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PublicSchoolOptions.org December 2013 Newsletter

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December 2013

What's New with PublicSchoolOptions.org In this season of full bellies and full hearts, we at PublicSchoolOptions.org have a few thanks of our own to give. We’d be remiss if we didn’t express our gratitude for: Apples. Not baked, but golden. Our Golden Apple recipients this year have championed choice in public education. They’ve stood by students, even when the stance was unpopular.  And they’ve advocated for funding equity, refusing to let dollars and cents stand in the way of common sense. A word in. Misconceptions about virtual school students seem popular, and popular media seldom rights them. So when our parents, board members and students have a chance to publicly set the record straight, we celebrate. This year, our parents’ insight has made the pages of The State, The Oklahoman, Oklahoman,The  Albuquerque Journal, Journal, The Chattanoogan, The Tennessean, The Lansing State Journal, Getting Smart and more. Growing leadership. This spring we welcomed Beth Purcell as our board president. Now we once again welcome fresh ideas and enthusiasm as we expand the board to include three new board directors. These parent advocates devote their time and energy to our cause, and they keep us moving forward.

Table of Contents What's New with PublicSchoolOptions.org Profile Coalition Shout-Out Cheers for Champions

In The Spotlight… Partners and Allies National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ Nina Reesconsiders Reesconsiders the Nation’s

Success stories. Whether it’s a state leader vetoing leader vetoing a bill unfriendly to nontraditional public schools, a student who’s used alternatives to overcome bullying, a teacher who’s teacher  who’s blazing new paths and empowering his students, or simple hard work and true grit, we’ve had no shortage of success stories this year. Let’s use these experiences to embolden us in 2014.

Report Card Center for Education Reform asks “What is Blended Learning?” Foundation for Excellence in Education celebrates success in Florida

Profile New Board Director Tillie Director Tillie Elvrum talks military life, constant change and the value of virtual education

 As the cyber school funding debate intensifies in Pennsylvania, Americans Pennsylvania,  Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvaniamobilizes Pennsylvania mobilizes for action an behalf of students and andWatchdog.org weighs in on unfair cuts to cyber charter schools

Coalition Shout-Out  A former board member bemoans member  bemoans proposed funding reallocation Pennsylvania parents and students speak out on fair funding Texas families welcome a new champion South Carolina parents hold family and fun recruitment events

On Our Reading List Board President Beth Purcell reflects on bullying awareness NYC Mayor de Blasio has unwelcoming plan for charter schools Online education’s transformative powers could spill over into over into Latin  America Nevada’s charter schools are “uniquely positioned” to lead innovation PLUS: With PLUS: With parents’ tweets tweets,,encouragement a nd government advocacy, advocacy , online learning could grow to“change to“change everything.“ See this month’s blogs to find out how

PA Families for Public Cyber Schools held a press conference in Harrisburg on November 13th to voice opposition to proposed cyber school funding cuts in SB 1085.

Upcoming Events

Cheers for Champions Santa’s not the only one watching legislators’ behavior this December

National School Choice Week January 26 - February 1, 2014 Check your state coalition page for upcoming events in your area.

We'd Love to Hear from  You!

State Representative Dwayne Bohac, keynote speaker at the TX Chapter's event on November 13th, announced his intent to become a legislative champion for virtual education.

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