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School Vocab

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School Vocabulary Attend – frequentare Enroll -- iscriversi Nursery school – scuola maternal, asilo nido Home schooling – when someone is taught by at home Social studies – studies of history and culture Curriculum – programma di studi, what you study Class schedule – l’orario Study hall – free period Boarding school – collegio School counselor – counselor  – conseigliere Principal -- preside Computer lab – laboratorio dei computer 

Take attendance – call roll Lunch money – money for lunch in the cafeteria Lunchbox— Lunchbox — in cui si porta il pranzo Lab table – tavola del laborotorio Teacher’s desk – scrivania dell insegnante Loudspeaker  –   – altoparlante Cafeteria – Cafeteria  – la mensa Trophy case – vetrina dei trofei Chapel – Chapel – capella Book shelves – scaffali Tuition – insegnamento e tasse Student Loans – riprestiti To skip/cut class – fare filone Pass – a note you need to leave class to go to the bathroom

Repor Reportt card card to drop drop out out schoo schooll nurs nurse e scho school ol counse counselor lor Lunch money principal

1. 2.

study study hall hall to pass

Oh no! Dave skipped math class and now he has been called down to see the _________________. He’s in trouble for sure! Amy: Do you have biology class 5 th period? Dave: No, luckily I have a ________ ________.

3. I don’t feel feel very well, well, I think think maybe I should go see the the ___________. ___________. 4. The students students will get their mid-year mid-year _______ _______ __________ __________ in December. December. 5. Hey, can can you lend me me some ___________ ___________ _________ _________? ? I forgot forgot mine mine today.

Homework: Write a short story (5 sentences) using at least 5 of these vocabulary words.

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