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North Hampton 

Community News  Sponsored By: Friends of the Library Library,, North Hampton Public  Library, North Hampton School Board & the Town of North Hampton 

Agriculture Commission News


ur gardening efforts will soon begin at home, school or at the Community Garden, but you don’t have to wait for farm fresh food choices. They are available now at local farms and farmers’ markets.

THESE ARE THE REMAINING WINTER FARMERS’ MARKETS: Newmarket: April 21 Carpenter’s Greenhouse 9:00 am-1:00pm Exeter: April 28 Exeter High School 10:00am-2:00pm THE SUMMER FARMERS’ MARKET SCHEDULE WILL BEGIN IN MAY AT THE FOLLOWING LOCA LO CATIONS: TIONS:

Some of our local farms include: Moor Farm in North Hampton (964-6793), Hurd Farm in Hampton (944-6869), Kellie Kellie Brook Farm in Greenland (702-0342), Southbrook Farm in Greenland (591-3584), Meadows Mirth Farm in Stratham (767-2610), New Roots Roots Farm in Newfields (770-4125). Also, Lisa Cote offers a greenhouse at 40 Post Road where she starts seeds and sells vegetables and flowers. We urge you to attend the documentary movie series regarding The Food We We Eat. The first fir st of the series was shown on March 15, “Forks Over Knives”, and can be borrowed from the library for home viewing. The others will be shown at the library librar y the end of April, May May and June.

• Durham: Durham: Mondays  Mondays   2:15pm-5:30pm • Hampton: Hampton: Tuesdays  Tuesdays 3:00pm-6:00pm • Dover: Wednesdays   2:15pm-6:00pm • Exeter: Thursdays 2:15pm-5:30pm • Portsmouth: Saturdays 8:00am-1:00pm

Getting in touch with agriculture! 

“Got Fish?”


ome of you reading this article in April might just be hooking a North Hampton School Eastern Brook Trout later this year! Yes, Scouts’ Honor!!! North Hampton has joined schools across the Granite State in an exciting program called “Trout “Trout in the Classroom”. After the requisite teacher training, our Fourth Grade students received 200 Eastern Book Trout eggs on March 7th. The eggs are 60% developed and our students are observing their evolution from f rom eggs into ‘fingerlings’. Eventually,, the students will release Eventually the fish into the Little River, River, one of their natural habitats, which is walking distance from the school during the month of May. Watch the school’s website for the actual release date! “Trout “T rout in the Classro Classroom” om” is a program jointly sponsored by the New Hampshire Fish and ~ continued on page 6 

North Hampton Public Library


n January the library experienced a new library/community center. a major disaster with flooding Considering the process began caused by a burst pipe in the kitchen. in the early 1990’s and even with While very few materials and books a slowly recovering economy we were affected, most of the carpeting feel it is important to plan for the was soaked and the floor tile ruined future to provide the resources the from water damage. We had the community needs. With the passing orange carpeting and almost all the of four warrant articles since 2006 tile replaced and will be finished to raise a total of $200,000 and with repairs to the kitchen and Craig with matching funds by the library Room in a few weeks. We are grateful trustees from library invested for your patience while we have funds we have over $500,000 to had to close at inconvenient times  jumpstart our library/community and work around the repairs and center building fund. Libraries are renovations. We always seem to be changing, but one thing remains able to take a lemon and turn it into the same – the sense of community lemonade, but still lack fundamental and coming together for programs, space for children’s programs, study workshops, technology access, rooms, and more sitting areas within information, meetings, historical the library to relax and read. We are preservation, and much more. We still cramped and limited in what we are excited to bring you books, can offer the community until the eBooks, Kindles, DVD’s, audio library expands. books, internet access, magazines, After meeting recently with the puzzles, games, maps, conservation Capital Improvements Committee equipment, and much more – a great the library has created a timeline for return for your tax dollars.

