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Savannah's Sacrifice, Part Two

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Destiny is a fickle mistress, and the taste of innocence sings a sultry song to his weary soul. . .



Chase stared with growing unease at the narrow causeway that stretched out across the churning waters of the small bay. Lined on either side by a sloping buffer of massive rocks and broken stones, it connected the moors to the castle and appeared to be the only way in or out. The castle itself was a marvel of masonry, a part of the earth that clung to the cliff’s where it had clearly been chiseled and birthed from the massive slabs of slate and gray. It jutted out high above the ocean below, and as the thick fog swirled and dispersed he could see the grand waterfall that spilled out just below the castle itself, as if the belly of the beast had lowered its fly to piss on the world. A whisper of dreadful premonition teased at the corners of his mind. Turn back, it whispered, run while you can. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” Crissy said quietly, echoing his thoughts. “Yeah, maybe you’re right for once,” he muttered in agreement. In the penetrating darkness outside, a shrill, inhuman scream pierced the night and Crissy cried out in response. “For God’s sake, get us out of here!” she said as she felt tears threatening. She had never felt so afraid in her life, suddenly aware of the crippling blackness that seemed to reach out for them from the unearthly architecture that continued to rise up out of the earth like some great, angry God. Another screeching cry ripped through the madness of the storm, closer this time, louder. Bigger. “Chase…” she urged as he struggled with the gear shift, her eyes struggling to see through the sheets of rain that poured down from the sky. “Shut up!” he yelled back, sweat beading along his upper lip as he swore and tried again to put the car in gear. And then it was upon them, whatever it was, crashing into the car with a solid hit that made Crissy scream and immediately scramble for the floorboard. Another unholy shrill raged from outside and the car was struck again, this time lifting off its side and tipping dangerously before the car righted itself again. Without waiting for another attack, Chase gave up on finding reverse and slammed the gear into first. The car groaned and then responded as it shot out across the causeway, and Chase gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white, all the while his heart racing, body shaking as he tried to shut out the muted sound of Crissy’s ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit!’ from the floorboard where she cowered. The car’s wheels slipped and skidded along the slickened asphalt, several times coming dangerously close to the edge before he managed to get the vehicle

under control once more. His nuts began to shrivel and he was sure he’d heard his asshole whistle out a protesting pucker when he struggled not to literally shit himself as fear threatened to momentarily cripple him. But then he noticed the monstrous cries starting to grow faint and lonely in the night as he put distance between them and the mainland, and he muttered a quiet thank you to no one in particular when he realized that whatever the hell that had been, it had chosen NOT to follow them across the causeway and towards that God Damned castle that now stared at him in triumph. Of course, fuck it all, but he couldn’t decide if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. “Hey, you can get up now. Whatever that was, it’s gone.” Crissy looked up at him, her thin, stringy hair damp and clinging to her skin from where she had been crying. Her face now look pinched and blotched as she swiped at her eyes with the back of her hand, and he realized for the first time just how unattractive she really was. With shaking legs she eased up into the seat, then slowly turned to look over her shoulder at the road as it slowly stretched out behind them. “What do you think it was?” she asked, her voice small. Chase shrugged, working to shake off his nerves as he laughed, but the sound of it came out high-pitched and squeaky. “Maybe it was Nessie’s cousin,” he joked with a sneer, and she gave a halfhearted chuckle. “Fog’s rollin’ in,” she muttered quietly after a moment, her voice growing tight once more. She watched wide eyed as thick, pulsing drops of moisture coalesced to form writhing fingers that appeared knotted and misshapen, and she felt her heart begin to race with fear once more. They crept slowly up over the road, lengthening tendrils that urged them forward as they licked along the underbelly of the car to cling like a jilted lover. Coming closer to the massive cliffs of what they could now see was an isolated island, thickly-canopied trees began to rise up out of the earth and line the road where the causeway ended and solid land took hold once more. They were ancient and massive, their great branches intertwined within one another as they reached across the paved roadway to connect, forming a tunnel of sorts that did little to keep the rain from it’s continued assault against the thin roof of the car. She could feel the gradual incline of the road as they left the causeway completely, though the thick trunks and massive foliage did an excellent job of making it impossible to see just how the road wound and twisted up towards their waiting host. From the backseat Savannah moaned once more, blissfully ignorant to the world around her for a time as she only teased with awareness before lapsing back into a fitful sleep. Crissy frowned down at her then turned back around to stare out ahead of them once more.

