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Notice of Duties and Intent.

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October 17th 2011  List of Judges Judges who work work as Public Servants and serve serve locally in Courtenay BC and   other Public Public Servants Servants who are being being served served these affidavits affidavits The unaddressed recipients are served at the Courtenay Court services (Provincial and Supreme Courts) located at 420 Cumberland Rd., Courtenay BC Canada V9N 3S1

Administrative Judge Anthony Dohm

Judge Peter Doherty

Senior Judge John Joe

Judge Douglas Cowling

Senior Judge Brian Klaver

Judge Parker McCarthy

Senior Judge Allan R. Gould

Judge Justine Saunders

Senior Judge Eldon L. Iverson

Judge Brian Saunderson

Local Courtenay Sheriff at Sheriff at Sheriff’s Office, 420 Cumberland Rd., Room 127, Courtenay BC, Canada, V9N 2C5 Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, Honorable Steven L. Point , 1401 Rockland Ave. BC Canada V8S 1V9 Chief Judge Thomas (Tom) Crabtree at Chief Judge’s Office, PO Box 10287, Pacific Center, Vancouver BC, Canada, V7Y 1E8 Attorney General Honourable Shirley Bond PO Box 9044 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC Canada V8W 9E2 Deputy Attorney General, David Loukidelis PO Box 9290 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9J7 I am also lodging a complaint towards the local Sheriff for refusing to inform me of his legal name for legal purposes; an attempt to block due process of law through refusing to release pertinent legal information. This list of Public Servants is composed by the Dually Appointed Administrator of the PATRIK BERNARD KAPUSCINSKY Corporation for purpose of serving 2 sworn Affidavits and the twelve pa ge introduction to my Claim of Right for the clear and concise understanding of local Public Servants concerning my status of private individual as well as my reasons for this necessary stance. Also, to bring light onto Our well appointed, proper Duties to the people through respect of the highest form of law… the law of the land, the law of God, the common law. The “All inclusive” common law and the spiritual principle of t rue Equality comes before and is above any man made law, including Statute Law. I am here to serve the Creator’s creation; for the highest good of all. Public Servants are here to perform their  occupational duties as Public Servants to the people…to ser ve the people, to serve humanity; to serve me in my spiritual duties to the creator’s creation. In the Consciousness of Christ…

Very Sincerely, Patrik -Bernard:Kapuscinsky -Bernard:Kapuscinsky


PATRIK BERNARD KAPUSCINSKY Office of the Director, Dually Appointed Administrator 15-791 Braidwood Road, Courtenay BC, Canada V9N 3S1


This Notice is a matter of Public Record

October 14 th 2011

Notice of Duties and Intent

Sent to: Brian D. Jones JONES & CO. Suite 402-17 Church St. Nanaimo, BC V9R 5H5 Tel: 250-714-1113 Fax: 250-714-1171 [email protected] THE MINISTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND SOLICITOR GENERAL OF BRITISH 128 Parliament Buildings Victoria BC V8V 1X4 Honorable COLUMBIA, Rich Coleman, PO Box 9053 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA BC, V8W 9E2 C/o Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General, 1001 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC Tom Gray, INSPECTOR of the RCMP, (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Comox Valley Detachment 800 Ryan Road, Courtenay BC 7T1 BC OMBUDSMAN PO Box 9039 STN PROV GOVT Victoria BC V8W 9A5 Canada

Attached list of Judges and Justice of the Peace who work as a Public Servant and serve locally in Courtenay BC


Notice of Duties and Intent

October 14th 2011


I, _____________________________________ do swear and know these facts to be true and accurate.

Most people do not pay attention to what really matters today.

It is time to pay attention to what really matters in this world.

The future of your nieces, nephews, children, friends and loved ones depends on the integrity and [roper peaceful action of an awakened people who have the knowledge and fortitude for proper legal peaceful action. We Are presently in a Common Law Jurisdiction. Equality is mandatory before the law. No one can govern another without the other’s proper  consent.

