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Policies and Procedures Handbook

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Policies and Procedures

dynastysports Policies and Procedures Handbook
dynastysports exists to offer female athletes between the ages of 10 and 18 years old the
opportunity to grow their knowledge, understanding and skill level, playing the sport of
volleyball. Our goal is to produce teams that will be respected by other clubs, not only for
their playing ability, but also for their conduct on and off of the court. We will encourage
competitive play as well as good sportsmanship.

General Club Information
dynastysports is a pay-to-participate organization. The club operates under the guidance of
the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) of USA Volleyball. The club is managed by the club director,
as well as the Board of Directors, who shall oversee the operation of the club and matters
related to finance, facilities, equipment, scheduling, coaching, athletes, team composition,
and complaints. We have designed the club to allow for input from all of our staff members.
Our coaches are selected based on knowledge, performance, credentials, and attitude. Our
coaches receive uniforms, insurance coverage, training, and fair compensation for services
rendered. The club gets support from several collegiate, high school, and middle school
coaches who serve as coaches and assistant coaches on our staff. Athletes are selected
based on tryout performance, athletic potential, work ethic, drive, attitude and
commitment. In addition, the club has affiliation with several schools, which provide
facilities, coaches and support for which in-turn, the club provides roster positions for some
of their athletes, based upon the number of practice courts and practice hours provided.
Typically each team will maintain a team roster of 8 to 10 athletes for 15s-18s and 9 to 12
for 10s-14s. The club philosophy is to train each athlete as equally as possible however,
many factors are considered and the final decision will be at the discretion of the team

Tryout Procedures
Tryouts are closed to parents (with the exception of parent workers to help with paperwork
on tryout day). The purpose for closed tryouts is to create a productive environment free
from as many distractions as possible. In addition the insurance coverage for the tryouts
only covers those participating in the tryout process. Our athletes will be selected based
upon tryout performance, coachability, athletic potential, work ethic, willingness to be a
team member, attitude, and commitment. They will be evaluated on skill execution, their
ability to pass, set, serve, and hit. They are also watched during a game situation for their
intrinsic traits. During and after the initial tryout, the coaching staff will meet to determine
which girls will be asked to play for our program. Athletes will be notified either at the
tryout or by phone and will be asked to sign the dynastysports Athlete Contract. You must
return the signed contract with your first installment of the fees within four to ten days of
our offer, or it may be withdrawn. Once you sign the contract, you may not tryout or play
for any other USA Volleyball Juniors program during the current season. Fees are nonrefundable!

What if I played for dynastysports last year?
Every athlete in the club will be evaluated each year. Each athlete must come to the tryouts
ready to compete for a position on one of our teams. An athlete who cannot participate in
tryouts because of a limiting physical or medical condition or absence should talk to the
club director prior to the start of the tryout period to determine the status of their ability to
play on one of the teams. Athletes should never assume because they were on a previous
dynastysports team that they will automatically be on a future team.

Playing other sports?
School sports and activities are an integral part of the scholastic experience and we support
our athletes who participate in other sports. However, it is recommended that if an athlete
is going to miss more than 20% of practices and/or tournaments, those families reconsider
participation in our program. Missing such a significant amount of time does not make it
cost effective for the families and makes it very difficult to build team chemistry and team
cohesion at a competitive level. If an athlete participates in another sport, we expect her to
make dynastysports a priority when there is a conflict between the two sports. This means
we expect the athlete to attend all dynastysports practices, unless there is a scheduled
competition for the other sport at the same time as a dynastysports practice. If the athlete
has second thoughts about the level of commitment that she is willing to make, we suggest
that she not tryout for dynastysports. All dynastysports teams require dedication on the
part of the athlete for the team to be a success.
Volleyball is a team sport and other team members depend on each athlete on the team
to contribute to the effectiveness of the team. Commitment is taken very seriously by the
athlete’s teammates and the coaches.
An athlete’s best performance will occur when she is at the top of her game physically and
mentally. Stresses can be attributed to any one or a combination of the following; poor
nutrition, illness, fatigue (i.e. lack of sleep), insufficient rest between workout sessions,
emotional stress from school work, friends or family situations, or other extracurricular
activities. It is imperative that you take these factors into account when scheduling your
time and activities. The body can only handle a certain amount of stress within a given time
period before illness and injuries occur.

