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Opportunity Miner

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Opportunity Miner.How To Make Money With Opportunity Miner?



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Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible
in the reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does
not %arrant or re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are
aurate due to the ra"idl' han&in& nature o# the Internet(
)hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in
this "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$
omissions$ or ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein(
An' "ereived sli&hts o# s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations
are unintentional(
In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no
&uarantees o# inome made( -eaders are autioned to re"l' on their
o%n *ud&ment about their individual irumstanes to at
This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$
aountin& or #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies
o# om"etent "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane
.ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(
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Table O# Contents
Cha"ter 11
O""ortunities 2asis
Cha"ter 21
Che, Out The 3to, 4ar,et
Cha"ter /1
Identi#' .our Goals
Cha"ter 51
Ta,e Advanta&e O# The 6ousin& Crisis
Cha"ter 71
Get 3erious About Internet 4ar,etin&
Cha"ter 81
The 9o%n 3ide To Not Cashin& In On O""ortunities
)ra""in& :"
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There are several %a's to be suess#ul toda' but the most "o"ular
one is almost al%a's a,no%led&ed as venturin& into a %orld o#
a"itali+in& on o""ortunities( Peo"le %ho are able to do this easil'
usuall' rea" in the "ositive bene#its man' #olds( Learn ho% here(
The O""ortunit' 4iner
)a's To 9isover Lurative O""ortunities
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Cha"ter 11
O""ortunities 2asis
6o%ever identi#'in& the o""ortunities that %ill eventuall' 'ield the
desired "ro#its or revenue$ ma' ta,e talent and ,no%led&e that should
be are#ull' onsidered as suh o""ortunities "ose some level o# ris,s(
- @ -
The 2asis
The bases o# most o""ortunities arise #or several ommon #ators that
an be easil' identi#iable( These ma' inlude the need$ the means to
#ul#ill the need$ the method %hih ould be a""lied in order to #ul#ill
the identi#ied need and the bene#its that are ho"ed to be arued(
2asiall' the more uniAue an' o# these elements are the more
interestin& and "erha"s more lurative the o""ortunit' beomes(
6o%ever this ma' onl' be viable i# there is a ertain level o# ontrol
that an be eBerised over the di##erent as"ets o# the o""ortunit'
This ontrol enables those involved to be better "ositioned to eB"loit
%hatever o""ortunit' that beomes available %ith the abilit' to reate
a res"eted "osition %ithin a nihe mar,et(
Lar&e om"anies are al%a's on the loo, out to bu' into or bu' out
smaller om"anies( 2usiness savv' individualCs are also al%a's on the
loo,out #or business o""ortunities that %ill brin& them more mone'(
Thou&h bein& in the ri&ht "lae at the ri&ht time is o#ten the basis o#
suh o""ortunit' &rabbin& #ora's$ there is also the needed to be savv'
and "rudent %hen a"itali+in& on suh o""ortunities(
3ta'in& in#ormed and ,ee"in& abreast %ith all the latest
develo"ments hel"s to ensure an individual is "riv' to the latest
in#ormation on o""ortunities available( 2esides this net%or,in& is
- 1D -
also another ver' e##etive %a' o# soutin& around to o""ortunities(
These o#ten ome in the #orm o# business o""ortunities throu&h the
%ho ,no%s %ho one"t$ there#ore ,ee"in& a %ide and varied base o#
"ersonalities %ithin the net%or,in& irle is vital(
- 11 -
Cha"ter 21
Che, Out The 3to, 4ar,et
0or the braver individual loo,in& to the sto, mar,et #or
o""ortunities to ma,e mone' is another viable o"tionE ho%ever it is
also a sometimes ver' ris,' o"tion to hoose( There#ore one should
al%a's be %ell eAui""ed %ith the relevant ,no%led&e to ensure the
best hoies and o""ortunities are s"otted(
- 12 -
2ein& an entit' that "rovides a varied "lat#orm o# servies #rom sto,
bro,in& to tradin& in other seurities the sto, mar,et an be and
usuall' is ver' volatile in its dealin&s(
There are several %a's individual an sout and a"itali+e on
