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Features \ue000

Scholar Register


Fee Collection


Exam \u2013 Data


Staff Details




Student Banking


Vehicle Payment

Mostly We have maintain Scholar Register Two Types : 1. Newly Registered Student 2. Already Registered Student

Old Student / Already Registered Student Scholar Register Entry

Previous Class Pass / Fail Details

Searching Old Student By Name : Its easy to find out old student in Scholar Register. We can enter searching student’s name in text field. Than List display like :

if we want to Print Birth-Certificate, Character Certificate, SR Details and

Add or Delete Classes

Add or Delete Section

Add or Delete Subject

If we want to generate Exam & Class Roll No. Using : Generate Roll No.

After Admission Assign Section or Change Section of Students

Using This option User can assign Fee Head according to His School.

How Many Installment User Described Easily.

User Set Class wise & Installment wise Fee Value of Particular Fee Head.

For Fee Deposit : First Select Class & Section than Student List Appear. Now Select Installment Type and Other Fee if Applicable.

Print Out of Fee Receipt After Save Data in Two Receipt Format One : For Student Second : For School

How Many Types of Examination

Define Types of Test : Examination Date (Start Date To End Date & Result Date)

First Select Exam , Class , Subject Name And Click Upon Now Enter Marks

This additional features use to those student they live in Hostel and deposited her pocket money in School Account and withdrawal time to time when its required.

Deposit or Payment : Entry

Other Entries : • Authors • Book Title • Book Subject Are made same like vendors and publishers.

Reports Students

Student’s List Session Wise Admission Date Wise Class Wise Scholar Register Section Wise Report Category Wise (General / OBC/ SC / ST How Much Admitted in Current Session.) Roll No. Wise TC Student’s Bank Report

Reports Fees

Receipt Print (Single / Double) Fee Deposit Days Wise Summary Fee Deposit Days Wise Detail Fee Summary Deposit History Defaulter List


Progress Card Marks List Cross List Percent wise List Grade Sheet

Reports Vehicle Payment Vehicle Bill

Vehicle Payment Report


Strength Syllabus

Library & More ……

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