USAV Registration
In order to tryout and/or play for dynastysports, participants must have a valid USAV
Registration. You can obtain that here https://www.ovr.org/register/femalejunior.php.
Tryout registration is $10 (not included in tryout fee) and a USAV full membership is $62
(includes $10 tryout registration). Registration is not included in dynastysports fees.

Playing Time
We do not guarantee playing time on any team or at any event, although ultimately we
strive to achieve this. dynastysports has the philosophy that what you pay for is instruction
time during practices. The club philosophy is to train each athlete as equally as possible
however, many factors are considered and the final decision left to the discretion of the

team coach. Playing time for athletes is determined by attendance, attitude, effort,
performance, position, the athlete's potential, the team's needs at the moment, and the
team’s needs in the future, and is left solely to the discretion of the dynastysports coach.
The coaching decision is not up for debate or question. Athletes are encouraged to ask what
they can improve on to get more playing time. (See Grievance Procedures)

Tournament planning and preparation is very tedious and time consuming. Cancellations
rarely occur. In the event that a team does not do well during the season and the OVR limits
the number of participants due to space issues, we will make every effort to schedule extra
tournaments for that team; however, it is not guaranteed. In addition if weather conditions
cause a tournament director to cancel a tournament we will make every attempt to
reschedule a tournament for that team. Circumstances as listed above are not in the control
of dynastysports director and/or staff and refunds will not be issued.

http://www.dynastysportsohio.com is our club website. It exists to aid in the exchange of
information inside and outside of the club. The website serves as a means of keeping
athletes, parents and patrons informed of scheduling, announcements, advertisements,
notices, results, individual accomplishments and promotions. We may post pictures of
teams and athletes to promote the club and athletes (high school and college promotion).
We reserve the right to use athlete’s pictures in this manner unless we receive a written
request not to do so from a parent. We hope to highlight an athlete from each team
periodically in order to give them additional exposure

Rules and Regulations
dynastysports abides by all of the USA Volleyball and Ohio State High School Athletic
Association rules. Some of these rules are: only 3 athletes from a school team roster can be
on the same team for grades 9-11 in Ohio. Only 3 athletes from any school building can be
on the same team for grades 7-8. (This rule is a statewide rule and doesn’t apply in
neighboring states. A high school coach cannot coach athletes from their own high school.

Practice Expectations
Scheduled practice time is start time and not arrival time. Plan on arriving at least 15
minutes prior to the start of each practice. There is a consequence for arriving late to
practice and competitions. Volleyball shoes are to be carried into practice and tournaments
and only worn for practice and tournaments. This is to ensure that the shoes last longer and
our facility surfaces remain clean and safe.
Horseplay by athletes or coaches at practice or tournaments is strictly prohibited.
We strongly encourage athletes who make a dynastysports team to take this participation
seriously. This means we expect dynastysports practices and tournaments are of the highest
priority. All athletes are expected to make every effort to attend every practice. Only an
illness serious enough to keep the athlete home from school or a genuine family emergency

are legitimate excuses for missing practice. Regardless of the reason, if an athlete miss’s
practice, her playing time may be affected. If an athlete cannot be at practice, the athlete is
expected to call the coach. It is the athlete's responsibility (not the parent's) to reach the
coach before the practice starts. Your coach will inform you the preferred contact for any
questions or attendance issues. Athletes are encouraged to bring water, in an unbreakable
container, to practices and tournaments. Absolutely no glass containers are allowed in the
gym. In the case of inclement weather, if the school that you are scheduled for practice is
closed for the day or evening your practice is cancelled.

