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Nepal Bankers Association

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Nepal Banker’s Association
President Mr. Ashoke Sumsher J. B. Rana [ Himalayan Bank Ltd. ] Vice-President Mr.Rajan Singh Bhandari [ Citizens Bank International Ltd. ] Member Mr. Sashin Joshi [ NIC Bank Ltd. ] Member Mr.Suman Joshi [ Laxmi Bank Ltd. ] Member Mr. Siddhant R. Pandey [ Ace Development Bank ] Member Mr. Kamal P. Gnawali [ KIST Bank Ltd. ] Member Mr. Parshuram Kunwar Chhettri [Bank of Aisa Nepal Ltd. ] Member Mr. Shovan Dev Pant [ Lumbini Bank Ltd. ] Member Mr. Janardan Acharya [ Rastriya Banijya Bank ] Member Mr. P. K. Mohapatra [Everest Bank Ltd. ] Advisor Mr. Prithivi B. Pande [ Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. ] Advisor Mr. Radhesh Pant [ Kumari Bank Ltd. ]

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