ec"rity % (etwor anagement ,ata and system s ystem integrity! integrity! ,atabase sec"rity ,efensive information warfare ,enial of service protection! $ntr"sion ,etection! #nti-malware ,istrib"ted systems sec"rity lectronic commerce -mail sec"rity! pam! hishing! -mail fra"d! ir"s! worms! Tro'on rotection 3rid sec"rity $nformation hiding and watermaring % $nformation s"rvivability $nsider threat protection! $ntegrity $ntellect"al property protection $nternet/$ntranet ec"rity

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

4ey management and ey recovery ang"age-based sec"rity obile and wireless sec"rity obile! #d 6oc and ensor (etwor ec"rity onitoring and s"rveillance "ltimedia sec"rity !7perating system sec"rity! sec"rity! eer-to-peer sec"rity erformance val"ations of rotocols % ec"rity #pplication #pplication rivacy and data protection rod"ct eval"ation criteria and compliance 8is eval"ation and sec"rity certification 8is/v"lnerability 8is/v"lnerability assessment ec"rity % (etwor anagement ec"rity odels % protocols ec"rity threats % co"ntermeas"res 9,,o! i! ession 6i'acing!8eplay attac etc! Tr"sted comp"ting ;bi&"ito"s )omp"ting ec"rity irt"ali+ation sec"rity! o$ sec"rity! *eb 2.0 sec"rity

'aer Sumission #"thor #"thorss are invite invited d to s"bmi s"bmitt papers papers for the confer conferenc encee thro"g thro"gh h Paper Submission System by 7ctober 0<! 2015. "bmissions m"st be original and sho"ld not have been p"blished previo"sly or be "nder consideration for p"blication while being eval"ated for this conference. The proceedings of the conference conference will be p"blished p"blished by Computer Science Conference Proceedings in Computer Science & Information Technology (CS & IT) series 9)onfirmed. elected papers from the conference () 2015! after f"rther revisions! will be p"blished in the following $nternational =o"rnals . • • • • •

International Journal of Wireless & Mobile et!or"s (IJWM) International Internatio nal #ournal of Computer et!or"s & Communication Communications s (IJCC) International Internatio nal #ournal of et!or" Security & Its $pplications (IJS$) International #ournal of computer science & information Technology (IJCSIT) International Internatio nal Journal of %atabase Management Systems ( IJ%MS )

Imortant Dates Sumission Deadline Deadline  *ctoer 0+$ 2015

#"thors (otification (otification : (ovember 15! 15! 2015 8egistration % )amera-8eady aper ,"e : (ovember 2>! 2015

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