“She looks really bad, Chase. I think she’s running a fever.” “You always worry too much Crissy.” He was now hunched over the steering wheel, creeping along as the towering foliage continued to close in around them, making him feel as if they were being swallowed whole by some great, massive beast. “Seriously, look at her – she can’t stop shivering and –“ “Shut up, you dumb cunt!” he screamed at her in frustration, and she clamped her mouth closed tight. She knew what he was capable of and – despite her obvious inability to stop poking the bear – she really did not cherish the idea of having the shit beat out of her again tonight. She folded her arms over her flat chest and focused her attention outside instead, watching the macabre dance of limbs and branches as the storm tried desperately to separate the trees from the earth. But their roots ran deep, and the massive trunks simply turned defiantly into the lashing wind and stinging pellets of sea and ice, standing tirelessly strong as they encircled the outer perimeter of the Castle and it’s grounds. Another lick of lightening against the sky and they came abruptly upon a tall, wrought iron gate, it’s pointed spikes reaching up towards the night to reach elusively for the stars. A massive crest rested securely within the center of the gate and each of them studied it in turn, unsure what to think. It was the body of a winged beast, clearly male as evidenced by the erect member that jutted out before it like a massive weapon. Muscles appeared to ripple along the painted surface of its skin, given life by the flashes of lightening that played with shadow and color. On its shoulders was a mortal head, the man’s features indistinct but with eyes glowing red as they peered out of an ill-defined face. It was hauntingly sensual, foreboding and dark, and they both studied it transfixed, amazed at the way the creature seemed so real. So alive. Was that what had come for them, Chase wondered, then smirked at the absurdity of such a thought. “What is this place?” Crissy whispered, her voice raspy and dry. As if in response to her question, the gate began to moan and grind before slowly swinging inward on massive hinges. “Ok, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this place a creep-out factor of about 96,” she said, a slight shrill to her voice. “Let’s just get the hell out of here.” “And go where?” Chase snapped, eyes wide as he stared at the yawning space before them. He could feel the pull of this place as well, something hidden and unknown that called to him like a siren’s song to make his head feel thick and his body grow tight and hard with need. “If you want to go back out there with whatever the hell that fucking thing was, well you go right ahead. Me, I’m going to see about a nice dry bed to wait out this storm.”

They stared at each other for a minute, eyes locked in a silent battle of wills, and when she remained in the car he snorted with contempt and began to slowly ease through the open gates and into the darkness beyond. ~~~~ Crissy hummed softly to herself as the tub continued to fill with hot water, resting her head along the curved lip of the smooth edge and allowing the joint she’d just smoked to help ease the remaining tension from her overly tight muscles. Talk about a head fuck, she thought again. When they’d come through the main gates, it had been like driving into another world, ethereal and unstable as if the whole place might dissipate and fade with the slightest gust of reality. But then the castle was there, imposing and massive, its stone walls towering high overhead, its turrets disappearing into the clouds above. On closer inspection, It looked both old and new to her, and she was struck with the thought that it was meant to be quaintly ancient in a new sort of way. Surreal, she mused, as if they had stumbled onto some 1940’s, Bella Lugosi movie set. Thank God, she had thought at the time, when they had finally come to the front of the castle and discovered a large, covered drive that took them directly to the front door and blissfully away from the torrential downpour or rain. Well, front doors, she mentally corrected, two massive oak doors that had opened with a disturbing quietness as Chase had killed the engine. And then she had been there – Elvyra, Crissy had joked with Chase in an attempt to ease both their nerves. Though in truth, while she had appeared ghostly and undead, she had also been hauntingly beautiful and Crissy had felt an odd pull inside of her at the sound of the woman’s voice. “Welcome to Yardly Manor,” she had said with a slight bow as she ushered them inside. “I am Nexia. Please come out of the storm. It is a miracle you did not lose yourselves coming across the causeway on such a night.” Her voice was placid and serene, and Crissy had been immediately captivated by the hypnotic quality of her words. She and Chase had come eagerly inside, dragging Savannah between them like a drunken companion. “Does your friend require medical attention?” concern. Nexia asked, frowning in

