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Practice Knowing What U Know

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1st Journal 2010-03-19 1st ♥ On YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnSYs-zB2y4 ♥ The Greater You knows everything, IS everything...and is no-thing, just as well. How to tap in to what the Greater You knows?? Let's see...and wheeeeee!!! ♥



9:12 am, Friday, 3/19/2010 1st, 10 Eb/Road

Vlogged here Practice Knowing what you know. This is an interesting enterprise, and it can lead both from and to a wider opening and understanding of the Self. Remember, now, words are just words. Drop down into heart to understand. Forget, or at least let go of the mind. Practice knowing what you know. First, let’s define the “you” in that. Good place to start. Actually, though, that is not possible. It is not possible to define your being; it is too vast, wildly beyond 3D comprehension. So, do we just quit? Hell, no. Where’s your grit?! Rather, a more sensible progression is to define some of what “you” are not. Neti neti, it is said. So, if you’ve been long among these journals, you well know that the body is nobody’s “you.” Oh, yes, many still think they are that; true. But that makes life excessively difficult. No need for unnecessary suffering, after all. So, the body is no “you.” Now, the mind is perhaps closer to what people think they are, but not that, either. It’s no ‘you;” though it would surely like to be. That’s a choice, though: to identify with that, OR... to step back and observe. Now, if you can step back and observe, then you’re well on your way to seeing that the mind is not anyone’s “you,” either; it’s rather more of their false creation. It is surely a false identification for our “you;” so we continue. Not that. I don’t want to get too ‘way out,’ here, but oh, well; we are more likely that [way out] than those others (than body and mind). Still, let’s not go too far afield. It’s not necessary, just now, to this exercise. Most people are quite lost when taken from body and mind as points of identification. So let’s have mercy, and do a shift, and just play with the imagination...but let’s do it from heart, of course ;-)

So, I am here to tell you, from quite personal experience, that you are, at a minimum, all of Cosmos. Yes, we are still on the one word, the “you.” The rest will be easier after that. But clearly, the rest all hangs on this, so be patient, and let’s go for a trip. (Back to heart, now :-) We’ve all heard it said, perhaps ad naseum, that all is One. We’ve also heard of quantum entanglement, or at least most have. (Google it, if you have not. I don’t want to bore the others ;-) So, from both spiritual and quantum scientific perspectives, or viewed through those paradigms, everything that is, bar none, is quite thoroughly connected. One could even say it is all one. Now, here’s where imagination comes in, for if you don’t know this Oneness, yourself, experientially, then just imagine it is so. That’s all; that won’t hurt. Just imagine that you partake of the whole frickin thing. That means there’s nothing you’re not. Got that? (Be in heart, now ;) Okay, so, though we haven’t been able to quite define our “you” in that sentence—or anywhere else, for that matter—we’ve got a start. We’ve defined that which we’re not, both body and mind, and expanded out into the rest. Is that a lot to take in? I mean all this quite literally, you know. This is not esoteric blah blah. Anyway, let’s pause for a moment and I’ll share my understanding of this. The body/mind-being is a point of the focus of awareness. It’s where we choose to focus an aspect, a small portion of the Self. Thus, though it’s not a “you,” it partakes of the essence of you. It’s quite important, too, so get out of the head with that. Some are considering that I’m just minimizing into complete unimportance the precious and priceless body. Not so. Be in heart. Now, for the neat thing. Once we’ve disconnected from identifying the self with the body-mind, we can much more easily go trippin. My YouTube channel’s motto is “Getting High on Heart,” and I mean that, literally. I go trippin on a quite regular basis. So do you. You just don’t know it. Everyone does it in sleep; it’s called dreaming. But you can do it awake just as well; maybe better, just different.

Oh dear. I’m going on long, here. My idea was so simple, to expound on or explicate a special phrase, “Practice Knowing what you know.” It appears, though, that before that train left, we were lost in the vastness of the one word: the “you.” There’s a fair bit to chew on, here, so let’s pause. I’ll continue in another journal, picking up where we left off, but meanwhile, why not meditate on “you...” and be fearless. That’s important. Any fear, even just a mite, and you’re thrown out of heart, so be sensitive to that. (Just keep dropping back down ;-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9:44 am, 3/19 2nd 10:03 am, 3/19 3rd -


10:49 am, 3/19 4th 9:42 pm, 3/19 5th -



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