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Toma N. Ghiran 26611 Rosepath Lake Forest, CA 92630 Cell: 909-560-4552 [email protected] Objective: Objective: To obtain obtain a full-time, full-time, permanent permanent position position with a Company Company where my Knowledge and skills will be fully utilized while contributing to the Company’s growth. Qualifications: Corporate Consulting, Vice President of Secondary and Pr oduct Development, Regional Manager, Compliance Manager, Production Manager and Underwriting Manager Project Management • • Keep Keep ful fully ly inf infor orme med d of tech techni niqu ques es, , prac practi tice ces s and and tren trends ds in in the the mark market etpl plac ace, e, rev revi i ewing federal tax law, contract law, insurance, and accounting principles relati ng to the industry, developing procedures to best utilize these trends. • • Prep Prepar are e for for emer emergi ging ng cus custo tome mer r need needs, s, man manag age e and and clos close e exis existi ting ng dea deals ls whi while le cul culti ti vating new opportunities, determine project urgency and use goals to guide actio ns and create and execute detailed action plans. • • Deve Develo lop p educ educat atio iona nal l mate materi rial als s and and prog progra rams ms for for bot both h clie client nts s and and prod produc ucti tion on tea teams ms to address a continuously changing industry and program instabilities; equip th e work force with the tools needed to best serve the needs of the customer base while achieving maximum profitability. • • Prov Provid ide e tech techni nica cal l and and admi admini nist stra rati tive ve dir direc ecti tion on, , coor coordi dina nati tion on, , eval evalua uati tion on, , trai traini ni ng and coaching to a team of project control specialists, while defining and mai ntaining internal and external client-requested project control deliverables. Sales/Customer Relations • • Util Utiliz ize e skil skills ls dev devel elop oped ed fro from m the the broa broad d expe experi rien ence ce wit with h sale sales, s, ope opera rati tion ons, s, mar marke ke ting, compliance and secondary resale of both retail and wholesale products. Abl e to identify the needs of both customer and company to better utilize the compa ny’s strengths along with identifying any weaknesses that may need to be addressed. Able to develop a team capable of providing consistent results. • • Succ Succes essf sful ully ly pro prosp spec ect t for for new new sale sales s oppo opport rtun unit itie ies s in the the midmid-ma mark rket et sec secto tor r acro acros s s various vertical markets while developing and executing a winning sales strate gy, including developing new prospect opportunities and expanding company’s presence with their customer base; successfully use consultative selling skills to clear ly understand customers’ business requirements and recommend solutions while utilizi ng collaborative team selling to maximize market share. Audit/Compliance • • Revi Review ew inv inves estm tmen ent t oppo opport rtun unit itie ies, s, ana analy lyze ze fin finan anci cial al sta state teme ment nts s and and othe other r cred credit it d ata to determine the credit worthiness of potential projects, review industry ec onomic status, product type, customer base and macro-economic climate while work ing with marketing representatives to pre-screen all requests for investment ris k (real estate as well as credit). • • Revi Review ew cre credi dit t appl applic icat atio ions ns and and mon monit itor or cor corpo pora rate te bor borro rowe wers rs/i /ind ndus ustr trie ies s incl includ udin ing g credit worthiness, loan structures, maximization of risk return, profile of borr ower, financial/industry standing, historical P & L, cash flow projections and a ssumptions. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Corporate Consultant, Financial Interests At Present V. P. of Secondary, Tower Mortgage Capital, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 7/2006 – 4/2008 Regional Manager, Corvus Funding, Inc., Irvine, CA

6/2005 – 4/2006 Business Plan Development and Consulting, Financial and Business Plan Interests 3/2003 – 6/2005 Account Executive, Fremont Investment and Loan, Anaheim Hills, CA 1/2001 – 2/2003 Account Executive, Long Beach Mortgage, Orange, CA 7/1999 – 12/2000 Underwriting Manager, American Benefit Mortgage, Lake Forest, CA 3/1998 – 5/1999 Production Manager, West Wind Financial, Tustin, CA 5/1994 – 2/1998

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