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Pre Pay Cafe Franchise Opportunity

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The [email protected]’ Franchise Opportunity Fast track to the top! Donald Lewis.




There are many different types and current formats of company business franchising. The [email protected]’ Franchise Business Model Format of Franchising Focuses on the Financial Business Franchise Model and Format of Franchising. This is essentially where an organisation has created a Working and Operating Franchise Business Model Format and all Relevant Service Package Suites that then Combines to Complete the whole and Entire Fully Functioning Operating System. From the Logos and Marketing Methodologies and all of the Training and Support Structure that would also be required. Finance Franchises and other Licensed Business Venture Opportunities Providing Financial Services Options for Business and Domestic Customers. These options are opportunities listed under finance franchising that are often White Collar Licence Franchise Opportunities rather than Common General Purpose Franchise Business Models



Such as Money Aspects and Business Advise Bureau. These Finance Franchise Opportunities provide the initial training and support but don’t have the required depth of commitments and long term relationship ties that is common with regular franchise operating formats. The business opportunities in finance franchises often work where the Franchisee or Licensee offers a range of financial products or white collar services for all potential business clients and customers, and then earns fees and commissions based upon generated sales through the business and also advertising placement revenue streams. The Franchisor or Licensor has already put in place various products and services and have already established a brand name and have already been through all of the difficult and various procedures required by the financial services authority further enabling the Franchisee or Licensee Operator to further benefit from all of the systems and setup of the licence similar to the benefits gained gained in common common and regular franchise business opportunities. Our Currently Listed Franchise Business Model offers a vast array of opportunities and benefits for many small to medium sized companies.



All Training and Support Packages are also provided within these working operating models which then gives full operating licence to the licensee; To Promote, Distribute, or Sell, the Products and or Services of  Any of Our Registered Partner Companies Involved. All of these New Franchise Licensed Member Operators will then also become members of the Direct Selling Association and will have an accredited working business model formula upon which can be used as their springboard to their own ultimate business success. Our [email protected]’ Franchise Licence Opportunity offers

Low Cost of Ownership Low Risk Factor Involved Real Flexible Business Model Operating Formats that would surely be a great option for many companies wishing to create and generate even more business for all existing and possible future participating companies. OUR CURRENT EXISTING OPPORTUNITY:

Our [email protected]’ Franchise Business Opportunity can be Purchased



Under Licence for All Future Potential Business Clients and Private Customers with of course various different attached types of rules and regulations installed. These rules are enforced to ensure that the Franchisee Operates Their Businesses within the Associated Operating Framework of Our Parent Organisation. These rules are also enforced to Provide Protection and Strength of Direction to the Franchisee. The Finalised Franchise Agreement between both operating parties is an all important document that would disclose the agreements made, by which the Franchisee and Franchisors Relationship Shall Operate. This Document therefore is a document that should be carefully studied by all parties of the potential Franchisee Operator before Commencement of Any Terms of  Business Has Been Made. FRANCHISEE’S MAIN ROLE:

As a Franchisee you will work with Project Managers Based from the [email protected]’ Office Head Quarters; Who will then use the information that you’re Franchise Outlet gathers about your own potential client data base listings from within your own areas; 5


Then together we would develop and create new representations of how your clients would like to be represented throughout the Infrastructure and Network Systems of the whole Pre-Pay- [email protected]’ Enterprise Network. Once all of your clients have then given the go ahead And a Price Has Been Agreed; We then take care of everything else for you saving you even more of your limited and precious time. Our Organisation arrange all of the technological aspects associated with the Set-Up and Installation of All Terminal and Peripheral Device Services and also even the web design hosting facility of your site on your behalf. The [email protected]’ Franchise Opportunity represents a Fast Method of Expansion for all Parties Involved that would then enable and allow all of their businesses to grow much more quickly through natural expansion by turning; Profit Investment into New Additional Sites By attracting more investors to open up more additional sites. The balance of the investment is coupled by the Personal Focus and Resources Delivered by the Investors or Potential Franchisee’s. Potential Franchisee’s will then be able to operate

with a much greater drive and inspirational motivation 6


than perhaps an employee operating within the same environment and work based role. WE GUARANTEE YOU THESE SERVICES:

A Protected Territory. A Regular Supply of New Business Enquires. A Constant Demand for Your Services. An Uncapped Income Potential. A Rapid Return on Your Investment. Positive Income Turnover from the Very Start on Going Training and Business Mentoring Support. An Annual Residual Income Stream. The Work Life Balance That You Have Always Dreamed That You Required. [email protected]’ FRANCHISE BENEFITS

The Pre-Pay [email protected]’ Franchisee will receive the majority of all the profits accumulated from throughout of their allocated Local Franchise Operating Sites. The [email protected]’ Franchisor Organisation will also receive income from the operation in addition to all registered sign on and management fees, enabling both parties to really benefit and to share the rewards.