Tournament Expectations
While representing dynastysports, all athletes are expected to behave in a responsible
manner. Proper conduct is expected from all members of the club at all time; this includes
athletes, parents, and supporters. This also means treating supporters from other teams,
other parents, and officials with respect. Any athlete damaging equipment owned by
dynastysports or any facility used by the club during practices, tournaments or other
functions, or at lodging facilities will be required to reimburse the club and/or facility for the
damages before continuing in the club. In some cases, the athlete may be dismissed from
the club. All athletes are responsible for club volleyballs. Team members will reimburse the
club for any and all lost balls.
Athletes are expected to be dressed in their uniform for tournaments. We encourage
athletes to bring all of their jerseys each day of a tournament. It is better to have to wear a
dirty jersey than to not be able to play because of a miscommunication. The jersey schedule
for the tournament will be decided before the first day and will be communicated to the
team. When athletes are not playing in matches, warming up, officiating, or scouting, they
are expected to be supporting their club. This means helping to shag balls for another
team’s warm-up or sitting courtside cheering for another team. After matches, athletes can
eat something quickly and then support their club as a team. At NO time during a
tournament is an athlete to leave their team with a parent or other family member/friend.
Athletes are expected to be with their team until their coach releases them at the end of
the day. At NO time is an athlete to be by herself during a tournament. Athletes, who need
to leave the court, must notify their coach of where they are going and take at least one
teammate with them. Parents, friends, and family members are NOT permitted to
approach a coach, director, or staff member during a tournament to discuss playing time or
other coaching decisions.
dynastysports reserves the right to remove an athlete from the program without releasing
her of their financial obligations if her parent, or likewise, demonstrates inappropriate
behavior and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.
All athletes are expected to be on the court, ready to warm-up, at the scheduled arrival
time. This usually means the athlete needs to arrive to the site 15 minutes prior to the
scheduled arrival time. Late arrival at a tournament may affect playing time. Earlier is
always better. Athletes and/or parents are expected to provide transportation for their
athlete to and from tournament sites and practices. If an athlete cannot be at a
tournament, the athlete is expected to call the coach as soon as the athlete knows she will

be absent. It is the athlete's responsibility (not the parent's) to reach the coach before the
tournament starts.

Parent Responsibilities and Expectations
Parents are required to support our teams with a positive attitude and appropriate
behavior. We invite you to attend practice sessions and tournaments. Negative comments
regarding dynastysports, the coaches, your athlete’s team or any other athlete will not be
tolerated. Any parent from our club behaving in a manner that is unacceptable will be
asked to wait for their daughter outside of the facility. Parents may not, at any time,
approach a coach or club director in a hostile manner. (See Grievance Procedures) It is
inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to approach other dynastysports members about a
problem the athlete or parent is having with a dynastysports coach, about objections to
coaching decisions, or about disagreement with an administrative decision. Asking
uninvolved people to take sides in an issue is unfair to the third party and to the club. For
the psychological health of the teams and the club as a whole, grievances need to be
handled between the parties involved and in the proper manner. If an athlete of parent is
approached and asked to listen to, or express an opinion about matters between two other
parties in the club. It is strongly encouraged to refer the complaining party to take the
matter up with the coach in question, the head coach and/or the club director. Any member
who, as a third party, hears remarks or stories about dynastysports, its employees or its
policies, that cause the member to be concerned, is encouraged to contact the head coach
and/or the club director immediately to determine the facts, or to alert the club
administration to a situation it may be unaware of. It is detrimental to everyone involved to
repeat complaints you hear or overhear to other uninvolved parties. By the time a story
gets to the third or fourth party, it frequently bears little resemblance to the truth or the
facts of the situation.
Please refrain from negative comments around your daughter and the other athletes.
Young athletes are vulnerable and if they hear complaining about the coach, the coach's
style or dynastysports policies, this can have an adverse effect on their performance and/or
attitude. If you, as a parent, are unhappy about something, you should follow the grievance
procedure of this guide to resolve the matter. Repetitive complaining to the athlete(s) or
other third parties that interferes with the club's efforts to pursue its stated mission and
purpose may be cause, in the sole determination of the club director, to ask a member to
resign without refund.

Typical Tournament Day Information
Tournaments typically start at 8:00am and end at 6:00pm; however, depending upon the
number of pools and teams and the tournament organization itself, tournaments can last
several hours longer. Except for starting times, most tournaments do not follow a set time
schedule. Matches will begin 10 minutes after the end of the previous match. If the
tournament is run well, it should be over around 6:00pm, but expect to be there all day.
Teams will begin pool play, where they will play each team in their pool, with the winning
teams advancing to a gold bracket and other teams advancing to a silver or bronze bracket.