UPCOMING LIBRARY PROGRAMS: Thursday, April 26 at 2 pm, Gardening and Marketing. An historical view – Thomas Mickey, a master gardener and landscape designer from Rye, NH. Tuesday, April 24 at 7pm, Crime & Punishment on the Isles of Shoals with John Perrault and a performance of the ballad of Louis Wagner. Thursday, May 10 at 6-8pm, Face-reading: local author Ginger Gisplinghoff talks about her new book (postponed from January) Tuesday, May 22 at 7pm, Beauty Tips and Secrets: local author calla simone shares beauty tips (postponed from January) More info to come: The newly released 1940 census: tips and tools. ~ Respectfully submitted, Susan Grant, Library Director 

NHS 6th Grade Community Outreach Committee Dear North Hampton Townspeople,

Thank you, The North Hampton School 6th  Grade Community Outreach Committee!  2 North Hampton Community Newsletter Spring 2012 

We are the sixth grade community outreach committee at the North Hampton School. We have a dear friend named Sam in our grade who is going through cancer treatments for a 2nd time. To raise awareness for his type of cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma, we are teaming up with the PE teachers to host a combined Healthy U Day and walkathon fundraiser - a day of family fun! “Healthy U Day - Playing for Sam” will take place on Sunday, June 3rd (with a rain date of June 10th). Fun activities will be available for all ages! Please come to this event to support 2 great causes - a healthy lifestyle and a fundraiser for a great local cause!

PAL News HAPPY SPRING FROM PEOPLE ACTIVE IN LEARNING! ur February PAL meeting was well attended as parent and Certified Health Counselor, Amy Choate, presented “Healthy Eating for Busy Families.” Most recently, PAL sponsored a School Board Candidates Night in which NHS Student Government members prepared and presented relevant questions for our school board candidates. Our final meetings of the school year are on May 1st & June 5th. We hope to see you there. As a result of PAL’s fundraising efforts this year, we have supported numerous field trips to enhance curriculum. We also sponsored a visit from storyteller, Len Cabral and are pleased to announce a visit this month from author, Sy Montgomery. As the end of the school  year approaches, PAL is seeking numerous volunteers to fill open positions. Most importantly, PAL Co-Chairs are needed for the upcoming year. This is a great opportunity to get involved and prior experience is not necessary.


IN THIS ISSUE  Co-Chairs are essential for PAL to continue. Please contact Rachel Robie at [email protected] or 964-3069 to learn more about this position. On Friday, May 4th, from 5-7pm, PAL will sponsor spring event, “Storytelling Around the World”, a celebration of literacy and global learning. Also that evening, PAL will kick-off the spring Scholastic Book Fair with a selection of books that will include multi-cultural stories from around the world. We hope you will come and enjoy an enriching evening of storytelling by NHS 7th grade students. PAL sends a sincere “thank you” to families who generously give their time to support our many endeavors. Volunteers are the critical ingredient necessary for PAL to sponsor and organize school-wide community events, fundraising initiatives, enrichment funding for every classroom, scholarships, room parents & Friday Folder help, appreciation events and more. ~Thank you! Rachel Robie, People Active in Learning Chair 

The Buzz in the NHS Cafeteria


he NHS cafeteria has been buzzing with some new and exciting changes! We are jumping on board the revolution for healthier eating. Good eating habits are critical to help children grow, learn and be productive. Childhood obesity numbers are growing and we here at NHS are taking steps to help in that fight. We are pleased that the NHS

Agriculture Commission....... 1 NHS: “Got Fish” ..................... 1 Public Library ........................ 2 NHS: 6th Grade Outreach .....2 People Active in Learning ...... 3 NHS: Buzz in the Cafeteria ... 3 NHS: Achieving Wellness ...... 4 NHS: 8th Grade Portfollio ....4 Boy Scout Troup 162 .............. 6 Town Clerk/Tax Collector .....6 NHS: 8th Grade Forum ......... 7 Recycling Center .................... 7 Cub Scouts .............................. 7 Conservation Commission ...8 Library Youth Programs ........9 Library Children’s Room.......9 Historical Society ................. 10 Friends of Centenial Hall .... 10 Heritage Commission.......... 11 Planning Board .................... 12 Girl Scouts ............................ 13 Library History Corner .......14

