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SAP Exam Preparation Tips

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SAP Exam Preparation Tips



Let me share my certification experience with you. Keep following things in mi
nd when preparing for the exam:-
1. Prepare as per the weightage per topics given in the syllabus.
2. Be very confident on sure shot questions from the topics like:
All determination rules - plant, material, pricing procedure, picking location,
route, shipping point, tax, item category, account
determination etc. One question on effect of PGI.
35 to 40 % questions will come from control tables like sales doc types, item c
ategory , copy control , delivery doc. , del. Item cat. , billing docs , schedul
e lines etc .
So try and mug up all the imp. Control fields .Your preparation level should be
such that once you close your eye and think of TAN or OR you should be able to
see all the fields in your mind .
These above, are sure to shot and you cannot afford to do mistakes in this secti
3. Go through the screens, transaction level screens like sales order, delivery
, billing, delivery list, billing due list, even standard reports etc. and check
what is possible and what is not possible at each docs. What is defined at head
er and what is at item Go through the menu path of each docs and check what all
is possible and from where it is coming. For example packing proposal and accou
nt determination analysis is possible at sales order.
4. Go through all the masters like customer, cust- material, material, > condit
ion records for price, output, etc. Check what is defined at what level, what al
l is possible etc.
5. Check entire IMG - SD related, it will help you to understand what is define
d at what level etc.
6. In exam be very careful with the sap English, particularly with the words li
ke can, only, always, except. Read question very carefully. Sap statements in t
he exam will be always confusing, so think logically and holistically before exa
7. Don't take any chance in preparation but always sticks to core basics, they
will not ask configuration, but they will ask you what is possible and what is n
ot and where it is defined.
8. Last but not least have confidence, how much a guy who have studied for 5 we
eks is suppose to know that standard will be asked . Prepare well you will defi
nitely succeed

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