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PMI-ACP Sample Questions

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PMI-ACP® Sample Questions


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Question 1: An agile team allocating iteration for readying the product for production in which they are
planning to do documentation, final testing, training and some small tweaks, called:
A) Hardening Iteration
B) Buffer iteration
C) Release integration
D) Production ready iteration

Question 2: An agile team is allocating a contingency iteration in the last release of the project to address
some final finishing features is called:
A) Hardening Iteration
B) Buffer iteration
C) Release integration
D) Production ready iteration

Question 3: You are a project manager of an engineering company and for you accuracy has the highest
importance. In order to meet the product acceptance criteria you have to perform several activities such
as measuring, examining and verifying including review, audits and walkthroughs. The above scenario
best describes which process?
A) Perform Quality Control
B) Verify Scope
C) Perform Quality Assurance
D) Product handover

Question 4: A project team is busy in analyzing the current organizational processes and making changes
to the processes as per project requirements. Which activity are they performing?
A) Value Stream Mapping
B) Creating release plan.
C) Creating product backlog
D) Process Tailoring.

Question 5: You are a ScrumMaster of the agile team. Three new team members joined and team size
becomes 10. Team is consistently unable to complete the Daily Scrum within 15 minutes because of
language barriers. What is the best action you can take to address this impediment?
A) Set a longer than 15 minutes time-box for the Daily Scrum

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B) Stick to 15 minutes, and coach team to finish without time-box
C) Split the team into two and plan two daily meetings
D) Cancel daily meeting and ask the team to conduct one to one chat sessions

Question 6: At the end of first iteration, team finish user story A, B and 50% of C. what is the team

Story A 5 Points
Story B 4 Points
Story C 2 Points
Story D 2 Points
A) 10
B) 9
C) 11
D) 7

Question 7: The primary reason for estimating is a collaborative activity for the team because
A) Product Owner can provide his/her estimates
B) Team do not know who will do the work in advance
C) Team is to be blamed if estimates got wrong
D) Teams estimates are more accurate compare to individuals

Question 8: You are the ScrumMaster of an agile team. Six new members joined and total team size
become 15. The daily meeting is getting noisy and exceeding 15 minutes time-box. What is the most
effective way you select to address this situation?
A) Divide team into two with minimum dependency and have two separate daily stands-up
B) It is alright if the team exceeds by a few minutes in daily stand up meetings
C) Ask the team members to only inform on the blockades and highlight on the important ones out of them.
D) Increase the time-box for stand up meeting to 30 minutes

Question 9: While developing a story during the iteration, team discovered new tasks that were not
identified earlier. A newly discovered task will take long enough that team cannot be completed during
the iterations. What is the MOST appropriate action team should perform?
A) Discuss the situation with the product owner and see if there is still a way to meet the iteration goals,
may need to reduce the functionality of a story or drop one entirely.

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B) Discuss the situation with Scrum Master and see if there is still a way to meet the iteration goals, may
need to reduce the functionality of a story or drop one entirely.
C) Drop user story entirely and inform the product owner that it will be delivered in the next iteration.
D) Discuss the situation with the product owner during the review meeting.

Questions 10: Your team velocity is 8 story points. Following are the product backlog items ordered by its
business value. You are now in a sprint planning meeting and need to commit a User Stories for next
iteration. Which of the following stories you will select for next iteration?

Story 1 3 Points
Story 2 4 Points
Story 3 2 Points
Story 4 1 Point

A) Story 1, 2, & 3.
B) Story 1, 2, & 4.
C) Story 1 and 2.
D) Story 2, 3, & 4

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