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Organic Cleaners Marge

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organic cleaners



Topics: How to choose organic Cleaners, What are the benefits of Organic Cleaners?
Organic Cleaners at home
In keeping our hoes clean and orderl!, we tend to o"erspend on products which are e#pensi"e,
uniportant and ha$ardous% &lost e"er!one spend thousands of dollars e"er! !ear bu!ing cleaning
aterials which are not reall! effecti"e% &s a result, the bu!er's ain goal was not reali$ed, and it will
result in e#cess garbage and wastage% &nother proble is, the wa! of disposing the product is not eco(
friendl!, and people will tend to )ust throw e"er!thing out of the window or in the sink thinking that such
ethod is )ust acceptable% *eing unaware of its ad"erse effects like being inhaled b! children inside the
house or dogs outside is the last thing that will cross the ind of each and e"er! one% Cleanliness is a
"er! iportant thing, that is absolute, but in tr!ing to be orderl!, we also ha"e to be responsible% We
should be aware of the products that we bu! and use, because our responsibilit! starts inside our hoes
but it does not end there% +here are an! organic products which can be bought fro the grocer! store or
soe can e"en be found inside our hoes which we can use in the aintenance of our hoes% We see
these things e"er! da! but we are not aware of their usefulness% &llow e to share soe of the organic
cleaners that are inside our hoes,
Citrus Fruits
If !our fail! lo"es to eat oranges or leons, then there a! be soe left o"ers (particularl! the )uic!
peels) if these fruits in !our fridge that are to be thrown in the trash% -ou can use the left o"ers as an
agent in cleaning !our bathroo walls, toilets and sink% +he "itain C copound found in these fruits are
effecti"e in killing the bacteria which causes .(coli and cholera (ost of which are found in the toilet and
kitchen sink)% /lus it lea"es a long lasting fragrance which is "er! soothing for the nose%
Baking Soda/Charcoal
+he fridge is one of the ost iportant and coonl! "isited appliances inside the house% 0uring the
weekends or holida!s, the fridge is a )a packed container which is prone to stains and dirt% In order to
pre"ent the outbreak of bad odor in !our fridge, or if !ou are in the process of cleaning the sae, it is
highl! recoended that !ou use baking soda in absorbing i#ed odors in !our fridge% If !ou want a
stronger substance, !ou a! use charcoal%
+hese aterials are onl! part of the organic arsenal which will help !ou in aintaining !our household
clean and green, !ou )ust need to take a good look around before rushing in the store to bu! soe
artificiall! ade and cheicall! enhanced cleaner% 1eeber that in looking for the best solution, natural
aterials are still the best, because it not onl! cleanses, but it also protects !our fail! and the
The Benefits of Organic Cleaners
&re !ou an eco(friendl! indi"idual? 0o !ou proote awareness and practice ethods which are helpful to
the en"ironent? How green are !ou?
Our social responsibilit! as stewards of 2other .arth is "er! "ital at the oent% 3tatistical data re"eals
that e"er! hour, there is a tree that is being cut down, a garbage that is thrown irresponsibl!, a plastic that
is being burned, and siilar practices that is being done all o"er the world% &ll of which are "er! harful to
our ecolog!% 4or the longest tie, we ha"e been insensiti"e about our niche5 as a result, nature has stuck
us back( Cliate Change% We are all to blae for this eniga that we are currentl! tr!ing hard to sol"e%
*ut our scientific recoendations will all be in "ain if we cannot e#ecute% +he call for our responsibilit!
should start in us and inside the four corners of our hoes% & good e#aple of prooting eco(friendl!
schees is with the use of organic cleaners%
3oe of us a! not be failiar with organic cleaners% Organic cleaners are natural substances which can
be found inside our hoes that can be used in cleaning soe parts of our houses% We tend to neglect its
benefits and we are fre6uentl! unaware of their e#istence% 2an! things can be con"erted into organic
cleaners and are "er! helpful in prooting and aintaining cleanliness% 3oeties, these things sit at our
"er! nose but we are totall! obli"ious to notice% & 6uestion will enter in our inds 7 8wh! not )ust bu! the
con"entional products and sa"e oursel"es fro the trouble of finding organic cleaners?9
Organic cleaners ha"e a lot of benefits behind it% One of which is the reduction of wastes% +hrough the
use of organic cleaners, we can help lessen the "olue of garbage in our hoes and at the sae tie,
we can use the sae to help in our house work% &nother benefit is that it is not harful to our health%
&rtificial cleaners are ade up of cheicals which are harful to our lungs% *eing e#posed to the sae at
a "er! long duration can cause respirator! ailents% 2oreo"er, in using organic cleaners, we do not need
to wear protecti"e gear like glo"es and face asks% :sing organic cleaners are also part of the 41's
(reuse, reduce, rec!cle ;re)ect), while using the natural cleaners for our chores, we are also being
sociall! responsible% 3till thinking that there are no benefits in using organic cleaners? +hink again<
3a"ing the world while keeping !our hoes clean is such a prett! good thing with the use of organic

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