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North Cobb High School Chapter of DECA 2010

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North Cobb High School Chapter of DECA 2010-2011 About DECA: DECA is an international organization organization for m arketing, arketing, business, and entrepreneurship students. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The North Cobb High School Chapter of DECA participates participates in community service projects, runs the North Cobb school store, as well as attends/competes at DECA Career Development Conferences. How to become a member: Join the North Cobb B usiness Club, Club, which allows allows you to  become a member of DECA as well as FBLA, which both look great on college applications. applications. The fee is $25 for membership into both organizations for the entire year. Meetings: Meetings are every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) at 3:45 pm in Mr. Dennard. Dennard. Meeting attendance is not mandatory, but it is helpful if you want to be involved involved as an active member member in the club. If you miss a meeting, check the DECA Facebook Facebook group, “NCHS DECA 2010-2011.” experience through being a part of  Leadership: DECA is a great way to gain leadership experience the NCHS DECA leadership team. Each leadership position, with the exception of  president, will be reevaluated quarterly based on the current leadership’s performance. If a leader is not performing well, or a leader decides to step down, other members in the club will have the opportunity to apply for their position. DECA Points: Any student that earns 100 DECA points during one school year during their high school career will receive a DECA honor chord to wear upon graduation. graduation. Members Members can earn points in the following ways: Recruitment – Recruitment  – for each paid member the current DECA member recruits, recruits, they will earn 2 DECA points. Meeting Attendance – 2 points will be e arned for every meeting attended. Community Service Projects – Projects  – 5 points will be earned for each community service project the member actively participat actively participates es in. Working in the Spear – Spear  – ½ point will be earned for every shift worked during the Spear – all shifts must be logged in with the Spear supervisor. Conference/Competition Attendance – 5 points will be earned for every conference (fall leadership, regional and state career development conferences, etc) the member attends, 10 points will be earned for every competitive event the member competes in. If the member advances to the International Career Development Development Conference through placing in a competitive event, they will earn an additional 10 points. •

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NCHS DECA Guidelines and Information 2010-2011 Last Updated by Rebecca Duvall on 9/1/10


Trusted by over 1 million members

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Trusted by over 1 million members

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Leadership - Any member holding a leadership position within the club will receive 5 DECA points automatically. President and Vice President positions will receive an additional 5 points.

*Note: Each member must keep up with his or her own points, and have all points  approved by the current DECA president (Becca Duvall), or by Mr. Dennard in order to be qualified qualified to receive the DECA Honor Chord. Also, the student must be a DECA member  during their senior year of high school in order to receive an honor chord earned during  previous years. Conferences: YOU MUST HAVE TAKEN A MARKETING CLASS AT SOME POINT DURING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL CAREER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND CONFERENCES AND PARTICIPATE IN COMPETITIVE EVENTS. There are several conferences and competitions throughout the year that students will have the opportunity to attend and/or compete in. These conferences are a great way to gain leadership experience, as well as build your resumé for college and future jobs. The following following conferences will be possibilities possibilities for the NCHS DECA to attend during the 20102011 school year: Fall Leadership Conference (Leadership Team Only) - October 7-8, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia *Region DECA Competition (Preliminary to state - Note: some competitive events do not have not have a preliminary round at the Region DECA Competition; they will go straight straight to the S tate CDC) – January 27, 2011 Sports & Entertainment Marketing Conference - February 2-6, 2011 i n Orlando, FL (Universal Studios) GA State Career Development Conference (all DECA members welcome; you must compete compete in an event to attend) – February February 22-25, 2 011 in Downtown Atlanta, GA *International Career Development Conference (you must qualify at the State CDC through a competitive event in order to attend this conference) conference) - April 30 May 3, 2011 in Orlando, FL (Walt Disney World) •


*These are tentative conferences conferences that the NCHS DECA may or may not be able to attend  during the 2010-2011 school year.

Competitive Events: At the Regional, State, and International Career Development Conferences, Conferences, DECA m embers will have the opportunity to participate participate in competitive events. Examples of these “events” are tests to examine your marketing knowledge, projects projects that allow you to create a promotional plan, etc. All competitive competitive event information information can be found at http://www.deca.org/c http://www.deca.org/competition ompetitions/highscho s/highschool/ ol/ with more specific guidelines. For More Information: http://www.gadeca.org http://www.deca.org/membership/highschool/ NCHS DECA 2010-2011 Facebook group • • •

Questions or Concerns: If you have any questions, concerns, concerns, need help with a

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