I have officially revoked consent to be governed on May 28th 2010 and began the process of  exercising and solidifying my Duties and Rights as of June of 2010. Lawful excuse is a matter of legal documentation stating and proving the inapplicability of Act or Acts…due to lawful excuse, I would presume such as revoked consent to be governed since May 28th 2010. The courts operate on presumption until clearly informed. My uncontested Claim of Right is over, above and beyond “lawful excuse”. It is official revoked consent to be governed. Each and every uncontested sworn affidavit, four in total, is also legal proof of agreement of  facts between me, a private individual and all concerned parties or individuals as these affidavits have not been contested or disputed. This creates a default judgment. The next part of the common law jurisdiction process that I have chosen to exercise is the written Notice to strike the matter from the record. Motion to quash, concerning Court file # 35900. 3

My choice in exercising Duties and Rights under common law, in this common law jurisdiction is done for two reasons.

#1 Statute Law and Intent contained is beyond, out of control and on a sure course for disaster. My primary purpose and reason to be under the law of the land, the law of God is to awaken people to the facts of law and “Intent contained in re-enacted Acts”. Hence, raise the awareness of the implications and imminent dangers involved in our complacency regarding the successful takeover of Our government by dishonest corporations privately owned by a small handful of  mal-intentioned ridiculously wealthy people. Our complacenc y has allowed for this. Re-enacted “acts” that allowed for mass genocide 75 years ago have been re-enacted in the past nine years. This fact and reality cannot be ignored and we cannot remain complacent about this unacceptable Intent. History is in the process of repeating itself through mal-intentioned acts. Ignorance of Public Servants in general as well as complacency of the people is the reason that humanity is in this predicament of unnecessary and unacceptable repeat history on a global scale.

#2 (a) Regain my health and my life… (b) Regain access to proper nutrition, proper physiotherapy for spinal injuries, as well as all other necessities to recuperate my health; as I have been suffering tremendously for 4 years due to loss of income from severe spinal injuries as well as loss of proper therapies. (c) Regain my dignity as well as the finances required to recuperate from multiple failed claims of local Public Servants. Instead, I have existed in abject poverty with the insufficient income of  $11 per day for this past two years on a disability claim under the rule of private necessity, until  proper access to estate wealth or income resumes… income granted on disability was never an acceptable or manageable option to begin with, due to the lack of financial sufficiency to access necessities. The medical malpractice situation did not help matters. This destruction of life and health caused by negligent fraudulent Public Servants has caused loss of access to all necessities required to manage serious medical health issues. Distractions, such as miss-use and abuse of law are corrected and remedied through proper and accurate use of common law in the way that it was intended in this common law jurisdiction and for the reasons that it was created; to create the option of remedy ion regards to dishonest fraudulent and harmful aspects of government. I do not bill or activate fee schedules onto Public Servants for reasons of vindication or revenge, Through common law, I have created my Duties and Rights, by exercising these Duties… and through the Common Law I protect these Duties and Rights as well as the right of present and future generations of people, along with myself through a legal and lawfully binding contract of  truth.


Billing Public Servants who choose to insist on engaging into contract with me, a pri vate individual… despite my honest attempt to clearly state my Status of man, status of sovereign individual and my clear non-consent of Statute Law is carried out ultimately for the benefit of all the people, to benefit myself, to benefit YOU and for the protection of everyone that you know in North America. I do not wish harm to Public Servants, even for the severely unjust Servants…

I only wish to awaken them to Who and What We really are. I ask that you understand and respect my duties, along with my standing in regards to the common law and my Rights concerning THIS Common Law Jurisdiction, hopefully for your understanding to flourish and for you to participate wholeheartedly, favorably to the people, of which you are one of, despite your title and occupation of Public Servant…in these necessary changes taking place globally. At present, complacency and ignorance along with lack of courage to do the right thing over this past 60 years for the majority of us has cost humanity dearly. Complacency towards illegal and unlawful activities of corporations has brought Our country and our world to a remarkable condition of absolutely unnecessary frauds and harms done to the people, done to humanity. All wrongs have been done through mal-intended Acts of Statute Law; total miss-use and ABUSE of law. The reality and meaning of the word “freedom” and “responsibility” are synonymous. You cannot have one, without the other. The reality of freedom comes with responsibility regardless of what some uniformed people believe.

