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Development of psychic powers.



The Paladins
“Ever vigilant I protect the meek, those who will not raise
their hand in defense for themselves; the poor, for they are
God‟s children and flock; the humble, for they serve God;
and the stray, for they need guidance also, to one day be
bathed in the light of God again. My faith is the well from
which I draw my strength to defend those unable; I shall
never draw my sword for greed or hate but to defend life. I
am humble, for pride turns man against God. I am the
faithful servant of God, I am the Paladin!”

How Can I Learn Telepathy? And Yes, Everyone Can
Home / Entry Level / How Can I Learn Telepathy? And Yes, Everyone
Close up of a male profile
Telepathy is transmission of information through non-physical means,
from one person to another.
Most people think in terms of transmission of thought when
referencing telepathy, however words , emotions, images and other
types of information can be transmitted during the telepathic form of
If you are asking yourself “how can I learn telepathy?,” you are
probably interested in developing your psychic abilities . For the best
strategy to develop your ability, you should take the following into
1. A pinch of theory
2. Generous portions of practice
3. Understanding of the intentions behind your thoughts and
4. Comprehension that the application of telepathy can help you
towards your evolution
While the article “Learning Telepathy for Beginners ” outlines specific
steps you can take to develop your telepathy, here I explore telepathy
in more detail. The aim of the article is to assist you with
understanding the phenomenon from more angles which will hopefully
allow for new insights about your own development and past
Telepathy Development and Intention
When talking about telepathy development, the intention one has for
such development is very relevant. For the phenomenon to work
towards personal growth and to bring true, long-lasting benefits, an
ethical approach has to be chosen. In the conscientiology framework ,
the sub-specialty that deals with ethical considerations from a
multiple-dimension and multiple-lives perspective is called
cosmoethics .
If your intention is to deliberately try to read thoughts of other people
without their consent to gain personal advantage – an example of a
low level of cosmoethics – you could have your psychic development
hampered and find yourself receiving unwanted and imbalanced
energy influence from other beings (intrusion).
Saying that a cosmoethical approach is the best way to develop
telepathy is not a moral stance, it is a result of pure cause-
consequence thinking. We are free to decide our actions and priorities
and this is a reflection of our personal level of cosmoethics. An
anticosmoethical approach while developing psychic ability is a recipe
for long term problems, it is very much like lying and being acutely
self-centered will tend to create problems for any kinds of
relationships .
Can I Learn Telepathy without Reading Books?
The short answer here is yes.
Telepathy is a natural ability of the consciousness – us. We can
compare it to another human ability, for example, the ability to
communicate ideas to groups of people.
Studying theory and techniques can make you a better communicator,
however, practice is paramount for reaching the ability to clearly
transmit ideas to specific groups of people.
Telepathy and Contacting Spirits
When thinking about telepathy, most people think human to human
transmission, meaning, the transmission of thoughts that happens
between two people that have physical bodies (i.e. that are alive).
Telepathy, however, can be interdimensional.
A spirit, or a consciousness between one physical life and the next,
can communicate with a living being through telepathy. When people
report that they feel the presence of a deceased loved one after
thinking about him or her “as if they were actually there”, they are
probably feeling the energies associated with that spirit. This spirit
would actually be present, in the same environment as the person that
is alive, but in a non-physical dimension.
At times, people report actually feeling a wave of affection from this
non-physical (or extra physical) consciousness being present. This is
an example of an emotion being transferred telepathically, along with
the energies that the extraphysical consciousness transmits.
The inter-dimensional telepathic interactions often don‟t receive as
much attention as they should, since they can be a great tool for your
personal growth .
The thoughts and sentiments from the extra physical consciousness
can vary in nature (from negative to positive) and can be an indicator
of health and lucidity of the consciousnesses around us.
Making Telepathy Work for your Personal Growth
Sometimes evoking extraphysical companies with a certain kind of
thought pattern can start a self-reinforcing cycle. Evoking literally
means calling with energy. So your thoughts and sentiments will
generate a pattern of energy that will attract extraphysical
consciousnesses that have affinity with that pattern.
The extraphysical companion will, in turn, send telepathic
transmissions that amplify that pattern of thought and sentiment,
which will then establish the self-reinforcing cycle. You think, they
show up, they agree and think back, then you think about that again,
and the loop continues.
