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Scarlet Treatment

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horror treatment



Treatment written by Zoë Freeman

It‟s winter 2014 – 14 years since a mother tragically
lost her child and the father mysteriously disappeared.
Little is know about the family that once was.

Pictures reveal the family history – what seemed like
a loving, adoring family is plagued by the secret of what
really happened behind the door of number 96. The daughter,
Zoe, died of an unknown cause – not through anyone‟s fault,
unlike the father, who was brutally murdered. Straight cut
to a table filled with pictures from Zoe‟s early childhood.
Straight cut to a picture 0of the complete family in the
mother‟s hand – is set alight and thrown in the bin. Shot
fades out and the photo is left burning.

Jump cut to scene where mother is trying to adopt new
child who resembles the child she lost. Mother is passed
pictures of Scarlet as a young child – bare resemblance to
what her daughter would have looked like had she of lived
past 8 months. The process of adopting Scarlet is sped up
due to her age; a comment is made that it is often hard to
find people who want to adopt children who are older than
10. Scarlet is revealed to be 14 – abandoned by her parents
as a baby, she has spent her childhood and early teenage
years at an orphanage.

Jump cut to the outside of number 96. Scarlet‟s
character in the present day is reveled for the first time
from behind. Camera tilts from her feet to her head – is
holding hands with her new „mum‟, wearing a distinctive red
dress with hair in two plaits. Camera tracks the two as
they walk into number 96 and the door shuts behind them.
Fade to black.

Cut to inside of house – Scarlet sits in front of a
small table studying pictures of the „old‟ family which
clutter the coffee table in the front room. She remains
silent and begins to undo her plaited hair. Cut to the
image and sound of a kettle being boiled in the kitchen
with the mother taking it off as it finishes boiling.
Diegetic sound plays in the background – radio.

Scarlet picks up a picture of the mother and deceased
father and studies it. She stops undoing her plaits, one
remains tied. Mother comes into the front room with a
drink, sits down on the sofa near Scarlet. First piece of
dialogue is spoken by Scarlet in a close up - “I know what
you did, I know it was you”. Fade to black.

Jump cut to the following day – mother is putting the
washing outside. Over the shoulder shot of Scarlet looking
out, watching her mother do the task. Cut to mother looking
towards the house/window that Scarlet was looking through.
Look of confusion – stops doing washing and attempts to
make out what has been inscribed on the window. Tracking
shot follows her to the door where the word “soon” is
imprinted in what appears to be blood. Cut to the evening
of the same day – Scarlet is unpacking the remainder of her
suitcase in an empty room. She sits on her bed and touches
the blade of the knife – remains emotionless.

Several cuts/shots show disturbing scenes of the
evening. Scarlet turn‟s evil at night – extreme close up of
red contacts show a distorted persona.

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