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Psychic 3

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The Psychics by: Elisa Victoria

KNock knock RONNIE Hello, come in , come in THEY ENTER, I'M Ronnie JUNE June


Ronnie Nice to meet you

JUNE Likewise ++++ looks around There's spirits in this house

Elizabeth, get that sage out honey because we are going to need it Ok, protection charm in 3,2,1 (High Pitch sing along) Okay, that's better ELIZABETH So, Ronnie what's going on here? RONNIE

Well, I just moved in a week ago, Pardon the mess... ELIZABETH it's fine RONNIE I see things, I hear things, I can't sleep. Ghost I tell ya, I need need help JUNE You called the right people

Elizabeth , we need to do a seance right here right now

ELIZABETH Yes, of course hm.. Ronnie Do you have some sort of........ round table RONNIE RONNIE looks over to the table in the living room Will that do?

ELIZABETH Yes that is fine _________________________ _________________________ _____________

SCENE _ Sitting around the table

JUNE okay let's link appendages

(Stare) Hold hands and Protection charm in 3,2,1 AAAAAA (Silence) (He starts talking to the spirits)

Are you doing some vile things in this house ?

RONNIE No, not at all JUNE Well that's not what they said RONNIE I've only been here a week ELIZABETH June, don't forget... Ghost lie

(gives a "dang I got out smarted" look) (And collects himself)

At this junction in the seance I would like to invite one of these hell demons into my body And it's probably going to scare the hell out of you but ELIZABETH is here to assistance you


JUNE starts talking to himself

Grocery list line

JUNE okay, sorry about that let us start (Elizabeth and Ronnie give a 'Okay dude, let's start this shit' look) (The ghost takes over his body ) (He wakes up and says to elizabeth that We have to go

(Eilizabeth says to Ronnie,) I'm sorry, I guess you don't owe anything. They fly out the door

END SCENE Ronnie looking confused and scared.

The table shakes and things start moving He screams FIN

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