As you probably noticed, I did not qualify this interaction, since it is
not “good” or “bad” in its essence. What will make this self-
reinforcing cycle conducive to personal growth or not is the quality
behind the thoughts and sentiments involved in this telepathic
Self-centered, sectarian, and anticosmoethical intentions in general
would tend to attract consciousnesses with more pathological
On the flip side, the intention to help in the best way possible , to
understand things more clearly , or to identify your own blind spots
would be examples of evolutionary intentions.
This would generate a pattern that mature consciousnesses will tend
to participate in.
Telepathy Development
In summary, the quality of the “conversation” established through
telepathy can be more important than the phenomenon itself.
A pinch of theory with generous portions of practice will be your best
strategy for telepathy development. Understanding the intention
behind your thoughts and sentiments will help in applying telepathy
towards your evolution as a multidimensional consciousness.

Japa Meditation
Japa meditation is also known as mantra meditation. With Japa
meditation, the use of a mantra is used to focus the thoughts while
quieting the mind. Japa meditation exists in many cultures along with
a variety of practice methods.
Most methods involve repetition of a word or set of sounds. Some
common mantras which you may have heard before are "Om" or "Om
Mani padme hum". The sound "Om" pronounced "A-U-M", is a sacred
sound which represents the creative energy of the universe. There are
many interpretations and a great deal of focus spent on understanding
the meaning of the sacred sound. Some interpret "Om" to be the
sound of the initial creative spirit of the universe, or one true God.
"Om Mani Padme Hum" is also of great importance. It is one of the
most revered mantras due to the amount of knowledge transmitted
through its use. It is said that the entirety of the Buddha's teachings
are contained within the mantra.
When beginning Japa meditation choosing a mantra which focuses
the mind is an important step. If you are in contact with a spiritual
leader then you may choose to have them select your mantra for you.
If you're unable to speak with a spiritual leader, then selecting your
own mantra should be your focus before beginning.
On this site I have posted the "Mantram handbook" which is a great
tool for selecting a mantra. In the book there is selection of mantras
from several different belief systems along with explanations. Just
click on page 33 from the content menu, and it will take you directly
to the chapter detailing the different mantras.
There may be different purposes for your mantra meditation. Using a
mantra such as "Om", is meant to bring the spirit into contact with
God. However, a spiritual goal such as that may be difficult to attain
without the proper dedication and guidance. Not every person has the
chance to meditate two or more hours a day in order to attain such a
lofty goal. We may all be at different places in our journey to
communicate with our spirit. Regardless of where you are at, Japa (or
mantra) meditation is a great technique for bringing the mind to focus
on one point of concentration. This concentration may be used to
accomplish many different goals in life.
While some may believe that creating your own mantra may be
tantamount to sacrilege, my view is that whatever helps you attain
spiritual focus is a worthy pursuit. Before creating your own mantra
though, realize that many of the mantras, which have been used for
hundreds or thousands of years, are said to contain great spiritual
power. Please keep this in mind when deciding on a mantra to use.
If you find that there is a particular area in your life that you need
help on, then using a mantra to bring focus to the mind is a powerful
way to activate your subconscious success mechanism.
If you would like to create a mantra for success in a particular area of
life first acknowledge the need for development in that area. Then sit
quietly allowing your mind to focus on what you would like to
achieve. You may have a visual idea or be able to describe it well
verbally. However you perceive it, for the purpose of your mantra
meditation, you will need to summarize the essence of the focus.
This does not necessarily mean that a mantra will become something
like "I want more money in my life" or "I will find the love of my life".
Both of these mantras actually point to a lack of something in life.
Thoughts such as those would likely create more negative energy by
focusing on the present lack of abundance. A mantra will be most
beneficial by creating a positive change in the mind/body. A powerful
mantra might be something like "I am a man, I am complete alive and
whole" or "My mind is free and clear of distracting thoughts, I am in
complete control of my will". These mantras create a positive energy
by creating a clearly defined actuality.
Mantras such as these allow positive energy to flow through the body
while building strength in certain areas.
Once a mantra is chosen you may begin the practice of Japa
meditation. Sit in a cross-legged position, much like you would in
daily mindfulness meditation. You would then bring focus to the
breath and allow a full and natural breathing pattern to relax the mind/
body. In the case of mantra meditation, rather than focusing on the
breath, your focus will be on the mantra.