“No, she’s fine. Just tied one on is all,” Chase quipped with a smile, his lie making him shift his weight nervously. “Very well,” Nexia said after a long pause. “Please, follow me.” Crissy had not been overly impressed as she and Chase had followed along; in truth, all around had carried with it that same, odd, flat feeling of nothingness. The entryway had been massive, with a floor of polished black marble and walls paneled in rich, dark wood, yet their voices made no echo within the cavernous front parlor. Several tapestries hung about, heavy fabrics with intricate scenes of foxhunts and rolling vineyards, and in the midst of it all a grand staircase that led up several feet before wrapping around the curved column of one grand corner turret and

disappearing completely. It was as if every King Arthur movie she’d watched as a kid had allowed their castles to blend and meld together into one complete masterpiece that was so authentic it left no doubt that it wasn’t. Still, the very realness of it was unsettling and she had been forced to wonder if – again – perhaps the storm and the beast might not have been the safer choice. She had not had any time at all to mull this truth over before the entryway had erupted into a flurry of activity. As if from nowhere, 6 dwarves had appeared. No, dwarves had not been right, she thought – more like – small humans. Everything, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, had been in perfect proportion. None of them had stood over 3 feet tall, she was sure, and yet each had appeared as normal men and woman, perfectly scaled down models of full grown adults. They had quickly and efficiently separated them all – two females coming to wrapped almost solicitously around Chase and begin moving him off down the hallway amid his halfhearted protests (always the horny little fucker, she’d thought at the time) and two males to do the same in turn to her. Two others, male or female she had not been sure, had taken Savannah from them and disappeared with their bizarre hostesses, again leaving Crissy with a cold sense of foreboding as she was tugged towards the massive stairway and up into the waiting rooms above. The men had been in turn gentle and yet oddly anxious as they had chatted softly along the way. One walked before her with a lighted torch and one behind, and she could feel his eyes upon her in a way that made her feel exposed and uncertain. They were each handsome men despite their smallish size, with smooth, bronzed skin, hairless except for the sleek, black hair that fell in tapered layers along their face and shoulders before coming to meet in a small knot at their neck. From there it trailed down their backs in a silken, braided rope of remaining strands that teased and swayed along the powerful curve of their waists, accentuating powerful muscles that seemed to ripple and swell with the building power of the storm outside. They wore only simple leather loincloths of richly tanned suede and leather, and she found this both odd and arousing, a look that for her was reminiscent of Conan’s wardrobe, complete with soft leather boots that covered their feet and wound smooth and tight up around strong, powerful calves. Watching the one walk before her and captivated by the intensely handsome beauty of him from behind, she was struck with the irony of how he must feel the same raw attraction from her that she felt wash around her from his friend behind. “Is this some sort of hotel?” Crissy asked, feeling the need to fill the quietness around her with sound if only to break her somewhat hypnotic trance as she allowed them to lead her God only knew where. The one in front turned back to smile at her, piercing blue eyes dancing with hidden secrets as full, sensual lips curved into a teasing smile. “I suppose you could call it such,” he said after a moment. His voice was rich and deep, a honeyed baritone of erotic sounds that made her stomach clench and her center grow wet. He held her eyes a moment longer then turned and resumed his climb once more.