o""ortunities available throu&h the sto, mar,et( The #ollo%in& are
some ti"s on ho% the sho, mar,et an be an o""ortunit' "rovidin&
Fee" the #ous on Aui, and small &ains rather than tr'in& to &et
rih overni&ht( 4ost "eo"le ma,e the mista,e o# not ,no%in&
%hen to bu' and %hen to sell( Thou&h bu'in& is &enerall' based on
the sentiments o# the time and some ,no%led&e$ sellin& is mostl'
based on individual "ere"tion(
)hen the sto, "rie seems to be limbin& there is al%a's the
tem"tation to see it limb hi&her be#ore deidin& to sell( This is a
ver' destrutive line o# thou&ht as the sto, "rie an #all *ust as
easil' as it %ent u"$ ausin& inredible ne&ative onseAuenes(
There#ore a limit should be set ver' earl' on in the bu'in& sta&e so
that %hen this "re set limit is met the sto, an be sold %ithout
hesitation thus minimi+in& an' "ossible losses(
- 1/ -
Invest onservativel' and ensure one is %ell in#ormed o# the
om"an'Cs ba,&round be#ore ma,in& the deision to invest( Avoid
hasin& a seemin&l' u"%ard trend %ithout the relevant ba,in&
,no%led&e o# the om"an'(
In ever' ase the bi&&er investors %ill start ashin& in #irst and as
their investments are instrumental in the limbin& sto, "rie$ it
%ill also be instrumental in its deline(
- 15 -
Cha"ter /1
Identi#' .our Goals
Pursuin& o""ortunities %ith the intention o# ma,in& a "ro#it or
&ainin& a res"etable amount o# revenue should al%a's be done %ith
some "erenta&e o# aution( 0ailin& %hih the onseAuenes an be
atastro"hi( 6avin& some &oals in mind %ill de#initel' hel" in the
venture to seure o""ortunities #or mone' ma,in& ventures(
- 17 -
)hat Is The Plan
2ein& able to identi#' to ertain eBtent the ,inds o# o""ortunities that
%ould "rodue the desired revenue %ithin the desired time #rame is
somethin& that should be are#ull' onsidered(
This is to ensure the interest levels are ,e"t onstant and thus
reatin& the neessar' Gbu++H to ,ee" the individual #oused on the
&oal till the desired results are ahieved( Fno%in& the eB"etation %ill
also hel" the individual to be able to "i, the o""ortunities that %ould
be %ell suited to%ards ahievin& the set &oals(
These &oals ma' var' #rom "erson to "erson as most "eo"le have
their o%n "ersonal ideas on %hat the' deem to be a suess( 0or some
this ma' be havin& more time to s"end %ith love ones$ %hile #or
others it ma' be to have more mone'$ then there are those %ho
"ereive bein& able to travel eBtensivel' as a %orth%hile &oal(
3ome "eo"le desire to retire in om#ort and as suh ma,e %or,in&
to%ards this their &oal( There#ore %hatever the need is$ bein& able to
identi#' it learl' is the #irst ste" in &ettin& the &oal settin& eBerise
done orretl'(
O""ortunities an be better deteted or sensed %hen the individual
has the lear &oal in #ous and is "re"ared to %or, to%ards ahievin&
3ometimes the sim"le at o# listin& do%n on "a"er all the various
- 18 -
%ants and needs and then ta,in& the time to researh o""ortunities
that ould #ul#ill some o# the items listed an hel" the individual ma,e
some head%a' to ahievin& the &oal set(
- 1> -
Cha"ter 51
Ta,e Advanta&e O# The 6ousin& Crisis
Ta,in& advanta&e o# almost an'thin& is one %a' o# sta'in& ahead o#
the mone' &ame( Ta,in& advanta&e o# the housin& risis should be no
di##erent and %ith a little ,no%led&e one should be able to
suess#ull' ta" into this o""ortunit' %ith "ositive results(
- 1? -
Generall' %hen there is a housin& risis most "eo"le %ill #ind
themselves in a ver' di##iult "osition( 3ome %ill have to &ive u" their
homes as the' %ill no lon&er be able to meet the mort&a&es %hile
other ma'be more interested in leasin& "ro"erties #or lon&er terms
until the situation ri&hts itsel#(
In suh irumstanes &ettin& into the leasin& "ro"ert' business as an
o""ortunit' to a"itali+e and ma,e a tid' sum o# mone' %ould be
advised( 6o%ever beause it is no% a renterCs mar,et a"itali+in& on
this does have its disadvanta&es as no% the renter %ill have a %ider
arra' o# hoie "ro"erties to hoose #rom(
There#ore there %ould be a need to ensure the "ro"ert' available #or
leasin& is o# a om"atible standard and a""ealin& both in loo,s as
%ell as "rie(
There is also the avenue o# ma,in& mone' durin& the housin& risis
b' bu'in& u" "ro"erties and ro, bottom "ries( This is o# ourse onl'
"ossible i# one has a health' ash #lo% #or lon& term investment