Begin repeating the mantra either out loud or in your head. If you are
in a place where you cannot repeat the mantra out loud, then
repeating it in your mind will be jut as beneficial. If you repeat the
mantra out loud, allow your body to feel the vibrations of your spoken
voice. The mantra carries power through your body in this way. If you
are repeating the mantra in your head, allow the mantra to consume
the entirety of your thoughts. When you repeat it through your mind
you may also want to imagine the mantra flowing through the entire
Some practices believe that repeating the mantra 108 times is a key
to successful meditation. If you own a set of prayer beads, then it
may be easier for you to keep track of the mantra count. Otherwise
don't worry about the number of repetitions. Simply set a time that
you will devote to the practice and repeat the mantra as many times
as possible within that time frame. Setting an alarm to help you stick
to the committed time may be helpful to you.
In any case when you choose to complete a mantra meditation, stick
to one mantra. Don't begin the meditation with one mantra and then
switch to another. You may not feel completely comfortable with your
chosen mantra at first, but that will change over time.
By repeating one singular mantra you will find that the mind will slip
into a deep meditative state. This state will help you absorb the
teachings of the mantra deep into your subconscious mind. The
repetition will also have the benefit of providing the conscious mind
with a deep restful state along with increasing your ability to
There are many benefits of mantra meditation. Be sure to stick to your
mantra meditation in order to see your way through the challenges of
life. I assure you that you will see deep and lasting changes which
affect many areas of your life.

Mindfulness Meditation - Just observe
Clouds and mountain
image thanks to erix!
Mindfulness meditation is an excellent place to begin meditation
practice. It is the basis of zen meditation, and it will provide a solid
foundation to building your mental focus and awareness.
For those individuals just beginning meditation, you must first realize;
it is not going to be a secret source of instant happiness and
relaxation. Much like everything else it takes time, commitment and
work. Even after extended periods of meditation you may still
experience a wandering mind or unfocused thoughts. This way of
thinking, along with any anxiety and stress, will fall away after
becoming more immersed in your practice. There is a certain amount
of trust that you must have that the practice will work. This trust must
be given at the beginning so that you can continue without giving up.
When beginning meditation practice - if you find yourself unable to
focus - recognize how much effort is present. Where is this effort
coming from? You are capable of observing this and it will help
distracting thoughts subside.
What exactly does it mean; to observe the self?
It's easy to get caught up in patterns of thought. This is why, when
we sit to meditate, the mind can often wander. We think about work,
relationships and the future. None of which have to do with the
present moment. Observing these patterns and not reacting to them is
what will eventually free you from them. Generally speaking, positive
thought and action will come out of awareness in the present
moment. Negative thought and action tend to come from old patterns
of desire and thought.
This is why, with mindfulness meditation, the best course of action is
non-action. Just observing the thoughts and feelings welling up
within the mind without trying to stop them will help quiet the mind.
With mindfulness meditation, often it is helpful to focus the attention
on the breath, a mantra, or image. Personally, I tend to alternate what I
use at different times, depending on my current state of mind.
Sometimes it is easier for me to imagine an image of the buddha and
focus on it. At times though visualization can be difficult, which is
when I repeat the mantra "Om Mani Padme hum" silently in my head.
If you cannot remain focused on either, then just bring your attention
to the breath. When the mind begins to wander, or you have a thought
pop up, just remind yourself that this is okay. Do not become
frustrated and try to force the mind to be quiet. All that will
accomplish is more mental chatter, and you will add power to the
wayward thoughts. Simply and gently bring your attention back to the
breath, image, or mantra.
For more information on mantras please take a look at my post of the
mantram handbook. I will be covering mantras in another article, but
you may find this book useful in the meantime: Mantram handbook
So the next time you take to your meditation seat, don't expect
anything. No progress, no release from stress, anxiety or wandering
thoughts. Just observe your thoughts from within that other part of
you, the silent awareness. When you begin to reside more and more in
this silent awareness, then you may notice a subtle shift in your
thinking. You will go from wrestling with your thoughts, to simply not
creating them.
Don't try to rush this process. It takes time to be able to reach into
this state of awareness and remain there. If you can remember a point
in time when you had a still mind and focused awareness, then this
may help your progress. You can also try to imagine what it would be
like if you were a zen master who has practiced meditation for 30 +
years. Imagine what would go through their mind while meditating.
