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Signs and Symptoms (CVD)

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Signs and symptoms Signs and Symptoms from the Textbook Headache Dizziness Visual Field Deficits Homonymous hemianopsia (loss of half of the visual field) Loss of peripheral vision (difficulty seeing at night; unaware of objects or the borders of objects) Diplopia (double vision) Motor Deficits Hemiparesis ( weakness of the face, arm, and leg on the same side) Hemiplegia (paralysis of the face, arm and leg on the same side) Ataxia (Straggering, unsteady gait; unable to keep feet together; needs a broad base to stand) Dysphagia (Difficulty swallowing) Dysarthria (Difficulty in forming words) Sensory Deficits Paresthesia (numbness and tingling of extremity; difficulty with proprioception) Verbal Deficits Expressive aphasia (unable to form words that are understandable; may be able to speak in single-word response Receptive aphasia (Unable to comprehend the spoken word; can speak but may not make sense) Global aphasia (combination of both receptive and expressive aphasia Neurologic Deficit Cognitive Deficits ( short Signs and Symptoms manifested by the client + + Rationale due to an increase ICP which causes cerebral edema

Caused by disturbances of the primary sensory pathways between the eye and visual cortex




+ Due to a lesion in the opposite hemisphere -

+ Caused by paralysis of muscles responsible for producing speech


Distortion of Sensory stimuli


Due to affectation of the broca's area.

Due to affectation of the Wernicke's area

Due to affectation of both Broca and Wernicke¶s area


Damage that has occurred

and long term memory loss; decreased attention span; impaired ability to concentrate; poor abstract reasoning; altered judgement) Emotional Deficits (loss of control; emotional lability; decreased tolerance to stressful situations; depression; withdrawal)

to the frontal lobe


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