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We provide expert plumbing services. Whether it be a water leak or a complete plumbing renovation. We are fully
licenced plumbers based out of Surrey, BC. With over 30 years of experience we can assure you the upmost quality.
We have the latest tools to deal with your plumbing problems promptly. To advance our commitment we are
available 24/7 incase of any emergencies
When in need for a plumbing repair look no further. With fully stocked vans and highly trained professionals we
will get to the root of the problem. We understand that when it comes to leaks and blocked drains, prompt and
reliable service can saves you thousands. And that is why we have dedicated ourselves to provide you with
outstanding reliability, with our 24/7emergency plumbing service.
We repair:
1. Water leaks 2. Sump pumps 3. Sewage pumps
4. Blocked drains 5. Poly b pipes 6. Pex piping
7. Copper piping 8. Abs and cast iron drains 9. Water mains
10. Hot water tanks 11. Boilers 12. Sinks
13. Toilets 14. Faucets 15. Tubs/showers
16. Hose bibs 17. Storm drains 18. Sewer drains
By servicing your plumbing system you can prevent unwanted hassle and unexpected costs. When you call Guru,
your hiring a team of certified technicians backed with experience. Let our techs inspect and service your system to
make sure everything is fully operational and at its best. We check your system for any trouble signs so you can
prevent any unexpected problems. By using preventative measures you prevent damages and keep your
home/business looking great.
We service:

Guru Contracting Ltd. is your number one choice when it comes to plumbing installations. We provide you with
professional plumbers that get the job done right! With over 30 years of experience we bring you nothing but the
best. With fully qualified plumbers and fully stocked vans, all your plumbing installations will be done on time and
on budget. We have the proper equipment to meet all your plumbing needs.
We Install:
1. toilets 2. sinks 3. tubs
4. showers 5. sump pumps 6. sewage pumps
7. drains 8. waterlines 9. hosebibs
10. faucets 11. hot water tanks 12. boilers and water mains

Plumbing service:

Teacher plumbing service more than 30 years of experience to ensure the quality Livnat. We lead the way in saving the environment
and energy, or coming up with creative programs that repeat save money and time, and plumbing service guru fills the gaps
between the client and the quality of work and customer initiatives plumbing. We know how it is affected plumbing materials and the
design of the other buildings, and uses this knowledge to assess and repair and installation of the pipe is the perfect solution for the
owner. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so that you can feel confident in your choice and the result of the work.
Customer safety
We know how important it is to feel safe in their own space, so we take an extra step to ensure that all our technicians earn. Our
technicians go through a rigorous selection process includes a drug test and a background check.
A quick list of services:
• plumbing emergency
• bathroom and kitchen plumbing and washing
• Fix blocked toilets, sinks and bathtubs
• facilities and gas line repair
• Utilities and repair the hot water heater
• facilities and repair water wells
• sewer / drain repair and maintenance line
• electronic leak detection
• The backflow prevention devices
• plumbing green
• prevention programs plumbing
Green plumbing
Here are some tips that you can do by yourself or with a little help from the experts best to make your home or office place until the
green to save some green plumbing products in your wallet green.
Green plumbing and reduce energy
• unprotected pipes, especially on the outer walls, is responsible for an enormous amount of heat loss, and the flow of water from
the hot water tank to the taps. Must protect the tubes significantly reduce energy consumption while maintaining the hot water at a
time up to where you need it, you should save a lot on your utility bill.
• If you are remodeling, improving or building a house and need to install new pipes, keeping the pipes outside the exterior walls
together to eliminate the heat loss is unnecessary. Running through the pipes insulated and the interior of the place, where the
temperature tends to be better organized spaces and more consistent.
• Invest in hot water pump on demand. Because these devices to send hot water fixture in your request in seconds, and the hot
water does not sit unused in a tank or water, heat loss. You do not have to run the water, wait for heating. You do not have to pay to
keep the hot water does not use hot. You can reduce energy costs and total water use.
• can be hot water heaters only up to 15% of total energy use in your home. Hire a professional to help you do the math to see if it
was more efficient in the use of energy-art tank model green traditional or tankless plumbing logical for you.
• purchase and buffer pad attached to a tank water heater, so there needs to be a lot of energy to heat water and keep it hot.
• Low-flow shower heads can save an average of 12 liters for bathing, about 44%, and cheap and easy to install.
• Installation of low-flow water through your home or office can reduce consumption by 60%.
• You can also install Restrictors flow in taps and faucets current saving of about 40% in water consumption.
• Do not be flushed in the toilet every time you use or you can get low-flush toilet to reduce the unnecessary use of water saving 28
gallons per person per day. The new models are cheaper than you think, it's definitely worth the price.
• start too many leaks where you can not see it. Buy control device leakage notify you of leaky faucets, tubs, toilets and appliances,
so you can catch up with the problem and take care of it before wasting a lot of water. Some devices even have a way to shut off the
water if a leak is detected, which led to less or no property damage.
• dishwashers and washing machines with Energy Star rating can reduce water consumption by over 50%, which can make it a
good idea to replace old equipment sooner rather than later, depending on the amount of water and energy saving compared to
older devices.
For more ideas like this, and help to implement any of these changes, or assist in the calculation of cost-benefit analysis in these
green tips, and advocacy recruitment guru to consult a specialist analysis of green plumbing today.
We are professionals
• Fast Service 24/7
• Never overtime charge
• fixed right the first time
• hours of the scheduled dates
• Workmanship and parts guaranteed
• tells you the price before we start

Call the company licensed plumbing trust your neighbors! 24/7 hour emergency service at 778-898-7252

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