“Well, you must serve a very odd clientele to attract them to the edge of nowhere like this,” she quipped. He only shrugged, and she was hit with the compelling need to run her fingers along the masculine curve of his shoulder. What the hell?? she chided herself, shaking her head as if to free it from the clutches of some unknown narcotic. “Odd is a relative term, don’t you think?” the one questioned from behind, his voice equally smooth and enticing. “I suppose,” she echoed uncertainly. They paused for a moment and she realized they had come to another massive oak door, this one standing well over 6 feet tall itself. At the top was a crescent shaped opening covered with metal bars and she was struck with how it looked more like a prison cell door than a bedroom door. She was about to protest when the door was pushed in and she was ushered into a room that was anything BUT the dark, dank dirtiness of what she had been certain was about to become her prison. The floors were covered by a deep, plush carpet of the most sinfully rich, red color she’d ever seen, and all about was handsomely upholstered furniture that boasted golden inlays of intricate patterns within massive mahogany frames, all covered with thick, plush cushions. Cleary this was the sitting room, the furniture lazily arranged around a massive stone hearth where a fire currently blazed and licked against the centuriesold polished stone, and lending warmth and comfort to the room. “Just beyond is the bedroom and a private bath,” said number one, as she’d come to think of him since they’d offered no names. He turned to nod at number two, who immediately disappeared into the bedroom doorway beyond. “A hot bath will be drawn, and you’ll find clean towels and linens. We’ll return shortly with warmed wine and cheese to ease your hunger until dinner is served, along with dry clothes for you to wear while your things are washed and dried.” These were more orders than offers of hospitality even though spoken in gentle tones that bordered on seduction, but she was too tired to care, and nodded gratefully. “Thank you,” she said, and he bowed slightly once more before number two joined him and they both left quietly through the large door, closing it firmly behind them. After waiting several moments she went to try the door, certain she’d find herself locked within, but it opened easily albeit heavy because of its size, and again queerly quiet, making no sound of protest when its massive hinges turned. With a nervous laugh she had closed the door, and without another thought went straight for the bathroom, barely pausing to appreciate the bedroom and its equally opulent furnishings before peeling away her clothes and sliding into the large, oddly modern spa tub. By the time she reached forward to turn off the water, the deep tub was completely full and the room filled with steam. She laid back and allowed her body to float gently, feeling her small breasts bob and push her tiny nipples above the surface of the water. What a magnificent place, she mused, a hideaway for the rich that she and Chase had stumbled upon, and she giggled at the thought of having at least one night out of her miserable life where she would at last get a taste of the lifestyle she had always felt she deserved.

She wasn’t certain how long she’d soaked like that, and she was startled to find herself coming awake when she hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep. But something here was different, and it took her a moment to realize that this was the same bath and yet it wasn’t, as if the edges of substance were wavering slightly to give a watercolor quality to everything around her. Dreamlike, she thought, and as the quiet sounds of lyrical music began to entice from the bedroom she actually smiled, certain now this had to be a dream. And then they were both there, her escorts from earlier, and she was struck with how odd it was to find that she felt no shame as she allowed them to help her from the tub and then wrap thick, warmed towels around her. She felt herself begin to shiver as they started to slowly pat her dry, smoothing the velvety softness of the towels along her skin with maddening slowness as they worked. Neither of them spoke, but their hands worked in unison as they stroked and then began to probe her more private areas, easing her legs apart and again patting her dry as if doing this were the most natural thing in the world and she should feel no need to turn away. She felt number two press against her for a moment from behind, and then she was urged back towards the bedroom once more. “May we touch you?” Number one asked, and even though she knew she should say no, how could she, when she could feel the heat of their eyes upon her and know the fullness of their desire. No man – certainly not Chase – had ever looked at her in that way and she could no more refuse them than she could stop breathing. “Yes,” she whispered, and in a rush they were upon her so that she cried out with shock as they carried her quickly towards the bed. She fell back into the softness and immediately succumbed to hungry, seeking lips that began to nibble and suck along her neck and shoulders. She gasped aloud when two sets of mouths moved over her small, rounded mounds to seek out their own puckered nipple, teeth scraping and lips tugging as each of the men suckled, squeezed and moaned against her skin. Her eyelids grew heavy and drooped over her eyes of their own accord, and she could do little more than lie back and allow these two oddly smallish men to lick, nibble, suck and tease to their hearts contents. Their hands felt peculiar in their size as they caressed and aroused with strength and confidence. Between her legs they sought and probed, gently spreading her swollen folds and sliding what felt like a symphony of fingers within, stroking and filling, meeting and working together to massage her g-spot and stroke her eager clit. “Would you like more?” number two whispered against the smoothness of her breast as his fingers teased along her smaller opening behind. “Yes,” she almost shouted, and before she could change her mind number two moved quickly beneath her, spreading her legs and for the first time she felt the odd hardness of his arousal as it pressed against her anus. Her mind struggled to understand what felt so strange, but then number one was standing over her and she saw at once what it was – his aroused penis was misshapen, a large, throbbing corkscrew that writhed and twitched as he moved closer and she tried to scream. But it was no use, she had already given her consent and they needed nothing more, so

