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Receptionist or Administrative Assistant

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Tiana Sandoval 7609 S. Monaco Way * Centennial, CO 80112* Cell: (480) 316-5940* Email: tse07ca4 @westpost.net Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist Customer Service Expert [Picture] MS Office "Power User" Adept Written/ Verbal Communicator

Punctual, amiable, sociable, energetic, self inspired, and well devoted individu al obtaining an Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist position where I can help the company grow and achieve its goals. Passionate about making a positive and lasting impression on customers and other visitors to the company.


* FSA (Food Service Assistant) of the month * Good conduct medal * Became "go-to" person * Eliminated security risks by ensuring all customers and guests had proper documentation upon arrival of visit * Filed over 1000 top secret service * Ensured professionalism and respect in the office, by leading team meeting s, and team building activities * Improved training process by creating a daily routine binder outlined wit h procedures from the start of the day to the end of the day detailed out, which saved the company 4 working hours daily * * Fabricated excel spreadsheets showing progression of training of training cou rses and assignments of all safety personnel * Processed over 250 financial aid documents

* Persistent in reaching the daily maximum quota and even reaching higher to ma intain high numbers, and accuracy for the company * * Praised with effort and efficiency on a daily basis * Moved on to next position within two months of being employed * Stand in for department head when applicable, taking on all responsibilities and concerns KEY SKILLS Office Skills: Telephone & Front Desk Reception* Customer Service * Filing Database & Records M anagement * Executive and Administrative Support * Reports and Spreadsheets

Computer Skills:

Word * Excel* Vista * PowerPoint * Outlook *Windows XP * IQMS* Internet Savvy

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE [Drawing] The Tech Group (Tempe, AZ) [Picture] Receptionist, 10/08-10/10

* Communicated effectively with multiple departments to ensure all paperwork was turned in, in a timely manner, and effectively * Quickly became a trusted assistant known for "can-do" attitude, flexibilit y and high quality work. * Earned excellent marks on performance reviews, with citations for excellen ce in areas including work volume, accuracy and quality; ability to learn and ma ster new concepts; positive work ethic; and commitment to providing unsurpassed service. * Responsibility of the front desk, and front lobby ( e.g., answering phones , greeting customers , data entry, filing, records management, copying, faxing, and processing orders as they come in) as well as the assistant to the managers in the facility.

Centre Pointe Development (Mesa, AZ) [Picture] Administrative Assistant/ Persona l Assistant, 6/08-9/08

* Kept the front lobby/ office clean and adept on a daily basis, as well as greeting customers with a warm friendly entrance. * Completed the task of getting personal errands done for the owner, CFO, an d Office Manager in a timely manner. * Kept the daily organization both in and outside of the office. Whether it is scheduling appointments for onsite visits, or planning travel for the executi ve staff, everything was very attention to detail, given detail by detail with e xplanations of all necessary information. * Became the "go-to" person in just a short time, trusted with credit cards, cash, vehicles, and confidential information from investors, future prospects, and clients.

ACS Apollo Group (Tempe, AZ) [Picture] Continuing Financial Aid Officer 9/08- 3/ 08

* Processed over 250 financial aid documents for students continuing their e ducation for the University of Phoenix. * Produced quality and concrete numbers for the department, as well as the c ompany. * Persistent in reaching daily maximum quota, and even reaching higher to ma intain high numbers, quantity, and accuracy with my work performance. * Self paced little to no supervision from the management team * Quick learner passed training class in two weeks with 100% accuracy.

PSD Naval Station Norfolk (Norfolk, VA) [Picture] Receptionist/ Front Desk Super visor, 1/06-7/07


Responsible for the records, and personal information of the sailors, and their families on base. * Informed all customers and guests what paperwork and documentation was nee ded to fulfill their purpose of their visit in a knowledgeable and respectable p resentation. * Greeted customers upon their arrival to ensure their visit was a positive, enjoyable, speedy, and efficient experience, with a friendly and polished attit ude. * Front desk supervisor taking charge of managing the front desk so that all customers were treated with respect and dignity from the staff assisting them.

Safety Department (USS Carl Vinson) [Picture] Administrative Assistant, 12/05-1/ 07

* Filled in for the department head when applicable, by carrying out all res ponsibilities of prior requests, and daily duties. * Worked directly under, and with the department head on numerous occasions. * Orchestrated, conducted, and developed daily meeting topics, to be discuss ed upon the arrival of the work day with all employees, and the department head. * Self motivated in creating monthly team building activities.

[Drawing] EDUCATION [Drawing]

Chandler High School (Chandler, AZ) Dobson High School (Mesa, AZ)

High School Diploma

"BM3 Sandoval is an exceptional sailor, providing professionalism and respect at all times. Is always the first person to get a job done, if she doesn't know th e proper procedures she is quick to research it. Always goes above and beyond wh at is expected of her. Dedicated to the completion, and quality of the job given . Respected fellow sailors ,higher and lower with the utmost respect and gratitu de. Represented the Navy with pride, honor, and commitment"

Excerpts from a 2006 performance review

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