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Plastic Mold Injection,Plastic Injection Mold

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Plastic Injection Moulding-plastic-injection-mold

Welcome to the SWK Tooling and Molding Technology Co. ltd. We offer a broad vary of mould creating and injection molding services to assist you along with your merchandise. Our team is out there 24/7 to help you with new product engineering, prototyping, mold flow analysis, and more. SWK Tooling and Molding is committed to meeting customer’s expectations of prime quality, low cost, short interval, and continual improvement all told areas of the organization. Our tool search is supplied with CNC Vertical Machine Centre; discharge Machines and Wire Cutting Machines. SWK Tooling and Molding is recognized for manufacturing high-quality injection moulds and extremely correct multi-cavity moulds.

We are the expert of mold making and injection molding. At this moment we focus on US and European market. We build the mold based on DME and HASCO standard. Most mould bases and standard components come from LKM. Many kinds of world-wide applied mould steels are used in our production, such as 738, 718, 718H, S136, S136H from ASSAB of Sweden, NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan and P20, 420. In the past, we have achieved various excellent projects such as complicate cam mold, high cavitations mold, high precision mold, collapsible core mold, very big size mold, and high complexity mold.


US global Industries P.O Box 3000, Ste. 300 Edwards, Co 81632 720-244-2001 Email: - [email protected] Website: - http://plastic-injection-mold.com

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