All Public Servants are operating under limited liability. This includes everyone within the court room excluding myself. I am not a Public Servant, I am a man and I claim full commercial liability. Every court room appearance I am in attendance will be recorded as a matter of Public record and under common law unless specifically approved otherwise with my signed and notarized written consent. All present and future court room attendance on my part including summary convictions rooms will be a matter of Public Record, dated, documented and a hard copy of Public Record will be sent to me by registered mail or through notification of personal pick up, requiring my signature for confirmation purposes. These instructions and directions are for the benefit of the people. Are you or anyone else willing to dispute these facts? I am giving you ten days to dispute or prove otherwise. In the light and truth of the Consciousness of Christ, in the name of the people and for the love of  humanity… sincerely,

Witnessed by Notary Public

Dually Appointed Administrator

I thank you kindly, respectfully Patrik-Bernard:Kapuscinsky


Notice of Default Judgement and Notice of illegal warrant October 17th 2011

Affidavit: Concerning court file # 35900

I,____________________________________________ do swear and know these facts to be true and accurate. Prior to the Court date of September 22nd, 2011 concerning court file number 35900 involving non-consensual forced contracting on the part of Crown representative Brian D. Jones from JONES & CO., I had inserted two uncontested sworn affidavits into court file number 35900 stating my clear and concise standing of sovereign man. I have the Status of  a private individual officially since June of 2010 due to uncontested Claim of Right. I had also inserted a Notice of default Judgment into the court file, instructing the Courts and Crown to strike the matter from the record. Motion to quash. I have made a number of attempts to clarify and state my standing in this matter and have asked Mr. Brian D. Jones for clarification of his standing in regards to this matter by way of proof, by showing me the contract that he claims to have with me in regards to Statute Law. His lack of response caused a default judgment. His lack of contest or lack of dispute clearly states his agreement in the fact that he has no subsiding contract between me and the Crown Corporation to continue to force this inapplicable issue. I have asked Mr. Jones for the original charge concerning this matter to verify the legitimacy and validity of this claim of charge and he has failed to produce the original charge, indicating that he does not have a legitimate charge to force upon me and he is forcing contract without proper  jurisdiction. No one has been harmed by this unlawful allegation of breaking inapplicable Statute Law, there is no true crime, no injured party aside from myself in regards to the illegal and unlawful warrant issued over this forced contracting matter. There is no corpus delicti or evidence of a true crime. Forced unwanted contracting onto a private individual is a breach of human rights and is remedied by way of contract law through settlement of fee schedule.

It is my understanding that Canada is a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights since 1947.