Most matches are best 2 out of 3 games. Rally scoring is used, which means that a point is
scored on every serve. Seating is sparse in most of the facilities so we recommend that you
bring your own chairs. Some athletes bring pillows and sleeping bags so they can rest
between rounds. Games, homework, books, etc. are all recommended for some of the
longer tournaments. Arrive early so you can help set up your team area and get ready to
warm up. No coolers are allowed inside tournament facilities. Please leave the site neater
than when you arrived – you are representing dynastysports, your team, and your family.

Team Travel
dynastysports will adhere to the Stay-to-Play guidelines held by the USAV for National
Qualifiers; as well as staying as a club for all tournaments that are two or more days and
require a hotel stay. The club will book blocked rooms at hotels in order to find the best
rates for our athletes. The negotiated rate will include breakfast, when possible. Athletes
travelling to tournaments are required to stay with the rest of the club. All athletes must
arrive at the club hotel and check-in with the coach the night before play for any
tournament that is more than four hours away. All athletes will be required to travel to and
from tournaments and hotels wearing their club-provided warm-up uniform. This is in an
effort to maintain low club fees and to promote comradery amongst our athletes.

Most uniform items are included in the team uniform package covered in the club fees. The
uniform package may differ slightly between team levels. Items not included in the team
uniform package are to be supplied by the athletes and are not covered in the club fees.
Athletes who have purchased Rox kneepads, pants, socks, and spandex in the past may
reuse their items this season. This is done in an effort to reduce the overall cost for families
by allowing them to reuse items that are still in good condition. Athletes may purchase
additional items from the Pro-Shop on the website.
All athletes in each tier will wear the same practice shirt on the same day of training. Each
athlete is required to wear the appropriate shirt. Athletes who wear the incorrect shirt will
be asked to leave practice until they have the correct shirt. Athletes will have an
opportunity to purchase additional shirts from the Online Pro-Shop. For tournaments, we
require that each athlete wear the appropriate club jersey, team warm-up, black Rox
spandex, black kneepads, black socks, and use their team backpack. No specific style or
color of shoe is required.
During tournaments, any time an athlete is not participating in a match (whether on the
court or bench; playing or warming up), they are required to have on their club warm-up.
At all times, members of a team are required to dress similarly. Athletes are expected to
arrive to the tournament venue in their warm-ups. We suggest to carrying all jerseys,
additional kneepads, socks, and spandex in case of a situation. For example, an athlete
cannot be on the court if she has blood on her uniform. Athletes who lose or damage part of
their uniform will be charged a fee to replace the item.

Club Fees
Club fees include facility rental for practice, the team uniform package, registration fees for
coaches, coaches’ salaries, tournament entry fees, administrative fees, and coaches’
uniforms. Club fees do not guarantee tournament playing time. Club fees can be paid
online or by check.
Checks should be made payable to: dynastysports
8387 Streamwood Ave. NW
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Each team’s club fees and payment schedule can be found on their team page. The deposit
is due with the athlete’s signed contract. Additional payments will be due on the 20th of
each month. Payments should not be given to coaches; they should be made online or
mailed to the club director.
Teams may choose to adjust their tournament schedule at the pre-season team meeting. If
their club fees change slightly due to such adjustments, a new contract and payment
schedule will be given to each athlete. Signatures on the new paperwork will be required
before athletes are permitted to participate in club training and activities. All fee
payments are due by the due date unless an alternate payment plan has been set up with
the club director. Payments that are five days late will receive a $30 late fee plus a $10 per
day fee for each day after the 5th day. Payments that are ten days late will result in the
athlete being suspended from the club until payments become current. Athletes who are
suspended will not be permitted to train with the club, in a personal/group training session,
or to attend tournaments. Athletes will receive no compensation for travel reservation
expenses to tournaments during the time they are suspended. Payments that go unpaid for
more than sixty days will be reported to a collections agency. According to OVR policy, no
athlete may sign a contract and play with any club until all past club fees have been paid in
full. Fees will not be refunded or reduced for athletes who leave the club before the end of
the season.
If an athlete is no longer participating with the team, the team’s tournament entry fees,
court rental fees, coaching salaries, and registration fees do not decrease. We operate on a
very tight budget; therefore, we are unable to refund or reduce fees when athletes decide
not to play or become unable to play after they have signed a contract. Signing a contract
commits the athlete and their family to full financial responsibility regardless of their
participation with the club.

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