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Plumbing Apprenticeship

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Plumbing Apprenticeship (Central Oregon)
Public Notice Dated: September 4, 2013 Area VII Plumbers JATC MA-7005 Applications will be accepted for the following trade: Journeyman Plumber Application Opening Date: October 7, 2013 Application Closing Date: November 8, 2013 FINAL DAY FOR RETURNED APPLICATIONS: November 22, 2013 This announcement is to recruit qualified applicants for a pool of applicants who will be available as openings occur Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply Pick up an Application Packet on the dates listed above at the WorkSource office REQUESTS FOR APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE TAKEN OVER THE PHONE WorkSource Oregon Employment Dept. 1645 NE Forbes Rd. Bend Or 97701 Phone for directions: 541-388-6070 Return completed packet in the mail to the address below, do not return to the WorkSource office. Application must be returned to Area VII JATC Apprenticeship, PO BOX 5515, Bend, OR 97708 *MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Age: Applicant must be at least seventeen (17) years of age and may not be registered until they are eighteen (18) years of age. Education: Applicant shall be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate of Equivalency Note: A current valid driver's license may be required for employment. GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties. HOW TO APPLY: 1. Complete and sign the application. 2. Submit non-returnable documentation (HS Diploma/transcript, GED Certificate) as required under minimum qualifications. 3. Submit all validated documentation for points as identified in the Selection Procedure. (The "Application Point System" is attached to this notice. The Selection procedure is included in the Standard) 4. All applications must be submitted not later than 5 p.m. on November 22, 2013 to Area VII JATC Apprenticeship. 5. Supporting documentation must be in the Apprenticeship Office at PO BOX 5515, Bend, OR 97708 no later than November 22, 2013. (Postmarks are unacceptable).

Qualifying applications will be scored and ranked based on the Application Point System detailed on the attached list. These individuals will then be placed in a pool of eligibles in rank order and retained on the list for a period of 2 years. All applicants will be notified by mail as to the final disposition of their application after all interviews have been completed and the Committee has approved the list. DESCRIPTION OF WORK & WORKING CONDITIONS Plumbers install, remove and repair drainage and plumbing systems or parts in private, commercial and industrial complexes. They solder, braze and weld piping for all types of liquids. Plumbers use pipe wrenches, electric pneumatic and power tools, chain tongs, pipe reamers, threaders, hole drillers, pump pliers, metal cutters, hack and power saws. The work is done both indoors and outdoors, in existing and newly constructed buildings, in all kinds of weather around noise and mud. Plumbers often work in cramped areas and in awkward positions. The current average journeyman wage rate is $24.20 per hour with an apprentice starting rate of $9.68 per hour, at minimum. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT MEANT TO INDICATE IMMEDIATE JOB OPENINGS APPLICATION POINT SYSTEM Qualifying applications will be reviewed and scored according to the following point system. Points will not be given unless the applicant provides written documentation (letters from employers on company letterhead, DD214, course certificates, school transcripts, etc.). Education: Maximum: 5 points High School Diploma 5 points 3.0 or better GPA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Related Education: Maximum: 12 points For the following subjects the best term or semester or equivalency with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better will be granted 1 point. (The same class cannot be counted twice) Algebra I Drafting/CAD CAM Algebra II Blueprint Reading Geometry Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Code Trigonometry Plumbing related Integer Math Plumbing, Military related 1 point per certificate Shop Home Economics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Experience: Maximum: 15 points High School Construction class 5 points with a "C" (2.0) or better Pre-Apprenticeship 10 points with successful completion Job Corp, Peace Corp, Ameri Corp 10 points with successful completion

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trade Schools Maximum: 15 points Plumbing construction related 5 points per certificate - 15 pts. maximum Construction related courses 2 points per certificate - 10 pts. maximum ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Work on the job: Maximum: 15 points *Plumbing construction exper. 1 point per month - 15 pts. Maximum (As defined by the Standard 'Work Processes') *Construction related exper. 1 point per month - 10 pts. maximum *General work exper. 1 point per month - 10 pts maximum *Plumbing supplier exper. 1/2 point per month - 5 pts. maximum * Documentation must to be on company letterhead or notarized 1 month = 115 hours or more on the job ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal Interview Maximum: 30 points ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Valid Drivers License: Maximum: 3 points _____________________ Total points allowed: 95

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