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Retorno Israel

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Retorno Israel is the leading Jewish drug rehab center in the world. Located in the beautiful hills of near Jerusalem in the heart of Israel.




Advance your personal growth.
Open House for place on january women will take at 20:30 at Minhal 2 2010 - 26 Tevet Kehil Rechov David 10, ati Bucharim, Jerusalem.

Start a new career.

Retorno, in cooperation with The Alon Institute, is opening another successful coaching course in English. This course combines three of the most popular methods for helping others used today: Coaching, NLP, The Twelve Steps

Course Objective: Developing and improving communication skills with adults and children Recommended for: parents, teachers, managers, social workers, sales people, etc., anyone interested in better communication skills Upon completion, participants will be granted a certificate meeting the standards of the Israeli Coaching Community. Program participants also have a chance to work with the community through RETORNO.

Course Duration: 180 academic hours including in-class instruction, demonstrations, exercises and more Lecturers: Udel Bergman - The Twelve Steps Ora Jacoby - Coaching For more information: Sarah at Retorno 02 999-8244, ext. 4. Ora 052 853-5808

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