The biggest incentive for a potential New [email protected]’ Franchisee Member However; Is our Brand Name and all of the Company Value that would surely follow from being a nationwide or even internationally known Master Brand. We believe that as all companies realise the benefits that we offer as a Franchise Network; The bigger and the Greater the Growth Shall be for All Participating Companies. A Pre-Pay [email protected]’ Operating Franchise Model Format will Deliver for Your Organisation, Everything that a Good Franchise Operation should bring to the table. Huge Potential Coupled with a Well Structured Organised and Fully Supported Operating Business Model Format. When you soon discover that there is no business out there from anywhere in the World; That you as a New Registered Franchise Operator could not help in some way shape or form; Only then will you begin to understand just how enormous an opportunity the [email protected]’ Franchise Operating Model Format really is. HELPING OTHER BUSINESSES:



The [email protected]’ Franchise Opportunity Solution offers Wonderful Opportunities for all to be in business for yourself  Helping other businesses and also customers from Your Own Area to Benefit from the Convenience of Use of all of the [email protected]’ Enterprise Networks Infrastructure Tools Systems and Operating Peripheral Devices. WITH EVERY NEW REGISTERED AND LICENSED FRANCHISE OPERATION

Needing an Affordable and Acceptable Franchise Package Suite our market place is potentially and simply enormous! Our [email protected]’ Bespoke Designed Franchise Licensed Packages and Technical Support Suites are so Desirable that constant demand for registered access for our services has been simply overwhelming. As a Result We Are Now Recruiting Professional Franchisee’s To Manage and Develop Exclusive Geographical Location Areas; Meeting the needs of the Small to Medium Sized Business Operators and also also to Identify their own Geographical Location Needs. GREAT FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERY DAY PEOPLE! 9


Our [email protected]’ Business Franchise Opportunity will appeal to you if you feel that you are a good communicator and also if you have a real burning passion and desire to run a Unique Operating Business Model Format all of your own. With full and Constant Backup and Support from a Truly Professional Backing Team. The [email protected]’ Franchise Business Opportunity is a Genuine and Serious Franchise Offering; So we are seeking Genuine Everyday People who have the ability to connect with others to develop Professional Working Business Relationships with all of their own clientele. There are thousands of unregistered Small to Medium Sized Business Companies out there today that will not survive in the future without a Backing and Professional Portal Service. Some of these companies have not yet fully embraced the power of the internet and all of its connected and associated systems; But if there is one thing that we are certain about in our current in our world; Is that the internet is the Future of  Existing and Future Business




[email protected]’ Specialises in Helping Business to make the best use of the Online Internet Network Channel by working with all of them to help design build and also to help to maintain a high visibility presence from throughout of  The [email protected]’ Infrastructure Systems and Operating Network. We try to make it very simple and easy for all of our registered Businesses and Franchise Partners to get online Taking care of absolutely everything enabling your Franchise operation to then focus on what they do best every day run their own businesses. The Initial Fees for a [email protected]’ Licensed Franchise Business Opportunity may be higher than some other Franchise Operations; But our Franchise Operations Overall Performance Levels should also equally be always growing as a result of  Our Own On-going Organisational Organisational Infrastructural and Marketing Improvements that we make. There are several factors involved to weigh up very carefully;

Yes The [email protected]’ Franchise Business Opportunity could Potentially Provide you with a route to bring you the success 11


that you are all seeking if only you could find the right business partners to team up with, Yes The [email protected]’ Franchise Business Opportunity is a good Business Operating Model and Operation that requires both parties to be involved the Franchisor and the Franchisee to both give and receive to one another in order for both and all parties to be successful. WHY INVEST IN [email protected]’?

Our Franchise Business Opportunity offers a Low Risk Route into Self Employment With the added series of benefits over Conventional Self Employment. A current recent and Leading Banking Survey Showed, that over 90% of franchised businesses was still in operation after two years, Compared to only 20% of Stand Alone Ventures. You will often pay more when starting in a franchise operation than when starting a Non Self Fabricated Operating Business Venture, But with the Pre-Pay- [email protected]’ Franchise Network Organisation you will receive all of the necessary Initial Training Tools, Materials, Branding Experience, and Ongoing Support and Assistance.



In addition other franchise operators of other currently existing [email protected]’ Franchise Operations are all also participating in the ultimate success of the brand, and altogether our combined vast collective determination to succeed is totally invaluable. This is also one of the qualities that is lacking when perusing your own personal business venture. As a result and as the [email protected]’ Franchise Operation Matures and Develops; So we to improve in our training support and also in all other areas of systems and resources. OUR KEY POSTED ANNUAL FRANCHISE OPERATION FACTS:

Annual turnover of franchise industry. Number of franchise models available Number of franchise business in operation Average age of franchise operation Average term of franchise operation Total number of employees within financed business Number of franchises reporting profitability Average amount borrowed from bank at start up.




We believe that the [email protected]’ Operating Business Franchise Model and Format will one day become one of  The Fastest Growing New To Business Operating Financial Franchise Business and Opportunity, Designed for the Everyday Common Man and Women that is Currently Available out there Anywhere In The Market Place As We See It Today. We believe that the people out there who have also already developed their own various operational skills and qualities in business finance, Retail Management and General Product Sales, could now even for themselves by purchasing and adopting to Our New Franchise Options Available also allowing them all to Utilise Utilise and Benefit from the huge potential rewards that would also be accumulated throughout of the [email protected] Business Franchise Opportunity Suite Packages. THE ULTIMATE BENEFICIARIES:

This Business Franchise Model would suit the mindset of the Experienced Professional; Who also jumps to the challenges of utilising their own skills sets, 14


experience, and also their own rising aspiration of  becoming a white collar professional that is also eager to obtain The Best Possible Results for all of Their Own Hard Work! Rather than Constantly Witnessing the Credits and Benefits of all of their labours going to their upper Management and or Employers.




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