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Resolution Company Account Opening

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CerLlfled copy of an exLracL from Lhe mlnuLes of Lhe meeLlngţ of Lhe 8oard of ulrecLors of ƼCompany
nameƽduly convened and aL whlch a proper quorum was presenLţ held aL Ƽplaceƽ on 13Ŵ11Ŵ2011 Ŧ
We hereby cerLlfy LhaL Lhe followlng resoluLlon of Lhe 8oard of ulrecLors of ƼCompany Name ƽţ was
passed aL a meeLlng of Lhe 8oard held on 20Ŵ06Ŵ2011 has been duly recorded ln Lhe mlnuLe book of Lhe
sald companyŦ
8esolved LhaL a banklng accounL for Lhe company be opened wlLh Lhe S1A1L 8ANk CI INDIA and LhaL
Lhe sald bank be and ls hereby auLhorlzed Lo honor chequesţ bllls of exchange and promlssory noLes
drawnţ accepLed or made on behalf of Lhe company by ƼD|rector Nameƽţ D|rector Ǝ ƼD|rector Nameƽţ
D|rector or any of them and Lo acL upon any lnsLrucLlons so glven relaLlng Lo Lhe accounLţ wheLher Lhe
same be overdrawn or noL or relaLlng Lo Lhe LransacLlons of Lhe companyŦ
8esolved furLher LhaL Lhe company do accepL Lhe Lerms and condlLlons as conLalned ln Lhe appllcaLlon
form or any oLher Lerms and condlLlons as may be noLlfled by Lhe bank ln connecLlon wlLh Lhe provlslon
of producLs and servlces offered by Lhe bank Lhrough oLher channels as phone and lnLerneLŦ

CerLlfled Lrue Copy Chalrman of Lhe MeeLlng SecreLary


name of Lhe ulrecLors

1Ŧ ulrecLor name

2Ŧ ulrecLor name

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