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Nursing Journal

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My experience of death and dying happened almost seven years ago, when my mother-in-law passed away due to complications of her cancer. I was was there during her last days in the hospital. We admitted her to one of the largest largest private private hospital hospital in the Philippines. Philippines. In the Philippines, Philippines, we do not have a palliative wing in that same hospital during the time that she was admitted. She was given morphine thru PC pump to manage the pain. She had her own private room . We We were a!le to spend time with her and !e with her during her last hours. I have o!served the same care here in Cana Canada da,, the the di"e di"errence ence I have have o!se o!serv rved ed is they they have have a stan stand dard ard palliative program and it is at no cost to the patient.  #here are spiritual rituals that we o!serve in the Philippines. $uring the wa%e, it is not allowed to sweep the &oor, leave the dead all alone in a room- it is said that someone should !e there '()* to ensure that !ad spirits does not ta%e away the soul of the dead. We o!serve our wa%e up to +-* days. #hey even hold it as long as  days, when they are waiting for a family mem!er mem!er going home home from a!road. a!road. Wa%es a%es are held in their own home or funeral home. or the family mem!ers, they are not allowed to do recreational activities while the wa%e is ongoing, or to the point of  not getting married in the same year a family mem!er had passed away. Most Most of the widows widows would would wear wear !lac% !lac% to repr represe esent nt their their grievi grieving. ng. or visitors, they are not allowed to !ring home food that is served during the wa%e and as well as going home directly from the wa%e, they need to pass !y a grocery shop or a restaurant, in the !eliefs of wandering the !ad spirit away instead of !ringing it home.  #he death and dying that I have o!served here in Canada, was when one of my resident passed away. I have o!served that Canadians value their elders as much as ilipinos do. I have seen them epitomi/e love and suppor supportt for their dying dying relat relative ives s until until the end. #hey #hey give give their their family family support and strength to sustain and survive the grieving process during the loss of a family mem!er. I can o"er my empathy and support to a dying person !y showing that I can !e an advocate for his wishes to !e done, especially if he has a last will or he made a medical directive with regards regards to his health. In addition, I will will ensu ensurre that that I will will invo involv lve e the the dyin dying g pers person on duri during ng his his car care and and treatment. Moreover, I would encourage him to voice any concerns or fear, as well as respect his wishes and allow family to spend time with the patient.

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