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Retire to Knysna

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Retire to Knysna



Retire to Knysna On The The Garden Route - South Africa's Hidden Expat Haven

The Garden Route, a slender stretch of coastal plain between Mossel Bay and Storms River Mouth, bears a legendary status as South Africa's paradise - reflected in local names such as 'Garden of Eden' and 'Wilderness'. This soft, green, forested swath of nearly 200 km is cut by rivers from the mountains to the north, tumbling down to its southern rocky shores and sandy beaches. Wildlife-spotting, deserted sandy beaches, sheltered lagoons, bush land and mountain passes: this stretch of the Western Cape coastline is an area of spectacular natural beauty. And with outdoor sports and delicious local food, there's plenty of entertainment along the way. This is why the Garden Route has become a primary residential destination of choice for both South Africans and for a growing band of internationals, mostly from Europe and the USA. ...and the very best destination on this wonderous route is Knysna.

Knysna is a living, breathing town with wonderful, enterprising people, and stunning natural beauty. Knysna’s commercial history does not begin properly until 1804, when the farm Melkhoutkraal was purchased by George Rex (the alleged illegitimate son of George 111 of England). He owned virtually all the land surrounding the lagoon. By 1817 Knysna had established a port with naval and commercial ships bringing supplies, thanks to the enthusiastic support George Rex obtained from Sir Jaheel Brenton. Soon British Navy vessels and commercial ships were taking timber out from the settlements of Melville and Newhaven.
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Today Knysna is regaining its links with the sea and the Knysna Yacht Company is once again building catamarans and houseboats for the export market. Knysna, unlike many other towns, came together from the amalgamation of two smaller entities, Millwood and Newhaven in 1881. Knysna is steeped in a colourful past. Woodcutters, gold diggers, merchants and sailors, colonial landlords, craftsmen, ordinary folk - all have left their mark and contributed to its history. Many historical buildings and sites offer a glimpse of bygone times. Some are within the town, like Millwood House and the Old Gaol; others, like the Holy Trinity Church, Belvidere, or the Millwood gold mining village, oblige the visitor to take a short, scenic drive to enjoy these attractions. Woodmill Lane, Pledge Square and the soon to be completed Thesen Islands all reflect this wonderful mosaic of Knysna's history.

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Agriculture, Timber and Tourism, is the economic pillar that has shaped Knysna as we see it today. One of the worldwide benefits of tourism is that it is the fastest catalyst for job creation and, according to the World Tourism Organisation, by 2015 over 15% of the world’s employment will come directly from tourism related activities. South Africa will be re-built on the backs of small business entrepreneurs who see a gap and go for it with heart and soul. The days of big multi-nationals coming in with a fist full of dollars will seem like a lottery win -merely a dream.

Knysna has been built these past few years on the collective efforts of many small businessmen and woman who seek a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. The Knysna Chamber of Business believes we may have nearly 1,300 small businesses in the Greater Knysna Municipal Area.

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Exceptional Property Investments: Not five million, not three million, not even a million... you can buy a luxury house for only $800,000 - Amazing! Yes, amazing. Over 7,000 square feet, a Bali design, large pool, spell binding ocean views, golf course, beach access, every possible amenity, inside a gated nature reserve with state of the art security. This reserve is located in Knysna overlooking the ocean and forests of the Western Cape. Knysna (pronounced "Nize-na") is without question one of those rare and special places and it is a unique privilege to be a witness to the diversity and rich natural beauty in the area. Knysna is the Aspen, or Carmel of the Garden Route, and the Garden Route is a destination for Europe's smart in the know crowd. Knysna Heads must be the most striking geological features along the entire southern African coastline. They flank a deep channel through which the sea pours into the wide and breathtakingly beautiful lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River. Knysna is blessed with one of the most stunning ecological systems in the world, but it needs our protection to ensure future generations can appreciate the sheer natural beauty of our environment. We are therefore very fortunate to have South African National Parks resident on our lagoon to ensure fair play at all times.

Knysna has witnessed an unprecedented growth in both new homes and additions to existing homes. During the whole of 2001 over R171 million Rands worth of plans were passed. This figure was exceeded within the first six months of 2002 alone (R175 million)! Most suppliers cannot keep up with the demand for timber, tiles and bricks this is surely a huge for a budding entrepreneurs. What is truly inspiring is to see many of Knysna’s old homes being renovated and brought back to their former glory. Many of these will offer discerning visitors a glimpse into Knysna’s eclectic past, in the form of four and five star luxury. Knysna history is synonymous with timber, and its is no surprise that the overall theme on Thesen Islands would seem to reflect timeless wooden clapper-board houses, more reminiscent of Boston, New England or Copenhagen, Oslo and Stanger in Norway. T & B Log Homes, one of the first main investors on the Islands, has established an outstanding reputation and now exports to many European and North American customers.

Retire To Knysna - You Owe It To Yourself:

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Undoubtedly the discovery of Gold at Millwood provided an important impetus to Knysna’s development more than 100 years ago. Thanks to the Forestry Department, the friends of the Millwood Goldfields and the Parkes family, visitors can view the Bendigo Mine and Materolli Museum today and experience a quite unique atmosphere. An aura still seems to lurk there as if its body has vanished but its soul remains. Take a trip up the Rheenendal Road and see if you experience this feeling... Why wait - Knysna is a town geared to meet the challenges of the new economy - Retire to Knysna, you owe it to yourself and your family.

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