Ier' &ood "ro#its an be made %hen the housin& mar,et &oes ba, to
a more ae"table state %hereb' the said "ro"erties an then be sold
#or a handsome "ro#it(
There are also other advanta&es that an be en*o'ed %hen there is a
- [email protected] -
housin& risis( These ma' inlude a lot o# #reebies that %ould
other%ise not be available(
These #reebies an ran&e #rom +ero movin& osts to better rental
rates( I# the individual is loo,in& to ma,e a "urhase on a "ro"ert'
the housin& risis an brin& about the "ossibilit' o# bu'in& a "ro"ert'
that %ould have ori&inall' been out o# his or her reah(
Cha"ter 71
- 2D -
Get 3erious About Internet 4ar,etin&
Internet mar,etin& is the most "o"ular "lat#orm #or toda'Cs business
entre"reneur( In most ases it onl' ta,es a little time and e##ort and
om"arativel' a ver' small monetar' investment$ and #or this one is
able to reah all orners o# the %orld and its "otential ustomers(
- 21 -
Net 4ar,etin&
The #ollo%in& are some reasons as to %h' one should onsider
internet mar,etin& #or this "ur"ose1
J 0or an individual onsiderin& a business venture but has a ver'
limited #inanial a"ital$ the internet mar,etin& is an ideal
"lat#orm to eB"loit #or the "ur"ose o# &ettin& the "rodut or
servie reo&ni+ed( EB"osin& the individualCs endeavor to a
hu&e audiene base is "rieless$ and this is done Aui,l' and
easil' %hen om"ared %ith more onventional methods(
J The lo% start u" ost and the lo% o"eratin& ost %ill also allo%
#or &reat taB relie# i# there is an' at all( )hen a business ta,es
o## the last thin& one %ants to %orr' about is ho% muh o# the
inome is taBable( 4ost &overnin& bodies enoura&e these t'"es
o# endeavors over the internet and this in turn hel"s the
individual en*o' &ood taB brea,s(
J The hi&h "ro#it mar&in is also another attrative #eature o##ered
to those usin& the internet #or mar,etin& o"timi+ation( Not
havin& to hire a lar&e team o# "eo"le and all the details that
ome %ith it is a %elome relie# in terms o# eB"enses ,e"t lo% or
J Then there is the time #ator %hih some #ind ver' "leasin&
indeed( The #reedom o# havin& the hoie to %or, at oneCs o%n
- 22 -
"ae and time shedule an be a &ood riterion #or those not
interested in bein& stressed out(
J There is also the interestin& element o# not havin& to mar,et or
invent 'our o%n "rodut( As there is a %onder#ull' hu&e list o#
items available to be mar,eted on the internet$ hoosin& to sell
throu&h a##iliates is bene#iial(
- 2/ -
Cha"ter 81
The 9o%n 3ide To Not Cashin& In On O""ortunities
EB"lorin& o""ortunities is not somethin& that an be done in the
blin, o# an e'e$ thou&h #or the &i#ted #e% it is not an im"ossible #eat(
6o%ever %ith a little bit o# in de"th ,no%led&e$ "atiene and some
,no% ho% abilities$ it is not im"ossible to sueed in hoosin& the
ri&ht o""ortunities(
3ittin& on the side lines and ho"in& or %aitin& #or some o""ortunit'
to ome b' on a silver "latter is o#ten not onl' sill' but rather
I# individuals ado"t this ,ind o# attitude$ o""ortunities ma' never
ome their %a' and even i# it does it %ould be unli,el' that the'
%ould be able to reo&ni+e it and ma,e the best o# the o""ortunit'
bein& "resented(
- 25 -
3ome Ti"s
2ein& more o"en minded and alert allo%s an individual to be more
a%are o# an' o""ortunities that ma' arise( 4ost "eo"le miss
o""ortunities beause the' are too #oused on the smaller "iture and
thus miss the immeasurable "ossibilities the o""ortunities ma'
4issed o""ortunities not onl' donCt bene#it$ it an also ause the
individual to beome resent#ul and bitter es"eiall' %hen those
around are bus' ma,in& it Gbi&H(
This ne&ative e##et %ill eventuall' #ester into ma,in& the individual
thin, o# himsel# or hersel# unlu,'$ re&ret#ul and thus more losed o##
as the un"leasantness o# al%a's missin& the o""ortunit' boat
beomes a norm(
-is, ta,ers are more li,el' to ta,e on an' o""ortunit' and ma,e the
best o# it even i# the o""ortunit' does not turn out as eB"eted(
- 27 -
)ra""in& :"
0or those %ho have the element o# adventure and some de&ree o#
braver' ta,in& the hallen&e to *um" on the band %a&on o#
o""ortunit' at the sli&htest hane &ive not onl' &reat re%ards but is
some%hat eBhilaratin& and eBitin&( )hile #or others %ho are more
autious$ missin& the o""ortunit' or hasin& it %hen itCs not
onduive to do so$ an beome a re&rettable #oll'(
- 28 -
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