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PT Measurement of Product

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Joseph Busto H4H Performance Task Problem In this time of deceit and deception, can we be sure that what we are actually paying for is what they actually say it is? There have been many scandals in regards to this, like horse meat being marketed as pork in Europe, to accusations of chip companies such as FritoLay and Pringles of short-changing customers by pumping their humongous chip bags full of air, rather than chips. And this will only be exacerbated by the fact that due to the global economic decline in the recent years, manufacturers are forced to cut even more corners if they are to stay float. And so the problem is: “ Are we really getting the bang for our buck? Are buying what they say we are buying? Or are we getting the short end of the stick?” Hypothesis Letʼs not kid ourselves. We know that not all manufacturers/companies stick and hold to a code of ethics. There are those who are shady, untrustworthy, and will undoubtedly try and cheat their customers out of their money. I hypothesize then that the value of the amount of product printed on the package is, in truth, less this its actual value. Materials 1. 2. 3. 4. 3 40g packs of Nova(Original Cheese flavor) 3 65g packs of Doritos(Cheese flavor) Triple Beam Balance Wax Paper Procedure 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Place the triple beam balance on a flat hard surface in order to make sure that the results are not skewed. In addition, make certain that the triple beam balance is calibrated to start at 0. (values here have already been shifted to account for this) Measure the wax paper in order to be able to account for it when measuring the mass of the chips.(All values here posted are post-weight of paper subtraction) Place the wax paper, followed by the chip bag on the scale. Measure the value, donʼt forget the uncertainty. (+/-0.05g) Remove the chips from the chip bag, and measure the chips only. Write down the measure of chips only, with uncertainty. (+/-0.05g) Remove the wax paper, clearing off any crumbs if necessary, and repeat. Data Table Brand Amount of Product Stated(in grams) 40g Amount of entire chip bag (in grams) Trial 1 45.8g +/- 0.05g Amount of entire chip bag (in grams) Trial 2 45.7g +/- 0.05g Amount of entire chip bag (in grams) Trial 3 45.8g +/- 0.05g



Amount of Product Stated(in grams) 65g

Amount of entire chip bag (in grams) Trial 1 73.6g +/- 0.05g

Amount of entire chip bag (in grams) Trial 2 73.5g+/- 0.05g

Amount of entire chip bag (in grams) Trial 3 73.4g +/- 0.05g



Amount of Product Stated(in grams) 40g 65g

Amount of chips only(in grams) Trial 1 39.3g +/- 0.05g 65.0g +/- 0.05g

Amount of chips only(in grams) Trial 2 39.3g +/- 0.05g 65.0g +/- 0.05g

Amount of chips only(in grams) Trial 3 39.4g +/- 0.05g 65.0g +/- 0.05g

Nova Doritos

Analysis Based on the data tables, the Nova brand is clearly giving less than the advertised amount, on the other hand, the Doritos brand is giving exactly the advertised amount.

Illustration of measuring the chip bag as a whole

Illustration of measuring only the chips

Conclusion I conclude that only the Doritos brand meets the advertised or declared standard, whilst the Nova brand falls short. Recommendation Based on my experiment, I would advise the customer to, instead of buying Nova brand product, to instead purchase Doritos brand product for the sole reason that the with the Doritos brand, you get what you are paying for. You might present a rebuttal that the difference between the declared amount of Nova chips and actual value of the Nova chips is quite minuscule, and I agree with you. However, if the customer were to order in bulk, say for example,one hundred thousand 40g Nova chip bags, would the amount of chips not present and therefore money lost still be minuscule? I think not.

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