that he forced her legs suddenly, almost brutally apart and began to root against her like a beast. He grunted and snorted as his lips found her nipples once more and she shudder when she felt the writhing penis squirm against her entrance before twisting and forcing its way inside. “Oh god!” she screamed out, pleasure consumed and riddled with pain as number two suddenly buried his own twisted shaft into her small opening behind in perfect unison with number one, who was now retreating from her pussy only to plunge again as his counterpart withdrew from below. It was a sensually bizarre entanglement of legs and arms as they began to fuck her ruthlessly, pounding into her like wild animals and heaven help her but she became lost to the deliciousness of it, feeling her body swell and explode in a repeating crescendo of feeling unlike anything she had ever known. Her orgasms were violent and painful, consuming and empowering, and the wicked pleasure of it repulsed and aroused her in a way that had her grunting and rooting in return, bucking wildly between them as their oddly deformed cocks worked her with ruthless demand and their hot, seeking mouths suckled and licked along her burning flesh. For hours it seemed she lay with them, feeling each swell and knot inside of her before filling her with gushing fluids of release, only to retreat and then mount her once more. At times she was certain it was more animal than human that sought the taste of her skin, and more than once she was sure she had felt the unmistakable presence of fur before it faded to reveal smooth skin once more. But these thoughts she pushed aside as over and over again they took her, a bitch in heat that succumbed to their demands with eagerness and greed, twitching and flailing as she spread her legs to eagerly accept their demanding arousal. And when her blood at long last cooled and the haze began to clear, she shook her head and sat slowly up in bed to find herself once more alone within the grand room. She pushed back her hair and stared all about, eyes seeking, searching, but she saw no one, and then she began to laugh almost hysterically. A dream after all, she thought, believing she must have somehow all but walked in her sleep to her bed and become lost to some bizarrely erotic dream, a result of her overstretched nerves. She threw back the covers, feeling the sudden need to relieve herself, and gasped when she looked down. As if the ache between her legs was not proof enough when she moved to stand, she turned to look down and saw that the sheets were stained with all manner of blood and fluids. Then her eyes saw the untouched platter of fruit and cheese that sat on the small serving cart. Pressing the back of her hand against her mouth she ran for the bathroom and bent over the cool porcelain of the toilet, and began to vomit. ~~~~~~~~ He walked slowly around the bed, his face hidden by shadow as he allowed his fingers to trail lightly along the edge of the thick furs she had kicked to one side. Her skin was like fine porcelain, unblemished and smooth, her cheeks stained a rosy flush of red from the fever that still held sway. He paused and closed his eyes to breathe

deep, once more lost for a time in the beguiling scent of her innocence as it whispered against the iciness of his heart. His blood ran hot and he felt himself grow thick and full with need, and he had to fight desperately against the temptation to pierce her maidenhood, caring not if it meant the eternal damnation of his soul. She moaned and he was on full alert as his eyes snapped open, skimming over her small form before coming to rest upon the rise and fall of her breasts beneath the thin chemise she now wore. Young and firm, the creamy swell of tender flesh made him ache deep inside with a fierce hunger unlike any he’d ever known. Unable to help himself, he allowed a sensual purr to rumble from within his chest at the thought of curling his tongue around the puckered pink buds that pressed against the gauzy fabric. Her lips pursed gently as her brow knitted together at some unknown disturbance deep within her dreams, and he tore his eyes away from the rounded firmness of her youth, reaching out to run the length of one chilled finger along the plump, smooth moistness of her mouth. The beast within raged and cried out, wanting desperately to fill the wondrous secrets of its velvety darkness with all that he was, to possess her and dominate her, taste her, become her. Outside thunder bellowed and shook the skies, and he shivered with need as he forced himself to ease back into the shadows and away from the bed where she lay. To taste the sweetness of her was to taste the end of hope, and yet he still could not say with any great certainty that it would not be worth the price. “She is most beautiful,” Nexia’s voice called softly from all around, and he welcomed the soothing effect she had upon his tortured need. “I have never known the closeness of innocence before,” she said, and for the first time he heard an inflection of curiosity from the normally placid tones that she used when spoke. “I cannot remember the last time I was so close to the tempting pulse of purity, and cannot deny that the beast within rages to possess and taste her.” “It is forbidden!” she said with a hiss of words, and he turned to see her solidifying behind him. He raised a quizzical eyebrow at her uncommon display of – dare he call it – concern? “Dear Nexia, if I did not know better, I’d think you were starting to care for me.” She sniffed her disapproval in the darkness and he allowed himself a rare curve of his lips as he smiled. “Do not worry, it will be our secret,” he teased, and he felt a rush of wind pass through him as she expelled a soft sigh. “It is hard not to feel affection for one who has been so kind to me as you have,” she said at last, in a momentary loss of restraint. He felt her sadness as it caressed around him. “My entire existence has been spent in service to Yardley Manor and the Lords who have ruled here, and I tell you true that most dared used me in ways that left me fouled and empty. You have shown me the kindness of a brother in your own way, and so it should be no great secret that I have a genuine fondness for you.” As she spoke, she shimmered and wavered before him, going