NEXT DEADLINE  by Paula Field 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

cafeteria has been given a much needed face lift. Parent Beth Hill did an amazing job making new curtains and awnings for the windows and doors out of a bold eye appealing fabric. Nurse Julie has been painting designs that match the fabric all over the walls. Steve Lorei made a box to house the folding chairs, which is also painted boldly and sporting matching curtains. Bold paintings ~ continued page 5 

CONTACT INFO  SCHOOL: Jan Scipione, 964-5501 TOWN: Lorreen Keating, 964-6326 or email at [email protected]  The North Hampton Community Newsletter is published four times a year to inform citizens of news of Town Boards, Commissions, Departments, and North Hampton School. Short news items from non-prot groups in town are welcomed and will be included on a space available basis.

North Hampton Community Newsletter Spring 2012  3

NHS: Achieving wellness through physical activity


ver the past few years, the Physical Education Department at NHS has been able to increase the amount of physical activity per day for many students. We have been offering Recess Choice (formerly known as Structured Recess) for all students in grades 1-7. During the fall and spring Recess Choice is outside and offers different activities that the students can choose to participate in. These activities have included Tennis Baseball, Kickball, Soccer and 4 Square to name a few. Students are able to choose on any given day if they would like to participate in these teacher led activities

or participate in open recess. This year in our PE curriculum we have added a Fitness Unit in middle school different from any we have done before. Students participate in the Physical Best Fitness Testing in the fall. Now that weather has forced us inside, Mr. Hooper has been conferencing with students in regards to their test results. Students then focus on what areas they need to work on and also areas that they need to keep their fitness level at. Mr. Hooper then shows students different activities that they can do to work on their fitness levels. Students are asked to research at home exercises that they can do and come up with a fitness plan that they can work on during class. Giving students a choice on what activities they want to do has been extremely successful and there is much more engagement in the class. This endeavor has been so successful that we will now have a fitness unit in all of our rotations that we do

throughout the school year. CPR is offered to all eighth grade students here at NHS. The classes in CPR and First Aid are taught by the School Nurse, Julie Cyr. Kids have a well-developed sense of fairness and empathy for others. They very much want to help someone who is injured or sick. Showing them that they are not too young to “save a life” will get them thinking about their role in the community. When they are older, they will be much more willing to help someone out because of the exposure and confidence they developed when they were young. This spring we began offering a Staff Wellness program two afternoons a week. One of the afternoons consists of games such as Speedball, Floor Hockey and Volleyball. The other afternoon we are walking outside when it is nice or when we are inside we are following a mile walk video and then doing anything from Tae Bo to Hip Hop Dancing.

Eighth Grade Portfollio Review


way to celebrate the learning and growth of our youth! Come and discuss ideas and share the excitement of learning with the  young adults of North Hampton. Dear Volunteer, Thank you! Your generous volunteering of time and thoughtfulness to this process allows each eighth grade student an audience with which to review, to discuss, and to share the work they have created and how they have developed as learners. The following

is a brief explanation of the work students have been doing over the course of the year with regards to building a portfolio. You are volunteering to sit with one student and review and give verbal feedback related to the portfolio that they have produced. Students will have shared with an advisor, their teachers and their peers; they will then be ready to share with a wider audience – you! Thank you! What is the purpose of the portfolio? Throughout their 8th grade year, students have been

4 North Hampton Community Newsletter Spring 2012 

collecting evidence of learning and personal growth and using this to create individualized portfolios of their work. The portfolios will be shared using two formats: a digital format using an iweb program/ laptop and a paper/binder format that houses materials that support what is being shown digitally. The portfolio is a way for students to document their experience in the areas of technology, academic skills and knowledge, the Unified Arts, Service Learning, and interests that they have outside of school.

