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intro to Basic Plumbing quiz 3 study guide



Water pressure is affected by elevation Water running through a rough pipe at high pressure has a turbulent flow Streamlined flow produces little friction Turbulent flow produces considerable friction Friction in plumbing system comes from the fluid rubbing against the walls of the pipe Friction is created by fitting and valves Backflow contaminants can be prevented by backflow preventer Hammer – water that is suddenly stopped and cause a vibration Scale drawing – object that has been reduced to a fraction of actual size Prints – copies of original drawings Blue prints – process that produces white lines on a blue background Sketches – modifications after building has been started As Built – represent changes made in the field to original design drawing Plans – drawings for a building, show the type of material and quality of work performed Manila rope – strongest natural fiber rope Types of knots – square knot, half hitch, and bowline Best knot – bowline because it has good strength and easy to remove Two types of hoist – Hoist standard and level hoist Hoist standard – loads to be lifted by a person standing at the base Level hoist – lift or pull much heavier load Genie lift – helpful when lifting ductwork or heavy piping Ladders are rated according to weight A1 can support 300lbs 1AA can support 375lbs

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