from warm, soothing tones of autumn gold to brilliant, icy shades of blue and green. Her form would dissolve and reform before him in a sensual ballet of glistening droplets that smoothed and blended into one another before pulling slowly apart once more. “Where are the others?” He asked after a time as he turned back to the young woman who now slept in his bed. He felt the familiar coldness return at the memory of the man and woman who’d brought her here. This place was meant for them, for he had already seen the blackness of their souls and knew the depravity of their sins; they would be judged accordingly, and would find no escape from the hell that had reached out to call them home. His eyes then caressed over the inviting curves of innocence once more; SHE, however, should never have known the ugliness of this place, and as such her very presence demanded he return her before he found he could not. “They have been given rooms, my Lord, and are anxious for the girl. They fear you will find out the truth.” “As well they should,” he snarled. “Tell them they are expected for dinner, and prepare the main hall for a feast. I want their bellies full and their minds dulled with wine when Dromador comes – long has that foul monster complained that I’ve been overlooking his house. Tonight, it appears I will at last be able to appease his complaints to the Master’s council by giving him two very young, very tantalizing new toys to play with.” “Dromador’s complaints will be soothed, I think, if he is allowed the opportunity to introduce them to the purging process. It is no secret that he is the most vile of them all, I believe. And if it is possible, I think that this pleases me. I do not like the ugliness that I feel within these two – they have brought much pain and death to those who deserved neither.” He simply nodded in answer and continued to studied the stirring warmth of the beauty of one who now marked his own bed with her scent. Realizing he was now lost to himself again for a time, Nexia shimmered into a pulsing glow of brilliant red before rushing out in a howling gust of wind to tend to their guests. ~~~~~~~~ Swirling water and seething foam roiled angrily all around, a maelstrom that seemed more protector than predator as it howled and raged beyond the thick walls of stone, keeping the undesirable out rather than trapping the unwilling within. Savannah’s spirit compelled her to dance as music played within the shadows of her mind and she had no will to resist, closing her eyes and allowing her body to move through a series of languid, easy movements that were made all the more seductive by the naïve way in which she allowed her natural sexuality to command her. She twirled and she dipped, the sheer fabric of her gown floating around her legs and making it appear is if she were dancing among the clouds, and she smiled with joy, her eyes close and face lifted up towards some unseen sun that kissed upon the softness of her skin.

She knew that he watched her, could feel the heat of his eyes upon her, hungry and predatory as he pulled the scent of her deep within his lungs. It was both monster and man that basked in the brightness of her, yet she felt no fear, for she could sense no malice from him. Rather, it was something deeper and less sinister, a spiritual connection that made her skin prickle and her mouth feel dry. Did he like the way that she danced, she wondered? Did she please him? Because while she couldn’t explain it, she wanted desperately to please him. The slow, slumberous beat of the music continued to pulse within and without, making her body hum and her pulse quicken with awareness of her own eroticism, feeling his need beat against her so that her nipples began to ache and the softness between her legs began to grow warm and moist with desire. She could see him there and she could not, could feel him wrap around her even as he pulled away, and it was a maddening sensation of need that made her whimper and call out to him, whoever he was – whatever he was – wanting him to take what she had been saving for so long. Surely, heaven help her but God yes surely she had been saving it for him, for this moment! She felt the heat of him then, an icy heat that both burned and chilled with a touch and she shivered as phantom lips pressed lightly along the back of her slender neck. He was there and he was not, and oh but how she wanted to know the completeness of him inside of her! Madness, some rational part of her called out, a journey within darkness that could come to no good, but her body and her mind were of two separate entities, and even as sanity reached desperately out for her, brazen need held her within the grasp of madness and she knew that only he could quench the flames that now licked along sensitive flesh. Without warning the room began to sway and tilt, and she experienced a moment of dizzying nausea before the music began to play once more, this time accompanied by the soft, mingling of laughter that told her there were now others here with her. She had the unsettling sensation of being enveloped within a grand ballroom, surrounded by Lords and Ladies who danced and circled about her even as they remained hidden behind the thick curtain of moisture and mist all around. Suddenly, he was there, and for all the world she found that she could scarcely breathe for one terrifying moment, stricken by an arousing mixture of fear and anticipation as he slowly solidified. She tried desperately to make out the features of his face, but this was kept hidden from her as shadows seemed to swirl and tease around ebony eyes as they danced along the curve of her face. From across the room she watched him, mesmerized by the raw sexual hunger that clung to him. His movements were lithe and sensual, making her stomach clenched with unfamiliar desire. Without understanding how it had happened, suddenly all that she was ached to embrace the whisper of his voice against the edges of her soul. She wanted nothing more than to be submersed beneath the dizzying tide of decadence, knowing she would gladly surrender her very sanity to know the danger of his need. In a single, instant rush of thought she was overcome by

