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A. Adverbs
Directions: Complete the table below picking out the adverb, the word it modifies, and identifying the kind of adverb used found in the sentences given. Note: There can be more than one answer in a number.
Sentence Adverb Word it Modifies Kind of Adverb

1. Trees have been effectively used for many things. 2. The Sacramento River flows south from Mount Shasta. 3. The rangers patrol the area daily. 4. It was very hot on holiday and we had a chance to swim outdoors. 5. Older people can break bones surprisingly easily. 6. Takeshi was singing happily because Yoko had agreed to a date tomorrow. 7. Rachel rarely read books. She preferred listening to music. 8. I often meet my friends in town and we sit outside talking. 9. He ate his food slowly because he felt too tired to eat. 10. Gopinder was quite excited because she was going to the cinema later. 11. The kittens romped playfully around the yard and then slept soundly.

B. Elements of Drama Directions: Modified True or False. If the statement is true, write T. If the statement is false, write F and then pick-out the word or phrase that made the sentence erroneous and write the correct word or phrase beside it. Example: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Drama comes from the Greek word “dram”. F - dram – dran

Monologue is a speech by a character alone onstage to himself or herself or to the audience. How a story is told from the beginning, middle and end is called the plot Script is the playwright’s way to describe setting and characters’ actions and manner. The main characters in a comedy could be anyone: nobility, townspeople, or servants Performance includes gestures, facial expressions, and movement. A play needs characters to experience the performance; understand the story; and respond to the characters. 7. Any article other than costumes or scenery used as part of a dramatic production is called the set. 8. In the proscenium stage, the stage extends into the viewing area. 9. The protagonist of most classical tragedies is a tragic hero. 10. The theatrical equipment such as curtains, backdrops, and platforms to communicate the environment is referred to as properties in a stage play. 11. Stage directions are found in parentheses. 12. Technical elements are needed to produce a play. 13. Music is the effect an audience hears during a show, like the sound of rain. 14. The elements work together to communicate a conflict – an idea about experience. 15. Drama is produced for festivals to honor Zeus, the god of wine and fertility.

JASAAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Jasaan, Misamis Oriental ENGLISH 7 SECOND QUARTER REMOVAL EXAM A. Conjunctions Directions: Complete the table below identifying the conjunction used in the sentence and the kind of conjunction used found in the sentences given.


Kind of

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

and We were warm and comfortable. The meal was delicious but cheap. Prices may go up or down. Georgia not only has a paper route but also works at a craft shop. I will study with either Mom or Dad Grandma thinks it will rain tomorrow, for her joints are aching. Both April and Chummy are good at the shot put. Chocolate is good for neither dogs nor cats. Tricia got the first place in the contest so she will represent the school in the regionals. 10. Aunt Renee or Uncle Johnny will call us tonight. 11. I think Mr. Wilson will recover, but his family is not hopeful.

Conjunction coordinating

B. Combining sentences Directions: Combine the following sentences by using and, but, or or. Write your answer in your answer sheets. Samples:

We took along warm clothing. It was not needed. We took along warm clothing, but it was not needed. 1. Clouds covered the sky. Raindrops began to fall. (addition) 2. The engine needs a tuneup. The brakes have to be checked. (alternative) 3. We called Steven. He was not at home. (contrast) 4. Are you happy with the computer game? Do you want me to return it? (alternative) 5. Brandon offered me his notes. I did not take them. (contrast) 6. Rhonda is running for president. I am her campaign manager. (addition) 7. Ted wrote to Jenna. She did not answer. (contrast) 8. Amy shut off the water. The house would have been flooded. (alternative) 9. Alex apologized to me. We shook hands. (addition) 10. I warned you. You did not listen. (contrast)
C. Word Order

Directions: Re-write the words to form a sentence. Punctuate each sentence. Identify the kind of sentence formed. Write your answer in your answer sheets. Example: he the kitchen table does at his homework He does his homework at the kitchen table. - Declarative
1-2. fire / Tricia / hair / on / your / is __________________________________________________________________ 3-4. going / Richard’s / you /party / are __________________________________________________________________ 5-6. dance / leave / before / the / midnight __________________________________________________________________ 7-8. is / my / father / usually / in / the / afternoon / in / the / garden __________________________________________________________________ 9-10. believe / can’t / it / I __________________________________________________________________

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