It is my understanding that you must honor and respect this legally binding contract. It is also my understanding that you are aware and that you are in agreement that any attempt on the part of  any Public Servant to breach my human rights is a serious breach of law. Ignoring and failing to recognize the law in regards to the two uncontested affidavits along with the motion to strike the matter from the record in the Court file is a frivolous and abusive process on the part of Brian D. Jones. When I addressed the illegal and invalid warrant under my own recognizance at the Courtenay Sheriff's Office located in the Law Courts Building at 420 Cumberland Rd., Courtenay BC, Room 127, I was unlawfully and illegally detained for over four hours in a small cell, constrained in leg shackles prior to being given yet another non-consensual court date, under protest and duress concerning this unlawful matter. The people have created government to protect and to administrate for the people. The government has created a medical system to serve the needs of the people. When the medical system and a variety of Agencies fails to fulfill multiple claims and the Public Servants assigned to correct these deficiencies, fail to fulfill their duties in correcting these claims, there is a breach of duties and a serious breach of trust. Because of this breach of trust concerning a half a dozen Public Servants in Courtenay BC, I have unlawfully been reduced to abject poverty living on a meager disability cheque, preventing access to proper medical spinal therapies, proper nutrition as well as loss of access to practically all other necessities. The services offered by government have been beyond ridiculously below par and quite frankly cannot even be rightfully called services. These so-called services have taken everything material from me and damaged my health further through loss of all required necessities through financial hardship due to the duplicitous bureaucracy of the present Public Servant arena. Correct me if I am mistaken, when there is a dispute such as mistaken jurisdiction, it is up to the Claimant to bring the matter to the attention of the Defendant in order to settle the dispute out of Court. Failing to fulfill this responsible approach to proper action and insisting on bringing a claim that has already been resolved beyond any shadow of doubt to the court room is now tax fraud. I am bound by contract to not participate knowingly in fraud. I will not be attending the new non-consensual court date of the 27th of October as this would be knowingly participating in tax fraud. Brian D. Jones, I demand that you restore the estate that you have damaged by ceasing and desisting from continuing to force unwanted contract upon me through another redundant Court date. You have failed to provide proof of claim of valid contract. Up to this point, each and every Public Servant that I have interacted with has been operating in breach of trust; a systematic effort to dissuade me from continuing in my efforts to lawfully and legally exercise and protect my rights. Statute Law can only be enforced by mutual consent. 7

Lack of consent from a private individual is equal to lack of jurisdiction to enforce Statute Law onto that private individual. I have been exercising the right, under the rule of private necessity, to survive a miniscule and unrealistic small portion of basic necessities in living expenses with disability and GST/HST cheques for these past two years.. Due to negligence, fraud and breach of trust on the part of  multiple local Public Servants in regards to failure to correct deficiencies regarding confirmed claims of E.I., employment retraining as well as access to proper nutrition and proper spinal therapies since October of 2007 ongoing for years now. During the first two years of loss of employment stemming from spinal injury condition, I lived off nothing for the first six months and then less than $4 per day despite multiple claims of  rectifying these deficiencies week after week and month after month. (Loss of ability to work from spinal injuries beginning in August of 2007) My consent to be governed by present government has been officially revoked in May of 2010. Exercising this right, under the rule of private necessity, is lawful excuse. Presently, this has been the only meager access I have had to a minuscule portion of my share of  the common law wealth due to breach of trust on the part of all local Public Servants. The new, non-consensual Court date of October 27th 2011 at this point, despite the uncontested sworn affidavits and motion to strike the matter from the record, motion to quash, on the part of  Brian D. Jones is an act of fraud and an attempt to deny me and block me from due process of  law and is frivolous and vexatious. Everything that the government has is in existence due to the people having created government to fulfill certain duties in regards to the people. Everything that the government possesses comes from the people in any event, regardless of  what service or benefit it may be disguised as. Government is property of the people. .. It all belongs to the people. I am the Dually Authorized Administrator of the PATRIK BERNARD KAPUSCINSKY Corporation and I am authorized to settle matters publicly as well as privately. I am the heir and executor of this proceeding and of all other proceedings concerning my affairs. Are you or anyone else willing to dispute these claims? I am giving you until the 26th of October to respond, failure will result in the fact that you are all in agreement that this new non-consensual Court date has been an error or mistake by the Courts due to Brian Jones' failure to recognize law and failure to support my instruction of... Motion to quash. The Sheriff is a Public Servant.

Brian D. Jones is a Public Servant.


All judges and all Justice of the Peace are Public Servants.

I will be taking Brian D. Jones to the front of the Queen's Bench in the very near future.

Brian D. Jones will settle the activated fee schedule in Civil Court for breach of human rights; for forcing unwanted, non-consensual contract upon a private individual before long.

In the light and truth of the Consciousness of Christ, in the name of the people and for the love of  humanity…

I thank you kindly, for your time and attention,


Witnessed by:

Dually Appointed Administrator, Patrik Bernard Kapuscinsky


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