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Our ties to end hunger

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[Read the following aloud, but not the parts that look italicized like this.]
First, everyone should take a ribbon from the envelope. Second, everyone will need a pen or marker. We all know we’re here to end hunger, one grilled cheese at a time. This exercise is an opportunity to reconnect with our mission - and to remember WHY we’re working toward that vision. What would it look like if we lived aligned with a worldview that acknowledges our interconnectedness? So, close your eyes and imagine a world free from hunger…. What do you feel? What is possible now that no one is hungry? How do people relate to each other in this world? What brought about the end of hunger?

[Pause for a minute and let people explore these questions silently.]
As you open your eyes, write a few words on your ribbon that represent what ending hunger means to you.

[Give people a minute to do so.]
Now pair up with one other person here. Tie their ribbon around their wrist and allow them to do the same for you. As you are doing this, share what you wrote on your ribbon.

[Give people two minutes, then reconvene the group.]
Would anyone like to share with the group what ending hunger means to you?

[Take 3-5 minutes for additional sharing, depending on your time and the size of your group.]

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