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Opportunities in Indian Colleges for research

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Opportunities in Indian Colleges for research
The Indian colleges offer such brilliant opportunities for research. It is renowned for their high standards. Students get a chance to utilize the rich experience of the faculty, they work beside each other to extract the most and the best out of the resources. Various areas of interests such as physics, Bio-chemistry, Anthropology, Buddhist Studies, Microbiology, genetics intrigue people from all walks of life. The colleges offer great insight into the field and are conducive to a student’s growth. Physics and Astrophysics are the departments within the Indian Universities that disseminate knowledge and play an active role in the advanced stages of teaching and research. The colleges comprise of an extensive range of physicists touching upon myriad fields within physics. To be concise, the educators have greatly contributed to the interdisciplinary fields such as physics, mathematics and chemistry. Furthermore, the laboratories are well-equipped and the computational facilities are state-of-the-art. The primary focus is on Nonlinear Dynamics, different theories of physics, String theory and Bio-Physics. The imperative areas of research are computational chemistry, organic chemistry, breaking down the structures of natural products, investigating the metal structures and the analytical aspect of chemistry. In the Department of Microbiology, the Ph.D. students cover research areas namely, microbial pathogens, medical facets of microbiology, clinical and microbial biology. The teachers of Biochemistry offer ample opportunities for research in both,

fundamental and applied aspects in the sphere of human diseases. The emphasis is on development of vaccine and early diagnoses. There is a prominent Ph.D. programme in the field of genetics which throws light on the areas of metal resistance in fungi, soil bacteria, development of bio molecules and improvement in the molecular genetics of fauna. Zoology encourages the research in terms of Animal Physiology and Behaviour pattern, Aquaculture and Systematics. On the other hand, Botany has research projects such as, Development and reproductive aspects of biology, Genomics, Plant Biotechnology and Conservation of Biodiversity.

The recent research areas in the Department of Business are Business Policies , Business Strategies, International finance and marketing and Macro and Micro Economics. The faculty of History offers research in Socio-economic and cultural differences, the distinction between archaeology and the intricacies of anthropology, the nationalist freedom movement in India and peasant and rural communities. The department of mathematics conduct programmes Computational Mechanics and Operator theories. for Algebra Topology,

The faculty in Psychology deal in areas such as retardation, dyslexia, schizophrenia to name a few.

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