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Opportunity Snapshot

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I. Opportunity Snapshot Weightloss Surgery Clinic Opportunity Size

1. Est Est Mark Market et size size 65 -100 Mn AE in !01! (1600 surgeries) 2. Marke Markett expec expected ted to to grow grow in double digits with obesity getting morbid 3. bi bilit lity y to cre create ate a !"" !"" wide wide #ootprint $ %&''' surgeries done in uwait in2'12 ". Co#peti Co#petiti$e ti$e %an&sca %an&scape pe a. M"& budhabi * +, surgeries b. -ashid ospital & /ubai 0 ' surgeries with '00 in (aitlist l oor& budhabi CA[email protected]euire#ent 2incre#ental4 %&''' 1. EAuipm EAu d. ipment ur4eel& ent B budhabi =5 Cpgr Cpgrade ade * 1 Mn 2. Durn Durnitu iture re B Dixt Dixtur ures es [email protected]' [email protected]'   3&'''  5his excludes excludes in7estment in general general interiors o# the hospital 2&''' Manpo(er euire#ent 1&''' 2a&&itional4 3. ariatric ariatric urgeon urgeon (1 os os ; +' pm) pm)


Bact o

 5o  5o occupy one room in /iabetes 6oor& 0 Oesity an& iaetes goo& cross re*errals  /isease more pre7alent pre7alent in high end patients  Main #ocus on ariatric surgeries *or oesity  8ow 7olume hence the doctor can also see !astro patient9s (re#erred by :M ;!<)  /octor chamber a#ience to e state o* art  "oncept will supple#ent O7 8 )o o* utilization +isits , (both ro(th rate will need War& upgrades)ro/ections  un the pilot (ith surgeries at '8"10 50? other *acilities8 meanwhile !8=>0 !8"<0 upgrade =5& >ards  %ater18<60 on e$ol$e concept as !0?Clinic: 9Oesity 18!"0 1!? 1!?


1. 33 ? o# children children +01% r are obese obese (E study) 2. [email protected]? o# o# bu /habi population population is =bese =bese 3. ,1? o# o# Emirati Emirati resid residing ing in bu /habi /habi are are obese %. 5he opport opportunity unity caters caters to the needs needs o# Med * igh patients and is synergistic to /iabetes "linic 5. Surg Surger ery y Cos Costs ts a. lee7e !astrectomy$ E/ %'0+'  b. !astric ypass$ E/ @'[email protected]  c. !astric and$ E/ [email protected]@  d. !astric alloon$ E/ 1202'k e$enue , Incre#ental a&&ition :n addition consulting cons ulting #ollow0up is reAuired reAuireto d prots 2AE costing around E/ 20 1'  34 #or 1st ear ear 585!"8!00

"851>8<00 "801=8600 '8<0"85=> %'? '801'8!00 !8>'585<= !850180>1 3'?  !800<8<00 185"18=0' 2'? =0!8<"'



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