What are they feeling? Chances are that they are deep within
themselves and immersed in silence. Bring this feeling to your
thought process and then just observe.
By taking a step back once in a while, you will notice a positive shift
in your thinking patterns. You will notice that random thoughts fall
away, and you remain in the present moment more and more. Cultivate
this awareness during your meditation practice and you will be happy
with the results.
This article was written in order to facilitate the thought process
behind the practice. It doesn't go into details about how to sit, and
how to focus on the breath. If you are looking for details regarding the
best posture and where to place the focus, then you may want to read
this article: Meditation for beginners.
This video may provide you something to contemplate before
meditation. It describes an appropriate way to see ourselves within
the natural order of things.

How to Give The Best Psychic Reading of Your Life
Mon December 11th, 2006
Do you feel stuck when you do psychic readings? Do you
feel like you are saying the same thing over and over
again? If you do, then its time to "turn it up a notch" and
get busy. You don't have to feel like giving psychic
readings is just doing the same thing over and over
again. You can learn how to give the best psychic
readings of your life by just blanking out your thoughts.
The more that you blank out your thoughts, the more that
you will allow your spirit guides to speak through you.
After all, you are really reading from the spirit world
Before doing any kind of reading, whether it be
clarivoyant, tarot, rune, astrology or another type of
psychic reading, you have got to clear out your mind and
ask yourself, "what am I actually doing here." You need to
focus on this question because you have got to know
inside of your heart that whatever it is that you are
thinking has got to come to pass. Your mind has great
power to do whatever it wants to do.
When you begin to do a psychic reading for your client,
blank out your mind and think of nothing. Open your
mouth and just let the words fly out. It doesn't matter if
you are saying something that you do not even
understand yet. A psychic reading is for your individual
client to understan anway and at times you may not even
know it or suspect it. You have to to learn how to give
yourself to others that may need to here what you are
saying. Opening your mouth and just saying something
that will enhance the live of another is surely a great way
to connect with those that have crossed over. You have to
learn how to have mind control.
As you allow yourself to fall into a trance like state, you
will open doors for yourself as well. You will be able to
see for yourself that you are indeed spirit and that what
you say actually does make sense to the person that you
are doing a psychic reading for. Sometimes you will need
to let some time go by in order for you to see that your
words and ideas are making sense. However, just open
your mouth and the rest of the words will follow. Don't
say to yourself, "I am going to mess this up." Instead you
must believe that what you are seeing is real and that for
some reason the spirit guides just want to open the doors
for you to understand what the spirit world is actually
saying to you. Open your mind and the rest will follow. If
you mber these words, then you will find your psychic
reading style to improve itself drastically. A great book to
read to learn how to do psychic readings is "Is Life Worth
It? Sex, Money and Power from a Psychics Point of View"
by Stephen Piperno. It is important to remember that you
are in charge of your own psychic readings.

Learning Telepathy for Beginners in 3 Easy Steps
Home / Entry Level / Learning Telepathy for Beginners in 3
Easy Steps
Thought Transfer
Most of us have experienced transfer of thought in one form
or another in our day-to-day lives. How many of us have
thought about a person seconds before the phone rings, and
that happens to be the actual person calling? Or had a vivid
image of where your friend is although you had no way of
knowing that at that time, and later confirmed that the
location was correct? Thought transfer, or telepathy ,
happens when thoughts or sentiments we experience are
transmitted via non-physical means from one person to
Learning telepathy for beginners involves three aspects: (1)
understanding the phenomenon , (2) learning how to work
with your own energies, and (3) identifying thought patterns
and processes so you know when there is an “incoming”
thought that was not generated by you.
Is Telepathy Possible?
Accounts throughout history give a very clear indication
that thought transmission is possible. There are plenty of
documented cases of telepathy , at times involving well
known persons such as Mark Twain and Alfred Wallace.
Prominent scientists including Albert Einstein, Sigmund
Freud, and Carl Jung were intrigued by this phenomenon,
and at times made public calls for more research so that
humanity would have a better understanding of this
important phenomenon.
There are many theories to explain how mental telepathy
works, some referencing physical waves, some based on
non-physical forces.