The compiling of the portfolios is accomplished during school and all students are required to complete one. The portfolios will be shared with multiple audiences and the digital version will be burned on a CD for students to take with them when they leave North Hampton School. The portfolios are challenging work and require students to exercise many different skills to meet the expectations that are required. What is your role in the review session? You will be matched with an 8th grader, and then you will sit together to talk and share. It is as easy as that! You are giving the student the opportunity to fully explore the learning and growth

that they have documented all  year. Students will have questions prepared for you, but you can also ask both clarifying and probing questions that help students share all that they know. They will have selected areas of personal growth and highlights from their 8th grade  year to share. They will have plenty to say! The review will take roughly 45 minutes to an hour in length, depending on the student and on  your schedule. We are flexible and will accommodate for you! What is the student’s role? The student is prepared to discuss their work in detail and answer any questions you may have. They will navigate through the portfolio and guide you through the work they

have created and collected. This is their chance to articulate their growth and learning before they leave North Hampton School, a place some of them have been for as many as ten years! When? Students are prepared to present on Tuesday, May 29th from 9:30-2:30, Thursday, May 31st from 9:30-2:30 and then on Friday, June 1st, from 8:30-2:30. Please let us know if it is possible for you to come in during any of these times. We know your time is valuable! If none of these times work we can certainly arrange a time that fits your schedule. Thank you in advance! Sign up: You can email the 8th grade team- [email protected] ~ Gratefully, 8th Grade Team

The Buzz in the NHS Cafeteria continued from page 3 of fruit and veggies, created by our own students are decorating the walls. The renovation truly provides a cheerful environment in the cafeteria! Thanks to all involved in this project. To complement the environmental change for the better, the foods we serve has also undergone a transformation. We are using whole grain pastas, brown rice and more wheat and whole wheat products than ever before. We have at least (2) fresh fruits offered daily, and have almost eliminated juice as a fruit choice. We have started offering more raw veggies as a side choice and cooking from scratch as much as possible. The addition of a deli baralong with our salad bar gives the children and staff many healthy, fresh choices daily. The school and community garden produce was incorporated in the fall and with

spring fast approaching planting will again be underway. Staff from around the school, along with committed parents and community members meet regularly to discuss ways to make the school lunch and environment as healthy as possible. We have been holding monthly taste tests which have included kale chips, roasted chick peas and cauliflower popcorn. The 6th grade students have been helping with this process. We hope to have the students sample pea pods next. The taste tests are a huge hit and it is surprising how many students had never tried the featured vegetables. We continue to welcome guest chefs. In January NHS’s own Charlie Brindamour served his famous spaghetti and meat sauce which was loved by all! Valentine’s Day we were generously treated to Lo Mein donated by Li Yuen’s Chinese Culinary school here in North

Hampton. This was served with school baked Asian wings and fresh veggie stir-fry, and was also a huge success. Chefs from the 180 Grill here in North Hampton, joined us on March 28th. The support from these local restaurants has been a wonderful addition to our lunch program. We hope to continue getting area chefs to share their talents so if you have a culinary skill to show off please get in touch with the cafeteria staff! We would love to talk with you. We have made a lot of progress, but want to continue to incorporate as much fresh, local and whole grain options as possible and available. We want the students to be excited to eat healthy, nutritious foods and carry these habits with them into their future. If we all work together as a community, the students of today will have a healthier tomorrow!

North Hampton Community Newsletter Spring 2012  5

complex plans, often the applicant is required to agree to post surety to allow the Town to complete proposed work in the event the developer is unable to complete it. Both financial vehicles used for surety agreements and documents that implement them require careful consideration and crafting. If they are not properly done, the Town may be left with unsightly or unsafe incomplete projects. Mike developed and the Board adopted a policy and document templates that protect the Town from these undesirable outcomes. MASTER PLAN UPDATE In 2010 the Planning Board began work on a comprehensive update of the Master Plan under Shep Kroner’s leadership. In the fall of 2010, the Board distributed a community survey to households in Town, responses were tabulated and analyzed, and results were presented to the Planning Board early in 2011. Opinions of respondents remained consistent with those of the prior survey that was conducted in 2005. Shep’s report on the survey is available on the Town’s website. During 2011 the Board continued work on reviewing, revising and updating chapters of the Master

