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Email Marketing, Full Package Final Project

NYU Dina Malen

Powerful Statistics: “Email delivers the highest ROI by a huge margin- 48.29 dollar spent in 2007” Source DMA 2007 Email habits: 55% pf business people check work email form home on nights and weekends Source: Double click According to a survey of over 3,000 marketers, 64% rated email as the strongest online tactic of gives a good ROI. SEO was rated 2nd with combined 54% rating and PPC was rated 3rd with a combined rating of 51%. Source: MarketingSherpa Search Engine Benchmark Guide 2008. More statistics and best practices: http://www.emaillabs.com/tools/email-marketing-statistics.html#opentimes

Project Objective: To optimize email metrics and maximize ROIs Plan pre-launch: Meet with marketing, editorial, finance team teams, collect
information and develop: 1. Demographic, Techno graphic and Psychographic Audience Profile. 2. Business modeling, integrating print and online content, pricing, determining a limit of a free content. Use email as a tool to entice and convert readers into buyers. 3. Work on offers available only online and print content available only in print to upsell and cross-sell. 4. Develop a strategy of deploying email over multiple platforms as needed for each brand: desktop, laptop, mobile devices. 5. Build email in needed format: text, html, view in web browser and handheld devices browser. 6. Prepare promotion and content emails layouts and templates based on business requirements of each marketing/editorial team (for paid and controlled teams). 7. Determine IT functions and assign to designated resources for each brand. 8. Integrate email with analytics for email personalization, deliver a relevant content, precision ad and max ROI.

9. Convert to simplified reg with the least demo info collected to increase email registration rate. Need email preview, frequency, privacy, contact cust service link. Follow up to on demo info can be collected via survey, tap reports, analytics. 10. Prepare confirmation page with white list functions and from email addresses. 11. Prepare thank you email with bonus offers and up sell, cross sell, co reg functions and view instant issues to drive traffic to our sites and promote our brands. 12. Arrange for A/B testing and multi-testing software 13. Optimize Sites, have in place SEO, SEM teams and strategy before email deployment. 14. Develop key metrics for management reporting. 15. Email delivery, company reputation and eliminate/minimize spa, charges. • • • • • • • have in place content checkers, “abuse” addresses set up, register with SPF and SIDF have process in place to determined if we blacklisted Register to receive spam complains. Establish rules to handle our bounces Check international policy opt-in and opt-out in Europe is different than in US

Plan launch:
1. Email blasts promotional: special offers. 2. Content driven newsletters with link to interactive formats: video, audio, podcast, webcasts. Sub special offers should be placed in preview pane to drive up sell. 3. Use tools to reproduce and create a long tail: • • • • Related Stories Digg in Email story Related Sites

4. Use social network tools:

• • •

Blogs Post comment Read review

5. Test subject lines and headlines, improve and test again. 6. Use tradeshow to build up the audience list, interact in person and create trust. 7. Use SEM to connect audience to our enews and sites.

Plan Post Launch
1. Use analytics to measure newsletters traffic, top articles, referrals, keywords. 2. Use blogs, readers’ comments/results to see what they like, when and how. 3. Use metrics to measure ROIs of each campaign. 4. Use spam charge reports and eliminate causes one by one. 5. Use email performance reports to increase benchmark by industry rations, open/CTR rates. 6. Use hard/soft bounce reports for hygiene list. 7. Use Reactivate/Reengage tips (great tips, thanks Reggie).

Conclusion: Use email as interactive tools to create awareness of our products,
content and offers, to study what our readers like, when and how and supply their demands in our products via different platforms. Use email as our main marketing tool and maximize ROIs.

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