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Social Psychology Finished

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“Does playing on computer reduces the individual’s focus on his/her study?”
Submitted by: Rudyard von c. echeminada Stephanie gayle evasco Marion g. esplanada

Social psychology

Submitted to: Prof. Mary Jane Bautista

“Social Psychology ”

I. Introduction
With this we will figure out if playing on computer can really affect the an individuals studies This study focuses on how the individual’s focus on study is being affected by playing computer games.

II. Significance
• We can be able to determine if playing computer games could reduce the focus of an individual on his/her study. • Be able to know the bad effects of using computer so we can be able to avoid them.

III. Setting of the Study
Knowing if playing computer games affect the focus of an individual to his/her study through observations

and interview with people addicted in playing computer games.

Interview: Subject: • Name is not stated for confidentiality • male • 17 years of age • addicted in playing computer games for almost 3 years
Q1: “Do you play computer games?” Ans: “Yes.” Q2: “How long do you play in a day?” Ans: ”About 3 hours a day.” Q3: “Are there times that it affects you in your study?” Ans: “Yes, I always forget to do my assignments because I’m so excited to play on the computer” Q4: “How would you compare your grades from the time you were not yet addicted to the time that you are already addicted?” Ans: “My grades on the time that I’m not yet addicted were far more better than now. I used to have no grades below 85 but now below 80.”

Q5: “What are the factors that you can consider why you can’t get those grades anymore?” Ans: “I guess I lacked interest in my studies because its now more on playing computer games”

The negative effects of violent computer games on children

Computer games have a negative impact on the development of children, especially contributing to aggressive and anti-social behaviour. Playing computer games has a greater negative effect because it involves interactivity which impacts on learning processes of the child.
• The long term effects involve learning processes. The model puts forward the idea that each encounter with violent media, is essentially one more learning trial, since knowledge structures are built on how humans perceive, interpret, judge and respond to events based on interactions in the real (in the family or at school) or perceived (the media) world.
-Daniela’s blog @ http://daniela.supersized.org/archives/42-The-negative-effects-of-violent-computergames-on-children.html

This is also one of the blogs in the internet that answers how could an individual could possibly be affecting the capability of an individual to learn. Antisocial behaviour could also affect because going to school for study requires an individual to be interactive at his environment and to socialize to others to be able to have a normal studying habits.

IV. Summary of the Findings

In the interview, the subject states that his main problem why he has lack focus on his study was because he’s interest was now more on playing on computer. This means that playing on computer has really an effect to one’s study. With this, we could say that playing on computer affects the focus of an individual towards his studies. On the blog the, since it’s says that interaction is affected in exposure to these media, the learning process is also affected cause attainment of knowledge is being affected, too. In this way, playing computer games can affect not only the individuals focus on study but also the capability of an individual to learn. V.Appendix
-Daniela’s blog @ http://daniela.supersized.org/archives/42The-negative-effects-of-violent-computer-games-onchildren.html • Internet

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