In the conscientiology framework , telepathy happens when
the receiver reads thoughts and sentiments on the energies
transmitted by someone else. Each of us has an energy
body, or energosoma . When we think, feel emotions, or
experience sentiments, that information is emitted with the
energy. Thoughts and sentiments modulate the energies we
In the example where the image or name of the caller pops
in our head moments before the phone rings, we are
receiving energies sent by the caller. It would be expected
from the caller to think about you while dialing your number
or waiting for the call to go through. By thinking about the
person that is about to receive the call, the caller acts as a
telepathy emitter.
Is Telepathy Real? Understanding the Phenomenon
Telepathy experiments show that it is very hard to explain it
in physical terms. Many experiments in various
configurations show that the information transmitted
between individuals where no physical force could be at
play. The researcher Charles Honorton has presented very
comprehensive results showing strong statistical evidence
of telepathy by compiling several telepathy studies
conducted by independent research laboratories.
In some experiments, all known physical forms of
communication were blocked by shielding the emitter room
from all known types of physical radiation and fields. This
leaves researchers thinking that telepathy works using
some type of non-physical energy.
Developing telepathy
Telepathy can happen spontaneously or at will. A willing
sender and a willing receiver would probably have higher
success rates, although clear telepathic transmissions can
happen without us trying or expecting it to happen.
Then how to “Do” Telepathy? For Beginners these 3 Steps
are an Excellent Start:
Step 1
The first step in telepathy training is to understand the
phenomenon. Knowing that its nature is beyond the
physical dimension (is extraphysical) helps us to focus our
efforts in the right areas.
The physical body does not participate in telepathy, so you
need to shift your attention away from it to facilitate the
process. Relaxing the physical body is one of the ways to
achieve that. If you focus less on your physical senses, you
will be more able to discern the input that comes from your
energy body and psychosoma (astral body).
In some cases, people try wearing headphones playing
recorded white noise and cover their eyes with goggles
painted white, so they will effectively eliminate those areas
of physical perception.
On the sender side, will power and concentration are the
most important aspects. This can increase the amount of
energies we are sending and imprint the thought and
sentiment more clearly in the telepathic transmission.
Step 2
The second variable to work with is to learn how to
perceive your own energies (chi, prana). Working with
energies can be done in a number of ways and doing so has
many practical benefits. To learn mental telepathy, the key
aspects are to unblock the energy body and to also learn
how to decouple energetically from other consciousnesses .
If you unblock your energosoma (energy body), your
psychic ability will be amplified. This can make it easier for
you to pick up thought transmissions from others.
When we are connected energetically with someone else,
telepathy happens more easily with that person. The
energetic coupling happens naturally as we interact with
others and is greatly facilitated where there is some type of
affinity or common interests.
During an energetic coupling, telepathy can complement
communication and lead to deeper levels of understanding.
In those events , you may know what the other person is
going to say before they do so, or feel what they are feeling
while they talk. Those cases are sometimes called “reading
thoughts telepathy”.
The energetic coupling can also happen with non-physical
entities (extraphysical consciousness, spirit, ghost), a
subject that makes for a longer story and is covered in other
articles. Energetic couplings can linger for hours and
sometimes days, even when people are separated by
thousands of miles.
Because of this lingering aspect of energetic coupling, we
may have some telepathic transmissions that feel like
“mental chatter”. If you learn how to decouple energetically
you will be able to establish a baseline for your thoughts
and sentiments, experiencing in practice what is a quiet
frame of mind and “hearing your own thoughts” more
clearly. This can be a great help in figuring out when the
thought is yours versus a telepathic transmission.
Decoupling can be achieved by applying a technique called
Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO),
particularly in the Vibrational State (VS). Both the VELO and
VS are discussed in the excellent video interview with
Wagner Alegretti (English subtitles).
Step 3
With a clear baseline of “quietude” facilitated by a state of
energetic decoupling, or energetic isolation, you can
proceed to the third step: study your mental processes to
start identifying when and how you think, the source of the
thought (memory, deliberate reasoning, insight, etc). This
will enable you to identify high-contrast thought-sentiment
events , where the thought clearly is very different from your
typical thinking and you cannot identify the source of the
thought as being yours.

Try These Two Psychic Development Exercises
Posted in Developing Psychic Abilities / The Spirit World on
14. Jul, 2010
If you want to develop your psychic abilities, you could read
some books , do some courses or read my articles on the
different clairs, like clairvoyance, claircognizance or
clairaudience , for example.