Plan. The following chapters have been completed: The Environmental Conservation and Preservation Chapter, the Recreation Chapter, and Transportation Chapter. Work is in process on the following chapters: The Future Land Use Chapter and the Housing Chapter. The updated Master Plan will also include three new chapters, including an Agriculture Chapter, an Energy Chapter, and a Broadband Chapter. In conjunction with the Master Plan updates, the Board hopes to schedule a community vision session in 2012 designed to obtain insights from residents concerning future land use. This discussion will include issues such as senior housing, maintaining the Town’s rural atmosphere, improving the appearance of Lafayette Road and the town in general, and the attracting businesses to the Town. The Board is grateful for Shep’s continuing work on this project and for the able assistance of Brian Groth, the Town’s Circuit Rider from the Rockingham Planning Commission. OTHER WORK ON BEHALF OF THE PLANNING BOARD Representatives of the Planning Board also serve on other boards

in Town. During 2011 Laurel Pohl served as the Board’s representative on both the Capital Improvement Program Committee and the Code of Ethics Committee. Barbara Kohl represented the Board on the Heritage Commission. MEMBERSHIP At Town Meeting in 2011 Tim Harned was elected and Laurel Pohl was re-elected for three-year terms on the Board. At the conclusion of 2011 members of the Board were: Dr. Joseph Arena, Jr.; Tim Harned, Mike Hornsby, Barbara Kohl, Chair; Shep Kroner, Vice Chair; Laurel Pohl, and Phil Wilson, Select Board Representative. Tom McManus and Nancy Monaghan were alternate members. In conclusion, I would like to thank all members of the Board, Brian Groth (Circuit Rider from the Rockingham Planning Commission), Richard Mabey (Building Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer), Charles Smart (Interim Building Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer) and Wendy Chase (Planning and Zoning Administrator) for their dedication, hard work, and service to the Board. ~ Respectfully submitted, Barbara Kohl, Chair 

North Hampton Girl Scouts SUMMER CAMP 2012 OPEN TO ALL GIRLS! Camp Seawood: Portsmouth, NH. Grades K-8. Sessions available between 7/9-8/10. Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Before and after care is available for an additional fee.

Day camp price range $190-$360. Open House Sunday, June 10, 2012, 1-3pm. For info call 888.474.9686 or visit girlscoutsgwm.org. Financial aid and busing is available. Resident Camps, Camp Chenoa: Antrim, NH.

Camp Farnsworth: Thetford, VT. Grades K-12 . June 24-August 10. Resident Camp price range: 4-day, $245-$260; 1-week, $410$550; 2-weeks, $710-$900. Serving New Hampshire and Vermont 888.474.9686 girlscoutsgwm.org

~ Crystal Sexton, Manager, Membership Growth and Community Development  North Hampton Community Newsletter Spring 2012  13

North Hampton Library History Corner 


he journey of the North Hampton Public Library from the Southeast corner of the Town Hall to a new, separate Library Building took many years. A new library building was envisioned in 1895. Plans for a new library building by J.L. Berry of Boston were presented in March of 1904. The expected cost was $5000 for a brick building with stone trimming. In October of 1904 the Town voted to reconsider and rescind the library plans. In March of 1905 the Town granted an appropriation of $1,000 but also voted to indefinitely

postpone and discharge the library committee. Two years later, in March of 1907 the Town voted for the Library to be built at a cost not to exceed $5,000. Berry’s new design called for a stone and stucco building. In the Town report for the year ending February 15, 1908, under “library” are listed the following: Annette E. Marston, Land, $1000 J. Laurence Berry, architect, $100 Irving W. Brown, contractor, $1350 Warren B. Moulton, contractor, $2050 And other expenses – the total was $4988.67. The Library opened

in 1908 and electric lights were added in 1913. This building housed the North Hampton Public Library until 1973, when the current library building was opened. ~ Lorreen M. Keating, Assistant Director, North  Hampton Public Library

North Hampton Community Newsletter Spring 2012  14

North Hampton 

Community  News  North Hampton, NH 03862  n i t y  u  m Co m  m u n i t y e   h   t  i ng   t he Co m   v  l o  v  I n  r m i ng   fo  b y I n North Hampton Resident

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