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Opportunity Management

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Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management provides the framework for presenting sales projects from the ver y start, and tracking their progress. Opportunity management helps to make more complex or long term sales projects a success.

Q1) Why you have have configured opportunity opportunity management? management? Ans: We configured opportunity management management for three reason: a) When you are doing for very long l ong duration. b) When you have big sales team. c) When your company is expecting big orders.

Q2) What all you configured in opportunity? Ans: Three scenario are there a) From Lead >>>> To opportunity using workflow WS10001011 b) From Activity >>>> c) From Manually >>>> Create manually

Path >>>>>>>> SPRO>>> IMG>>>CRM>>>Basic Settings>>>Settings for opportunity 

Pipeline performance management management

Define sales cycle and sales stages

Define Opportunity Group, Priority and origin

Maintain Status reason and status profile for Opportunities

Sales Methodology

Defining copy control for opportunity item to opportunity

Cross system copy control and SAP-ECC Quotation

Define object relationship profile

1) Pipeline performance management : It is use to analysis the opportunity. It is done by Senior management threw BI report or Threw Interactive reporting. @- Have you ever do win or loss analysis? @- Settings need to be done in Webui.

2) Define Sales Cycle and Sales Stages : 

Define sales Cycle

Define sales stages

Define Analysis Stages

Assign Sales stages to sales cycle

a) Sales Cycle : A sales cycle is defined by time, by the start and estimated end date of an

opportunity. The sales cycle begins with the recognition of an opportunity & ends with a sales order or a rejection from the customer. b) Sales Stages : A sales stage is a section of the sales cycle in which specific activities are

carried out. It includes outgoing phone call/ outgoing e-mail , Appointment, Visit, Feedback. ******* Activity Journal : It is a document to record or gather some information about the customer like in which product he is interested and so on. ******* c) Define Analysis Stages : Each stage of a sales cycle is assigned to an analysis stage( Qualification, Proposal and secure agreement) and it will also show in webui pipeline  performance. d) Assign Sales Stages to sales cycle : We assign sales stages to sales cycle along with the  probability and Analysis and expected duration.


Sales Cycle is assigned in customized header of opportunity

3) Define Opportunity Group, Priority and Origin 

Opportunity Group >>>> New customer, existing customer 


Opportunity group is assigned in customized header of opportunity  

Opportunity Priority>>> > High, Low, Medium. Opportunity Origin >>>> Telephone , Campaign etc Opportunity Priority and origin is assigned manually when creating a sales order

4) Maintain Status Reason and Status profile for Opportunities Status Reason >>>> Win due to this reason or loss due to this reason **********It defines in Subject Profile************* Settings Required for Status Reason 

Define Catalog

Define Code groups and codes for catalog

Define code group profile

Define subject profile>>>> Assign code group profile and code group

Status Profile >>>> Won, loss, In-process **********Assign status profile in profile tab of opportunity********* Assign Status prof il e and Subj ect prof il e to Bu sin ess Tran saction t ype or/an d I tem category 

5) Sales Methodology

Transaction type ****OPSM*****

Questionnaire for Opportunity

Sales Assistant

Buying Centre

Define Text for Goal, Competitor Analysis and Buying c entre

Opportunity Plan

Questionnaire for Opportunity  

Define questionnaire Define determination for questionnaire >>>> Transaction type +Item category + Questionnaire id ----------Mandatory tab and Activate tab also there Assign questionnaire in to transaction type

**Assign Assessment /Questionnaire into customizing header of opportunity transaction** Sales Assistant

Sales assistant guides us to tell what to do in next phase or what would be our next activity . It is customized threw action profile. *****Please read documentation notes*******

Buying Centre

Buying centre help us to identify each person's degree of influence on the decision making and displaying the relationship network. It is a partner function and then it would be reflecting in  partner determination procedure CRM>>>Basic function>>>Partner Processing>>>Partner team

Define Text for Goal and competitor analysis and Buying Centre

All setting Required in Text management CRM>>>>Basic Function>>>> Text management GOAL











******We define these text in customizing header of opportunity transaction type****** 6) Defining copy control for opportunity item to opportunity 7) Cross-System copy control for Opportunity and ECC Quotation 

Cross- system copyin g for tr ansaction type >>> >>> 

If you want to create a quotation in SAP ECC from an opportunity in SAP CRM. To do this, you need to maintain the table for cross-system copy control of transaction types. *Transaction type of CRM (OPPT OR OPSM) + ECC sale document type (QT)*

Cross -system copyin g for item category>>>>>> >> 

*Source item category(OPPT) +Target item category(AGN) +ECC sales d ocument type(QT)*

8) Define object relationship profile In this activity we define master opportunity, sub opportunity *******Assign it into profile tab of Opportunity Transaction Type********

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