an unsettling truth: she would give all that she had, all that she was, for one night of his touch; to have him buried so deep inside of her that she would never be free. He continued to move towards her, his stare on her penetrating and possessive, holding her captive as his mouth curved into the smallest of smiles, Her heart began to beat furiously against her chest as her pulse raced, blood surging through her veins to keep pace with her growing need of him. Instinctively, she brought her hand to her throat in a gesture of protection and had to beat back the urge flee. Run! the voice inside her head called out to her. Run, now, before it was too late! But truth is a harsh mistress, and she knew she could not escape him – did not want to escape him. And then he was before her, and she gasped with the sudden clarity of him. He was tall, well over 6 feet, with jet black hair swept loosely back from his face and secured in a small tail at the base of his neck. His face was chiseled perfection; hard, masculine and strong, and she had to fight the urge to run her hands up over the broad expanse of his chest and shoulders. He bowed slightly from the waist as he reached for her hand, raising it to his mouth to place the softest of kisses against the smooth skin. He smiled at her as he leaned forward to speak softly, and she froze, shaken by the heat of him. “Do not fear me, little one, for I am simply here to dance.” His breath was warm against her cheek, his voice rich and smooth, pleasing to the ears and promising to the soul. In his eyes there was a hint of amusement as he tugged at her hand. “Come. Dance with me. You are quite safe, I assure you.” His smile broadened, reaching his eyes and lending spark to his probing gaze. Powerless to resist, she returned his smile nervously before dropping her eyes and nodding. His fingers slid down to encircle her small wrist, the gesture oddly possessive and pleasing to her. They moved towards one another as the music began to filter through her senses once more, weaving its spell of seduction. She shivered again as he held her to him, one strong hand pressing into the small of her back as the other slid along her arm, the moist warmth of his breath teasing against her ear as he casually pressed the hardening length of his need against her. “What is wrong, little one?” He whispered softly as they turned, folding her hand into his to hold it against his chest. “You are trembling.” He looked down into her eyes and saw his desire mirrored there, blazing and hot, and the shock of it hit him like a physical blow so that he began to growl. Bending down lower still, he nibbled softly at the corner of her mouth, his tongue teasing casually along the parted seam of her lips to taste the cotton candy sweetness of her. She opened beneath him, her juices flowing and her blood heated as he slid against her. His body was a wall of strength, hard and demanding; hers was a body of softness and curves, pliant and yielding. She moved into him, an act as natural to her as breathing, then sighed as he pulled away. She was about to speak when a

piteous howl tore into the night, an unholy sound of anguished torment that echoed within her mind and tore at her soul, and it took her a moment to realize that the sound was coming from him. He backed away from her even as he continued to scream out, and she began to cry as she chased after him, desperate to keep him here, driven to ease his pain. But then he was gone; and the music stopped, and the light grew dim. The voices around her began to splinter and fade, and the room grew small once more as she sank to the ground in despair. She wailed against the storm as his cries echoed deep into the night, feeling him run from her, knowing the moment when he was gone completely. And then the blackness took her once more, and all was nothing again for a time as the world closed back off around her and dreamless slumber claimed her again. ~~~~~~~~

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