But maybe you‟re not sure if you want to invest any time in
it yet. Or perhaps you feel like doing some psychic
development exercises for fun…
Here are two easy peasy psychic development exercises
you can start off with. You don‟t have to do hours of
practice in order to see results.
Exercise #1: Telepathic Messages – Get Someone to Call
You know those times when you just „know‟ who is calling
you on the phone? Or when you call someone and they say
“Oh wow, I was just about to call you – we must be
My grandmother and I do that a lot. I ring my grandmother
perhaps once a month, or maybe less at the moment (being
rather busy). When I rang her last time, she told me that
she kept thinking about me earlier on, on the day I rang.
That sometimes happens.
I bet you‟ve had experiences like that too.
How Does This Work?
It‟s because you are thinking – consciously or
subconsciously – of calling that person. You‟re sending out
energetic signals of your intention. It may not actually
result in you calling them, but you think about it, and that is
enough for those energetic signals to reach that person. If
they‟re sensitive they will pick up on these signals and
start thinking about you for no reason, and maybe they‟ll
call you. All of this is usually unconscious – not done
purposely but you can also make it conscious.
Here are some steps to do this:
1. Decide on somebody you‟d like to get back in touch with,
or someone that you do not speak to on a regular basis.
This is preferably someone with whom you have a rapport
and some kind of ongoing friendship.
(Note that it‟s not a good idea to use this exercise to
attempt to get back with an ex who doesn‟t want to hear
from you or someone from your past who you know doesn‟t
want to be reminded of your past together. So ask yourself if
you want to get in touch with the person and if they are
likely to want to get in touch with you!)
2. Begin by doing a breathing exercise – breathe in to the
count of four, hold your breath to the count of four and
exhale to the count of eight. Repeat two more times.
3. Close your eyes and see a movie screen in your mind‟s
eye (the mind‟s eye is what you see when you try to
visualize something – for example, visualize the face of a
loved one – and it shows up in your mind‟s eye.)
4. Then do the following exercise (which is from the book
Psychic Development for Beginners by William Hewitt)
Visualize yourself standing in a big park, on a large green
lawn, holding seven balloons, of the colours red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo. Let the balloons go
one by one, beginning with the red balloon. Watch them
float up to the blue sky until they disappear before you
release the next one.
(If you‟re not used to visualizing, then this exercise could be
quite difficult for you at first. You may find it hard to
concentrate or it may be difficult for you to visualize vividly
or in colour. It all depends on how developed your
imagination muscles are.)
5. Then get rid of the balloons. Now see a cinema screen in
your mind‟s eye. In one corner of the screen, see a
telephone. In the other corner, see your friend. See your
friend picking up the telephone happily and asking you how
you are. See yourself enjoying a conversation with your
6. Do this once a day for five days, at the same time and
see what transpires.
Exercise #2: Knowing the Time
One way to start developing your psychic ability is to start
guessing the time. Discard your watch as much as is
practical and when you need to know the time, close your
eyes and ask yourself what the time is. See if a time pops
into your head and if it is accurate. It‟s best to go with the
first thought that comes into your head (it‟s not good to
even think about this – you need to trust the very first
thought you have almost before your conscious mind starts
operating.) It can be uncanny how accurate this can be –
right down to the minute.
Even though you may feel unaware of time passing, at
certain points in your day, your Higher self can tap into the
time and calendar anyway and let you know the time.
Another way to develop an awareness of your inner clock is
to set an intention to wake up at a certain time (it is
perhaps best to do this on weekends when you don‟t
necessarily need to get up.)
Here‟s what to do:
1. Choose the time you want to wake up (Note: depending
on your personality, you might want to choose a time that is
reasonable for you – for example, if you never get up before
8am but intend to get up at 6am for the sake of this
exercise, you might sabotage yourself if you‟re very tired
and you like sleeping in. If your true desires do not align
with your intention, your Higher self might automatically
substitute the real time you want to get up.)
2. Then tell your Higher self that you want to get up at that
time and ask for your Higher self to wake you up at this
time. For example – 8am. To strengthen the intention, you
might want to give your reason why.
3. Don‟t set your alarm.
4. See what time you wake up.
Did you do these exercises? Did they work for you?! Leave
a comment to share your experiences!

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